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Thursday, October 31, 2019

Six Healthy Grooming Products For Men

Does your man need some help in the grooming department?

                   I received samples of the above products to facilitate this post

 When it comes to grooming products, all my husband cares about are two things.
 1. Does it clean me? 
 2. Does it smell good?
 That being said,  my husband does not really give a hoot if the product is made with non-toxic chemicals or is BPA free or free of Parabens. My husband just wants manly grooming products that get the job done. My husband does not want to stink or smell like a girl so he tends to choose products that are made with questionable fragrances and ingredients. I, on the other hand, am the opposite. I want beauty products that are made with safe ingredients that are not made with toxic chemicals or harsh ingredients. I want beauty products that have safe fragrances that are made with natural ingredients. I am sensitive to fragrance, especially chemical fragrances and they tend to trigger an asthma attack or make me nauseated.

My husband thinks I should live in a bubble 

    My son and I at the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

  For the most part, my husband uses his stinky manly grooming products in the morning before he goes to work. I wake up after he leaves the house so his toxic fragrant man products don't bother me and the scent is gone by the time he gets home from work. There have been times, in the past, that he uses a scented lotion at night near me and it triggered an asthmatic coughing attack. So thankfully I found a guy lotion scented with essential oils that he likes and will use when he is around me. Now if I could just get my husband to switch out his other personal care products for ones that are scented with natural essential oils. This has been a hard thing to do as my husband things the strongly scented chemical products work the best. It is hard to change a man that is set in his ways.

Men’s Grooming Products They Didn't Know They Needed
  So I decided to try some healthy grooming products that are made for men to see if they pass the scent test with my husband. I am also hoping that these natural products pass the cleaning and body odor protection test with my husband. So below are the products that I gave to my husband to try in the shower and bathroom. Some of the products my boys and I are already using. I am hoping that I can get my husband to use safer beauty products not only for my chemical sensitivity but also for his health.

1. Extract Labs Extra Strength Muscle Cream

  My husband has finally realized that he needs to exercise and is willing to go to the gym 3 times a week. In fact, my husband is the one asking me if I would like to meet him at the gym after work. My husband is liking the positive changes in his body and is starting to do more weights at the gym. So that means he is requesting nightly back rubs from me. I really don't like giving him back rubs as it tends to hurt my hands so I instead introduced my husband to an extra-strength CBD muscle cream. My husband likes the invigorating scent of the CBD-rich blend that includes organic ingredients like jojoba, beeswax, rosemary, lavender, arnica, menthol, and shea butter. I like that the ingredients are plant-based and scented with non-toxic ingredients. The natural menthol even helps my lungs open up when I am having an asthmatic cough, so I use the cream on occasion. This cream is AMAZING for any muscle pain on the body. My husband uses the cream on his neck, back, and shoulders. He likes that the cream is not greasy. The cream takes care of his muscle pain with minutes. When my husband uses this muscle cream, I enjoy the menthol scent that is on his body and I breathe it in deeply as the scent of menthol helps with my asthma.

How To Deal With Exercise Burnout 

2. MyChelle Sun Shield SPF 28 Coconut 

 My husband does use a mineral-based sunscreen when he goes swimming as that is all I pack in the swim bag. My husband knows that mineral-based sunscreens do a great job of protecting him from the sun but he hates the white pasty look that some of the mineral sunscreens have. So he was happy when he applied this reef-friendly sun shield on his face as it did not make him look like a ghost. My husband even liked the coconut scent of the environmentally safe sunscreen. This sunscreen has no nasties in it and absorbs quickly into the skin with a matte finish. The size of the tube is perfect for my husband to toss into his work backpack so he can apply the mineral-based sunscreen before he heads to an outdoor pool inspection. I love using Mychelle Sun Shield products year-round.

Five Good Reasons To Wear Sunscreen In The Winter 

3. Ballsy grooming products 

  My husband was a bit reluctant to try grooming products for his private parts. I think the name of these man personal care products was quite embarrassing to him. I am not sure why my husband was offended by these man cleaning products. To me, they made perfect sense as I want my man to be fresh and clean down there. I told my husband that the Ballwash is just body wash and he could use it all over his body. I really wanted my husband to try this man wash as it was made with good stuff like essential oils and plant extracts. So when he uses the vegan body wash that contains no sulfates or parabens, I will not be coughing when we share the shower together. Most men don't realize that their balls are prone to sweat that has odor-causing bacteria. Maybe my husband will get some more attention from me if he is fresh and clean down there. I love the box that the grooming products come in, it would make a great holiday gift for any man in your life.

Do You Know What Is In Your Perfume?

