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Sunday, November 29, 2020

Froggy Lair is the Perfect Pet For Kids


We received an African Dwarf Frog Biosphere from Froggy’s Lair for free to review. Opinions are our own.

 I am not a pet person. There are so many reasons why I don't choose to have any pets. For me personally, pets are more work than having kids. Many people may argue with me but once my kids get past the diaper stage, I no longer have to clean up after them in the bathroom department. Kids also don't need to be walked or have to be let outside to use the bathroom. Then there is the hair shedding issue and most pets tend to smell. Ok, my boys do once in a while have smelly feet or body odor but they can take baths on their own. Some pets even make too much noise! Kids eventually move out of the house, pets don't. I totally get the pet companionship thing but I don't even like animals to get close to me.

 So over the years, my kids have asked for a dog or another pet. I veto getting a dog right away as I know that even after my kids promising to take care of the dog, I will end up being the one who feeds and cleans up after the dog. I have a perfect excuse for not adopting a cat as three of my kids are allergic to cats. I did give into a fish many years ago but the fish jumped out of the bowl. A couple of years ago, my neighbor gave the boys a turtle but it climbed out of its outdoor cage. So I told my kids they can have a pet when they find one that does not poop, as I hate the maintenance that comes with a pet. So my kids stopped asking for a pet. 

  I discovered the perfect pet

 So when a brand reached out to me and asked me if I wanted to review an African Dwarf Frog Biosphere, I did my research and said "yes!" The Froggy Lair website promised that these cute little frogs were easy to care for and need almost no maintenance. The frog's habitat was even cool looking and would provide some STEM learning for my boys. So I started to prepare for the arrival of two adorable Dwarf African Clawed frogs by filling up a pitcher with a gallon of water to let it dechlorinate. 

I only had a day to get ready for the tiny frogs as they were being shipped overnight to my house. I had planned to surprise the boys but they were curious about the pitcher of water on the kitchen table. So I told them that they were getting a pet that lives in water. The boys asked if they were getting fish or a turtle so I gave them a clue and said it had legs. My son asked if it was a frog and when I said yes, he had a hard time understanding how a frog could need such a small amount of water and could come by the package man.

The pet that comes with everything that you need 

 The small frogs arrived in a small cooler with everything that they needed, I did not have to purchase a thing, which is a good thing when your town is under a severe Covid pandemic lockdown. The only stores open were grocery stores that had long lines to get in due to the governor's rules of only 75 people at a time inside. Thankfully the city water has little chlorine in it so I could use it for the frog tank if I let it sit for 24 hours. 

 The dwarf frogs brought their own house or Biosphere with them. They also arrived with food, some sand, a bamboo plant, some decorative gravel, and a couple of hiding rocks. These cute froggies make great first pets! They are also the perfect pet for those with busy schedules, limited space, and fear of high maintenance live critters or plants. The Foggy Lair is the perfect pet to help prevent the Covid Slide in kids as they make for a great science lesson.

Super easy setup

The frog's Biosphere was super easy to setup. My boys placed the sand and gravel on the bottom of the tank. Then they added the three bigger rocks, which provides a hiding place for the frogs, and bamboo plant. Then it was time to slowly add the water to the tank. Once the frog's house was ready, it was time to let the frogs move it. The frogs were delivered in a bag of water so all we had to do was to open the bag up and pour them in.

 The frogs were happy to be in their new home and began to swim around. My boys enjoyed watching them swim in the water. The Biosphere even came with a light and I had the choice of many different colors of gravel to select from. I selected Heavenly Blue but I did consider purple or pink gravel. I think the blue rocks look nice in the water.

Very low maintenance 

The best part of owning African Dwarf frogs is how little work it takes to keep them happy. The frogs only need to be fed 2 times a week and their water only needs to be changed every three months. The frogs have no odor and make no noise. That is my kind of pet! For now, the Dwarf frogs are downstairs in my photo studio. One of my sons has set up his online school in my office so he will enjoy watching the frogs swim while doing his school work. At night time, I use this room to do my pandemic exercises and I have been enjoying my view of the frogs. I think the frogs even like my exercise music and dance along with me. Eventually, the frog's Biosphere will be moved up to my other son's bedroom. 

Makes a great Christmas gift

 The Froggy Lair Biosphere would make the perfect holiday gift for kids of all ages. This is a pet that most any parent would welcome. The frog kit would also be a great gift for adults as they could place one in their home office to bring a relaxing touch. I know that the frogs would breathe new life into a small home office space. Make sure to check out my holiday gift guide for other great gift suggestions for the whole family, friends, and more.

Which Froggy Lair will you get for your family?



melissa said...

Those little guys are so cute and keeping them healthy seems much easier than owning a dog or even tropical fish. I think kids will love the frogs and have hours of fun watching them.

Jamie said...

Awww...how fun!! My husband has a little fish tank and loves it. I'll have to see if he wants to get a frog, too! :)

Gervin Khan said...

To be honest, I am scared with a frog but my kids love it and will get one for the sake of their happiness. ;)

EMILY said...

I've never seen a frog like this. What a cool idea and love that it came in a cooler with everything it needed!

EMILY said...

I've never seen a frog like this. What a cool idea and love that it came in a cooler with everything it needed!

EMILY said...

I've never seen a frog like this. What a cool idea and love that it came in a cooler with everything it needed!

Ryan Escat said...

Looks like your kids loved it so much! Hehe. The frogs are so cute. I would also love a pet that doesn't poop. Hehe

Lisa Joy Thompson said...

We just got a puppy and I haven't slept through the night in over a month! Sounds like these frogs would be a much better idea for someone who loves to sleep through the night! :)

Norma said...

This froggy lair seems like the perfect Christmas gift for my kids. They love observing animals and I love that everything comes included in the package.

Anne Marie said...

My boys love science projects AND pets. This gift combines both in a really fun way!

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