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Friday, November 20, 2020

The Best SkateBoard For Beginners And Beyond

Overwhelmed by which skateboard to purchase for your teen?

I received a skateboard from NPET to facilitate this post. This page may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases 

 If I have learned one thing with raising 5 kids, four of them being boys is to not spend a whole lot of money on sports equipment. Raising kids can be expensive so learning tips on how to save money is always a good thing. As a parent you want your kids to be active so you are willing to spend money on sports equipment if it means that your kids will be getting some healthy exercise. When a child wants to be outside being active instead of playing games on an electric device that is a good thing.

A garage filled with outdoor toys that no one plays with

 Take a look around your garage, I bet it is filled with scooters, bikes, bats, balls, and other sporting equipment. Now tell me which ones your kids have not used in over a year? I bet you can name plenty. Looking around my own garage, I see a pogo stick and a unicycle that my son just had to have but they are rarely used. Then there are the roller skates that were used about two times but were hard for my kids to use. I am sure that I have wasted plenty of money on these sports toys but I am glad that I chose to buy the items on sale or used. 

 Right now my teen is into skateboarding and dare I say he is obsessed with skateboards. My teen watches skateboard videos on how to do tricks with skateboards. While my son has a skateboard that he uses, it is beginning to show some wear and tear. My son has been riding this skateboard for a while and is becoming good at the sport. He can even do many tricks on the board. So now my son has asked for a new skateboard for his birthday. So being that I want to buy him a skateboard for his birthday present, I have no clue about the best skateboard to purchase for him.

How to save money on a skateboard

I think my teen wants a new skateboard just to have a different design on his skateboard deck. When I asked him what was wrong with his current board, he told me that the bearings in the wheels were no good. I told him that we could buy new bearings and wheels for his skateboard but he insisted that he needed a brand new skateboard. I thought that replacing skateboard wheels would save me money.

 Once I started looking into new wheels for my son's skateboard, I discovered that I could get a brand new skateboard for about the same price. I discovered a skateboard on Amazon that was under $40 and the reviews were mostly 5 stars. The reviews said this skateboard was great for beginners and beyond. The design on the board was pretty awesome and I knew that my son would love it. If my son did not like this skateboard, Amazon offered free returns. So what did I have to lose?

Check out the amazing price on the NPET Complete Skateboard

NPET 31 Inch Complete Skateboard for Kids

HIGH QUALITY: 7 layers maple wood, PU wheels, stainless alloy bearing. 31"(787mm) x 8"(203mm) double kick concave design. ABEC 11 high-speed precision bearing. Wheel Diameter: 2.1inch. Max Load-Bearing: 220 LB.

HIGH REBOUND SMOOTH ROLL: 95A High-rebound PU wheels provide great roll and grip. Heat transfer pattern(which was printed onto the board, not a sticker)

SANDPAPER ON TOP: High-density emery non-slip and waterproof surface makes you safer during riding or playing tricks on this complete skateboard. Suitable for kids, adults, and beginners. Perfect gift for teen boys.

SKATEBOARDS FOR BEGINNERS: Anyone is able to ride this standard skateboard, and perform skateboarding tricks with ease. Great combination of exercise and fun, totally portable, and ideal for beginners or skilled riders.

Did my son like the skateboard?

 When my son opened his birthday present, he was excited to receive a new skateboard for a gift. He really loved the American Flag pattern on the skateboard deck. I liked how smooth the bottom of the skateboard felt. My son was impressed that the board was made with a 7 Layer Canadian Maple wood. My son immediately examined the wheels on the NPET skateboard and gave them a spin. He noticed that the wheels were a bit tight so my son grabbed his T-tool. While it is normal for the wheels to feel stiff on a new skateboard and will turn freely after a couple of uses, my son wanted to loosen them. After adjusting the wheels, my son turned the board over and gave it a spin in the kitchen. Thank goodness the wheels were still clean.

 My son said that the deck of the skateboard is high-quality but at the same time my son noticed that it was heavier than his current skateboard. My son said a heavier board is better for beginners which makes it more stable and slower. A person who is learning how to ride a skateboard needs a slower board. 

 The next day, my son headed to the skateboard park to ride his new skateboard. As he was using the skateboard on the skateboard ramps, my son noticed that the wheels did not turn that well but he said that it was an easy fix. My son said that a new bushing piece would correct the wheel turning problem. When I looked up what a bushing was, I liked that a new one was under $10. 

Check out the amazing price on the NPET Complete Skateboard

 So based on my son's comments and watching him at the skateboard park, I think I did a good job of selecting a new skateboard for my teen son. Teenagers don't say much but I could see that he was having fun riding his new skateboard. The price of the skateboard was awesome for a complete, ready to ride skateboard. This cool-looking skateboard is available in a couple different designs and it also comes with a free skateboard bag. 

 Skateboards are a great way for kids to get some healthy exercise and they are very portable. So my son can use his board as transportation when he heads to the park. My son loves performing tricks on his skateboard and that in itself is a great way to get exercise. So if you are looking for a gift idea for a teen or tween, the NPET complete skateboard would be a perfect Christmas gift.


Claudia said...

That sounds like a great board. I love that quality construction. So many skateboards are made with inferior materials.

Candace Hampton said...

Great read on choosing the perfect board. I am glad your son liked the skateboard that you put together for him. Skateboarding is fun and definitely a great way to get kids out of the house and moving around. Keep up the great work!

Kathy said...

My niece loves to skateboard. I know my daughters are slowly getting in to this too. I think I'll be buying them one of their own one day.

Monica Simpson said...

My daughter has a long board. It has a nice smooth ride.

Kita Bryant said...

Skateboarding requires so much skill and practice. This is a really nice deck!

Sherry said...

That is a nice looking board. My kids never got into skateboarding. I, myself, had always wanted to try it when I was young.

Ryan Escat said...

My kid is still young for a skateboard,but thanks for the tips. I will definitely need this someday hehe

Gust si Aroma said...

My kid wants a skateboard for Christmas. So these tips are so useful for us! I will definitely take in consideration the NPET complete skateboard

EMILY said...

I've always been so scared of trying a skateboard, but my cousin who is older than me has just taken it up. She's so fun and it makes me want to give it a go. I had no idea there was such a difference in boards so this is great!

Erin said...

That looks like a great skateboard. Thanks for these tips!

Celebrate Woman said...

Kids know what's the best! I have not idea what to look for in a skateboard.

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