4. CRYSTAL Mineral-Enriched Deodorant

Does your man need some healthy grooming products?
   My boys already use mineral-based deodorant as I started them on it as soon as they became tweens. Having my husband agree to a natural deodorant is not going to be easy. Most people try natural deodorant and stop using it after a few days because their pits still stink and they are still sweating. Sweating a natural body function and sweating is good for you. Most people need to first do an armpit detox in order to be successful with natural mineral deodorant. I think my husband needs to give this Mountain Fresh deodorant a chance as it is made with essential oils and no harsh chemicals. It even offers 24-hour protection. I like that this deodorant has no aluminum in it and leaves no white marks. Crystal even offers a Freshly Minted scented deodorant that men will like.

Give natural deodorant a 2nd chance with an armpit detox

5. Goodhead Shampoo and Conditioner

 I wanted my husband to try a natural, paraben-free and sulfate-free shampoo so we could get the toxic chemicals out of the shower. So I thought the look of these black bottles would help him with the switch as I want my man to have a good head of hair that does not smell like chemicals.

  This shampoo is a nourishing, growth-stimulating formula that harnesses the benefits of “superfoods” like quinoa and green tea (We knew they were healthy for our insides but who knew they could help hair look fuller and healthier?) and botanical oils like soft, smoothing argan, bracing tea tree and of course, their signature active charcoal. The conditioner features hibiscus oil, olive oil, tea tree and SalCool (provides a cooling effect and refreshing tingle) to help nourish, hydrate, strengthen and protect hair.

6. Quickys Body Wipes

 Now that my husband is going to the gym and working out, I knew that he needed to try these paraben-free textured wipes. I like that they provide a quick solution for cleaning up after the gym when there is no time for a shower. I like that they are in individual packages so my husband can toss them into his gym bag. These passed the smell test for me as they had a pleasant light scent of aloe. I used a quicky wipe on my skin and it did not irritate my sensitive skin.

Quickys are perfect for post-gym, pre-happy hour, camping trips, long days at the office, first and last dates. No matter what situation you find yourself in, Quickys have got you covered with their cooling, refreshing and textured wipes to quickly remove sweat, smell, and dirt in just a swipe.  These individually packaged towelettes feature natural aloe and cucumber extracts.  Use the deep cleansing, exfoliating textured side first and follow with a swipe of the smooth side for the ultimate cleanse. The extra-large wipes are portable and TSA-friendly and come 15 to a box for $15.  

Which product do you/your man want to try?


Nyxie said...

I've been using CBD oil and cream for months now and I swear by it! It's the only reason I've managed to not break out in awful spots lately.

AiringMyLaundry said...

These all sound awesome! I might have to get some of these for my husband's stocking.

Anne Marie said...

The crystal deodorant sounds great! I'm looking into more natural products lately.

Chad said...

yessss bring me all the amazing grooming stuff, i would love to try them out.

The Super Mom Life said...

I haven't heard of these brands. I'm going to check them out for my husband!

Vanessa said...

I need to get these for my husband. There are so many chemicals in so many of the products we use.

EMILY said...

I've actually been looking at some of these Ballsy products for my husband! He works construction and in the heat so they'd come in handy!

Gust si Aroma said...

Thank you for sharing these beauty products for men. I should buy a Crystal deodorant for my husband!

Cristina Pop said...

I should really try out that muscle cream! Thanks for the great tips!

Why Girls Are Weird said...

Oh my husband would love some of these products! Thanks so much for sharing this with us!

Annemarie LeBlanc said...

I am very interested in the muscle cream. Whenever we travel and explore new places by walking, we always get back to the hotel with achy muscles. I think this would really help with the pain.

AMY said...

This products looks so amazing. This is perfect gift for this coming Christmas! Thank you for sharing this awesome post!

Ckrusch said...

Love all the options! Can't wait to grab some for my husband!

Echo said...

My husband takes to natural products so much better than over processed ones. I need to try a couple of these for him.

Lisa at Following the Rivera said...

You’ve given me some ideas on what to get my husband! I’ll start looking for these, thank you!

Passion Piece said...

I don't have a man. However, I'd love to buy these products for my dad, he would like them for sure! :)

Cindy Ingalls said...

MyChelle is one of my favorite skincare brands. Their sunscreens are so effective and gentle on the skin.

Sudipta said...

Looks like interesting products. Not too sure these are available in India though.

acupofassamtea said...

Sounds like a great grooming product. It can be Ideal Christmas gifts for men.

Jen Sky Walker said...

My husband does not care what he uses as long as it has a mild fragrance. He uses two products: a deodorant and soap for everything else. So far no luck on my end adding to that.

Njkinny said...

I so agree with you about husbands not knowing that they needed certain products. My husband is the same. These products look promising. Will check them out. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

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