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Friday, November 13, 2020

Gift Giving Party With Deflecto's Craft and Home Storage Products

I received several items from Deflecto to facilitate this post
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 Give the gift of holiday organization with Deflecto's craft and home storage products. With their diverse line of highly-customizable storage and organizational products specifically designed for the art, craft, and education markets, Deflecto strives to create original products to help keep parents and kids organized so they can concentrate on creative projects, not clutter.

 Ribbons, tags, crafting supplies are easily put away in clear, sleek, easy to access storage. With tools to make storing your art and craft supplies that much easier, erasing the clutter, and not taking up an enormous amount of space, Deflecto is here to help you with all of your organizational needs. Deflecto’s mobile products are easy-to-access and move around to take with you wherever you need to go. The products have clear sides, allowing you to be able to see what is stored. Deflecto.

 If you lived with me, you would know that I am not into crafting or even wrapping presents. In fact, the job of holiday decorating is my husband's job and he won't let me help. So why would I want to host a gift-giving party? Well, I do like parties and the Deflecto craft and storage products are simply amazing. 

 When I first laid eyes on Deflecto's organizational products, I knew that I had to have them to help me organize my home. One of the rooms in my home that I had in mind for the unique Deflecto storage containers was my photo studio. When I first created my photo room, 2 years ago, it was pretty organized but as my website grew, so did the products that I needed to take pictures of. So my photo props also started to grow. As I wanted the photos that I use in my articles to be unique. So I accumulated more silk flowers and kitchen items. So I knew that I needed help with my storage and organizational needs. These containers would help me with my creativity.

Another area that I have in mind for the Deflecto craft storage products is my new coffee bar. I have many items in my coffee bar area that would be great for these clear containers. The Rotating Carousel Organizer would be perfect for coffee beans, sweeteners, coconut coffee creamer, and more. This unique storage product includes 9 removable clear canisters on a lazy susan base. So I could easily grab what I needed for my cup of coffee. 

The Gift Giving Party

 I was gifted the Deflecto storage containers so I could have a party and show them to my friends. Well, I was not able to have a party due to the increase of Covid cases in my town. So I made a video for my friends to watch. The video showed my excitement for the Deflecto craft containers and how easy they are to use for crafts storage and more. I was excited to show how creative these containers were. I showed my friends how I used the Deflecto Rotating Carousel Organizer for my coffee bar and how I used the 3 Stackable Caddy Organizers for my photo prop items. I really love the Deflecto Stack 'N Go Caddy Wheel Base as it makes the storage units portable.

 I also received an Expandable Marker Accordion for the party. This unique craft storage product holds 80 markers and would be great for my boys to use for school projects. The lid of this container is so easy to remove and put back on.

 Here are the products that I showed to my friends. All of the Deflecto craft and storage products can be purchase on Amazon and at places that sell craft items. 

Stackable Caddy Organizers 

 Rotating Carousel Organizer 

Stack 'N Go Caddy Wheel Base 

Expandable Marker Accordion 

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The Deflecto Caddy Organizer, Stackable comes with three compartments. The three clear containers offer three different sizes (small, medium, and large), giving you a variety of storage options. 

+ Great for on-the-go storage items such as stamps, ink pads, buttons, and more

+ Multiple units can be conveniently stacked and locked using the lift and lock feature

+ Removable storage containers feature hinged, snap-tight lids for your convenience


The Deflecto Wheel Base for the Caddy organizers makes it easy to move your craft supplies across the room or to a friend's house.

+ Moving supplies has never been easier! Whether you're moving supplies across the room or across town, the Caddy Wheel Base makes it easy to take everything with you

+ "Lift & Lock" tabs secure multiple Stackable Caddy Organizers to the wheelbase so you can take all your items with you; It's like putting your entire workroom on wheels!

+ Swivel Casters provide easy movement on carpet and hard floors allowing you to move an entire stack of supplies safely and easily

+ Wheelbase works best with 5-10 Caddy Organizers and can hold up to 200 lbs. of supplies so that nothing gets left behind!

+ Store your Caddy stack under a table, desk, or in a closet. When you're ready to work, simply roll out the entire stack and grab what you need!


The Deflecto Rotating Carousel Organizer includes six 3" and three 6" removable canisters that will keep your small craft supplies organized and within reach! Ideal for storing glitter pens, embellishments, decorative tape, beads, and more.

+ 360-degree spin! Conveniently rotates in either direction to give you easy access to your arts and crafts supplies; Item measures 11 1/8"W x 6 5/8"H x 11 1/8" D

+ Clear, full-view canisters allow you to see your supplies at a glance so you can find what you need quickly; Snap-tight lids keep small supplies secure and prevent them from spilling out

+ Get organized and stay organized! Carousel organizer makes it easy to keep your items neatly arranged so you can work on your projects without worrying about cleaning up the mess

+ Ideal for use in your home, office space, craft room, or classroom! Our rotating storage organizer makes it easy to focus on the project, not the clutter!


The Deflecto Expandable Marker Accordion stores your favorite markers, pens, brushes, or other long-stemmed arts and crafts supplies in this practical and innovative marker organizer! Holds up to 80 items providing enough space for your entire collection.

+ Unique design allows you to unfold the unit into 4 storage sections, each with room for up to 20 markers, so you can easily see and access all your items

+ Features a locking lid with carrying handle so you can easily take your markers with you; Clear lid snaps in place to keep items secure

+ Compact design allows the unit to sit on a desk, as well as on a shelf or in a craft supplies closet without taking too much space

+ Ideal for keeping your markers organized and within reach in a home office, kid’s room, craft room, or creative space, as well as providing on-the-go storage for your favorite coloring items


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The Deflecto home storage products are truly unique products that have so many uses beyond crafts. You can use the canisters to store baking supplies or cake decorating supplies. The multipurpose craft containers can be used for at home school supplies or for office items. I have seen creative photos on Instagram showing these home craft containers being used in the bathroom for makeup items and in the garage for workbench things like nails or screws. The multi sizes of containers allow you to clean up the clutter and keep it organized. The uses for these storage containers are endless and I am sure that I will think of more creative ways to use them. To purchase these awesome containers, click on the below links.

Stackable Caddy Organizers ~ Rotating Carousel Organizer ~ Stack 'N Go Caddy Wheel Base ~ Expandable Marker Accordion 

What would you store in the Deflecto storage containers?


Mar Wahrer said...

I'm big on home organization, so these products really pique my interest. I would place a few containers in my pantry and some on my children's desks as well.

Kathy said...

These look wonderful. I need to get some of them for myself. I could really use them.

The Super Mom Life said...

Organization is my favorite thing to do so if I got something like this for the holidays, I would be ecstatic.

Ryan Escat said...

Since I'm a man, I'm not really good at this stuff. My wife is the one who loves organizer so much. She'll definitely enjoy reading article like this.

Lisa Joy Thompson said...

I need so many of these things! We craft like crazy around here and I am always looking for things to help me get organized. Plus, we have lots of little things that need homes. I will definitely be checking out deflectos!

Wanda Lopez said...

I love storage and keeping things tidy. I think I need more storage supplies.

Sherry said...

These storage containers would please my OCD. I like to have a specific spot for everything. I really want the caddy organizer.

Celebrate Woman said...

I adore anything about organization. These caddies are super convenient. I'll check them out.

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