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Thursday, June 17, 2021

How To Make Café-Quality Coffee At Home

 If you're an avid coffee lover, you know how much coffee tastes better, especially when you purchase them from your favorite café. While you may have your own coffee maker at home, nothing beats the taste that a good café produces, allowing you to enjoy your cup of joe a little more.  

While going to your favorite coffee shop is an option for you to allow a good cup of coffee every day, you can just anticipate how much it'll burn your pockets. Along with that, you might be wasting your time from the long lines, especially during peak hours. To save yourself money and time, you might consider brewing your coffee at home while allowing it to have a café-quality that you always wanted.  

 If you still haven't found a good coffee quality that you'd like, you might want to explore your choices by roaming around your city or visit an online store like https://fairlanecoffee.com and be able to have a taste of your next favorite cup of joe.  

 Moreover, listed below are the tips and tricks on how you can allow your home to create café-quality coffees without having to step outside your door:  

1. Grind Your Own Coffee Bean  

 While it may be easier to purchase finely ground coffee for your coffee maker, since all you have to do is to scoop it and place it on the filter basket, you're not actually on the same path of creating café-quality coffee. Coffee shops always use freshly grounded coffee each time they make a cup, allowing for maximum aroma and taste for brewing.  

 The aroma and taste may not deliver the same with a pre-ground coffee since the grinding process keeps the natural flavor for only up to 20 to 30 minutes. In this way, you might not enjoy their authentic flavors. With that, you can just anticipate the intensity of flavors when you grind your coffee beans at home.  

 As you decide to grind your whole coffee bean, ensure that you only grab the number of beans you need. While it may be tempting to prepare them all at once to save you time from grinding for the following day, remember that the beans' natural taste would disappear in a matter of minutes after grinding. Ideally, you should measure how much you need accordingly. This should allow you to save your coffee beans and have the best-tasting coffee straight to your cup.  

2. Choose The Right Roast 

 There are three main types of coffee beans that you can purchase, such as light, medium, and dark roast. Ideally, you should buy the right roast type that fits your caffeine needs and personal taste.  

 A roast is responsible for the aroma and taste of each coffee. The darker the roast, the more bitter a coffee can be. If you're a fan of strong coffee flavor, you should go for a dark roast. If you're into milder varieties, you’ll best enjoy your coffee with a light roast. However, if you'd like to have a stronger flavor than light but don't want the intense bitterness from dark, you should go for a medium roast for the safer option.  

 With the right roast of coffee, you can achieve the best flavor of coffee that you'll surely enjoy as you create them at home.  

3. Purchase Coffee Beans Wisely 

 There are plenty of stores out there that sells coffee beans for a reasonable price. However, if you want café-quality coffee, you should be meticulous about the coffee bean quality you're purchasing since you can't purchase them in small quantities.  

 Ideally, you should purchase coffee beans from reputable suppliers so you can ensure that they produce the best of the best. You can ask for recommendations from your trusted family or friends, or you can research on your laptops. You might want to consider joining coffee groups and asking for recommendations for a good coffee bean supplier or which coffee beans your favorite coffee shops use.  

 Apart from looking for a good coffee bean shop, you should also take a closer look at the packing as it can compromise the coffee beans that you might be brewing with. With more air exposure that a coffee bean has, the greater chance that it can compromise its quality.  

As you purchase coffee beans, ensure that it's inside an airtight bag with a small one-way valve. The valve's purpose is to allow the coffee gas to be released to avoid coffee bean tears and explosions. With a faulty coffee bean, you can anticipate a change in texture, taste, and aroma in your coffee which can compromise the quality of your creation.  

4. Store Your Coffee Beans Properly 

 You need to be careful with how you store your coffee beans, as poorly keeping them can affect the quality of your coffee, defeating the purpose of purchasing quality coffee beans.  

 Preferably, you should keep the beans away from air as much as possible since their volatile oil can quickly evaporate, compromising the quality and taste of your beans. Your main goal should be to keep the oiliness of the beans as long as possible as they hold the flavors and intensity of the coffee.  

 To store your coffee beans, you should purchase an airtight container and quickly grab a proper amount every time you need to grind your beans. While it can be tempting to grind more for the following days to avoid opening the container daily, you're actually compromising the quality of the coffee for the next days, not allowing you to have the best-tasting coffee in your hand.  

5. Purchase A Scale  

 You'd be surprised how much a gram of coffee can change the taste and quality of your cup. If you're going to observe how a coffee shop brews their coffee, you may notice a scale on which they measure the number of grounds they use for each brew. While you might think that they only measure them to keep track of their inventory, the weight of the coffee can affect the quality of taste for every cup.  

 To allow yourself to brew a consistent taste of coffee, you should purchase a scale and weigh your coffee before you brew them. In this way, you don't have to go through the stress of having various coffee tastes even if you mix it with the same ingredients.  

6. Use Filtered Water  

 One of your coffee's main ingredients is water. The quality of the water that you use can affect the condition of the coffee that you create. While you may think that water is water, it's a whole different story, especially if you're trying to develop a café-quality coffee.  

 Some people may settle for using clean tap water. However, for higher quality coffee, it would be best if you could use filtered water to ensure that it's thoroughly cleaned and free from any added chemicals, which could react differently with your coffee.  

You can easily purchase filtered water in your grocery store, or you can choose to install a water filter in your home so you can have quick access without worrying about running out of stock. With the proper water, you can achieve the best-tasting coffee in your home.  

7. Explore Brewing Options 

 Various brewing options allow your coffee beans to taste differently. With this, you should try exploring your options on how you should brew your coffee. If you'd like to have a mild cup of coffee, going for a drip coffee maker would be the best option for you. If you'd like a darker and more intense flavor, you can never go wrong with the French press. However, if you'd like to have a pure espresso taste, you should purchase an espresso machine instead.  

 If you're still weighing your options for brewing your coffee, you may want to begin with a French press since they don't cost a lot. If you're finding the process too complicated, going for a drip coffee maker would be a better option since all you need to do is put the grounds on the filter basket, add water to the reservoir, and wait for it to brew completely. Moreover, if you'd like to unleash your inner barista skills, going for an espresso machine is the best way to go.  

8. Add Milk and Flavors 

 It's easy for you to create a freshly brewed coffee that can taste similar to your favorite café, especially if you use the same coffee beans as them. However, if you'd like to achieve excellent flavors, you should consider mixing the taste and allow yourself to craft the perfect blend.  

You can begin by purchasing coffee syrups that match your favorite flavor. You can search on how many pumps you need to help you achieve the taste of your coffee. Apart from syrups, you can also add milk and other spices. You can easily adjust the serving accordingly and allow yourself to create a café-quality coffee.  

 If you're a fan of milky coffee, you might want to consider purchasing a milk frother to create your favorite cappuccino. With a frother, you can achieve a café-like coffee in the corners of your own home.  


 Purchasing coffee in your local coffee shop can be expensive, especially if you plan on drinking coffee every day or even more than a cup a day. With that, you might want to consider brewing your own coffee at home to save you a few bucks, time, and also earn yourself a barista skill.  

 There are plenty of things that you need to focus on if you'd like to ensure that you can create a café-quality coffee. While the process can be lengthy, tasting a great tasting coffee that you brew by yourself would always feel rewarding.

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