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Monday, June 14, 2021

3 Types of Pillows To Explore

 As you get older you may find yourself wedging pillows around your body to get more comfortable. A pillow between the knees for hip pain or pillows arched over your arm to keep it from losing feeling while you sleep becomes the norm. However, the pillow market has expanded to include more elegant solutions for these problems. If you find you can't get comfortable at night, read on for information on three specialty types of pillows that can help you get a good night's sleep.

Contour Pillows

Contour pillows come in different wavy outlines depending on the part of your body they are for. Most common is the simple raised sides and lower trough of one for the head. For side sleepers, the leg contour pillow is specially designed to fit between the calves or thighs. The goal of any contour pillow is to align your spine and let it relax while you sleep. Look for a memory foam contour pillow that will hold its shape but also feel much softer than old-fashioned polyurethane foam.

 Contour pillows can be great for many ages, but if you've been wondering, "What age is it safe for a baby to have a pillow?" The answer is that you shouldn't use a contour or any other pillow in the crib with your infant until she's about 18 months. If you are looking to resolve a particular situation try talking to your pediatrician about alternatives. 

Wedge Pillows

Wedge pillows are firm triangles that provide a sloping incline for you to rest against. Wedge pillows have a lot of benefits but only really work if you're a back sleeper. A wedge raises your upper body which can help prevent acid reflux and reduce sleep apnea. For those experiencing back pain, a wedge also reduces pressure on the lumbar spine. 

 On the other end, a wedge pillow can be used under your legs. If you have been told to keep your feet elevated above your heart to improve leg circulation and reduce swelling, you may have discovered this is easier said than done. A wedge pillow makes it easy to keep your feet elevated above your body for prolonged periods.

Side-Sleeper Pillows

 Side-sleeper pillows are newer to the market and can be called many different things. Besides side-sleeper, you may see this referred to as a cuddle pillow, or a tunnel pillow. These pillows look like miniature bridges. Your arm, or the arm of the person with whom you are cuddling, can slide through the hole so that the pressure from your head doesn't cause the arm to fall asleep. If you are a side or stomach sleeper who wakes up several times a night because of pins and needles in the arm under your head, a side-sleeper pillow could be the key to a continuous slumber. 

Don't let discomfort, whether skeletal pain, muscle pain, or other disorders that are worsened by lying prone, keep you from getting the sleep you need. With all the pillows on the market, you'll be sure to find one that's right for you.

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