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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Gluten-free Salted Chocolate Caramel Chia Seed Protein Pudding

Creamy and delicious is what this Gluten-free Salted Chocolate Caramel Chia Seed Protein Pudding is all about. Made with gluten-free and dairy-free ingredients; it's a healthy snack loaded with protein, fiber, and healthy fats!

 Looking for a guilt-free dessert that is a powerhouse of nutrition? Look no further as this Gluten-free Salted Chocolate Caramel Chia Seed Protein Pudding is loaded with nutrition. This dairy-free pudding is packed with protein, fiber, and plenty of chocolate goodness. The best part is how simple this gluten-free dessert is to make. Just combine a couple of healthy ingredients and you will have an amazing dessert that is good for you. This dessert is so healthy, that you can even enjoy it for breakfast. The hardest part of this creamy pudding is waiting for it to thicken up.

 So make sure to prepare this healthy recipe, the night before, so it is ready to enjoy the next day. Best tip ever ~ make several of these healthy pots of pudding, so you have plenty to share. These dairy-free desserts will keep for several days, so make plenty. That way you can grab a dairy-free protein pudding when your hunger sets it. These plant-based puddings contain 15 grams of plant-based protein, so they are perfect for after your workout or a quick out-the-door breakfast.

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 Salted Chocolate Caramel Chia Seed Protein Pudding is 

+ Creamy

+ Gluten-Free

+ Dairy-Free

+ Plant-Based

+ Vegan

+ Protein Packed

+ Full of Fiber

+ Rich in Healthy Fats

+ Soy-Free

+ Delicious

+ Easy to Make

 For those who follow a plant-based diet and avoid gluten, this Salted Chocolate Caramel Chia Seed Protein Pudding is perfect for you. Even if you don't follow a special diet, you need to try these cups of salted caramel chocolate treats as they are so delicious. I like to enjoy the dairy-free treats in the afternoon for a healthy snack. Of course, I also enjoy the pudding for breakfast and as a late-night snack. If your breakfast is the same day after day protein smoothie, then mix things up with this protein pudding topped with sliced strawberries.

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Ingredients needed for Chia Seed Protein Pudding

+ Plant-based protein powder ~ I like Nuzest Rich Chocolate. This plant-based protein is allergy-friendly, gluten-free, and made with clean ingredients. Nuzest is also low in carbs and sugar. Use my coupon code MOMKNOWSBEST15 to save 15%.

+ Plant-based milk ~ You choose your favorite plant-based milk. I like using this quick and easy homemade oat milk.

+ Chia Seeds ~ Make sure to grab organic certified gluten-free chia seeds. Save 10% OFF organic food with the code ORGANIC.

+ Vegan  Caramel & Sea Salt Chocolate Spread ~ My favorite vegan chocolate spread is a  rich Belgian dark chocolate spread that is also gluten-free, nut-free, and low in sugar. Use my coupon code MOMKNOWSBEST to save 15% at https://www.lekkco.com/

+ Slice Strawberries ~ I prefer sliced strawberries with my Salted Chocolate Caramel Chia Seed Protein Pudding but you can omit this ingredient or use your favorite fruit.

Tiny Superfood Big Nutrition

 Viva Naturals Organic Chia Seeds have plant-based omega-3 and 6 fatty acids and are also high in fiber to support a healthy, balanced diet. Serve up big nutrition with these tiny seeds in your smoothies, oatmeal, yogurt, or salads! 

 I like adding chia seeds to my plant-based recipes and they are a staple in my plant-based pantry. These tiny seeds are loaded with nutrition and I add them to my daily smoothie for many reasons. Chia seeds add fiber and protein to my smoothies as well as healthy fats. I love how these superfood seeds swell up when added to liquids. Chia seeds can also be used as a plant-based egg replacement in many vegan recipes.

It is the chia seeds in this recipe that turns plan-based milk into pudding. I purchase my chia seeds from Viva Naturals as I know that I am getting the best organic gluten-free chia seeds. Sure chia seeds are gluten-free by nature but when I buy chia seeds from Viva Naturals, I don't have to worry about cross-contamination. 

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 May is Celiac Awareness Month and Viva Naturals has a variety of Gluten-Free Products available on its website. From chia seeds to quinoa, you can feel safe when you purchase gluten-free organic foods at Viva Naturals. All of Viva Naturals' gluten-free products are certified gluten-free as well as organic, vegan, kosher, non-GMO, paleo, and keto. It is their promise to you, so you can feel safe when you purchase your pantry staples from Viva Naturals. Buying chia seeds from Viva Naturals is way better than buying from the bulk section at the grocery store, as who knows what could be lurking in that bin or scoop. Organic chia seeds are also very affordable.

How to make  Salted Chocolate Caramel Chia Seed Protein Pudding

 Making this chia seed pudding is so simple. Grab a small mason jar with a lid and pour in the plant milk of your choice. Then add a scoop of vegan protein powder to the non-dairy milk and place the lid on the jar. Shake it up well. You can also use a portable blender. Then add the chia seeds and place on the lid again. Shake well and place it in the fridge for several hours, preferably overnight. That way the chia seeds can swell up to thicken the milk.

 In the morning, grab a glass and the Lekkco chocolate spread along with some sliced strawberries. Soften the Salted caramel chocolate spread in the microwave for 10 seconds. Then have fun layering the chia pudding, chocolate spread, and strawberries. The Salted Chocolate Caramel Chia Seed Protein Pudding is ready to eat. 

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Looking for another healthy breakfast option ~ check out this Tropical Overnight Oats recipe.

Here are the links & coupon codes for the ingredients for this delicious dessert

+ Nuzest Plant-Based Protein ~ save 15% with code MOMKNOWSBEST15 https://nuzest.com/

+ Viva Naturals Chia Seeds ~ save 10% with code ORGANIC https://vivanaturals.com/

+ Lekkco Salted Caramel Chocolate Spread ~ save 15% with code MOMKNOWSBEST https://www.lekkco.com/

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Beth said...

I'm so in love with all of your recipes! I mean, they all taste like total comfort food, but they are also so good for you. It's perfect.

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I tend to love all things with chocolate. I am looking forward to giving this a try for dessert!

Tasheena said...

I love that this is a protein pudding recipe, looking forward to giving this a try.

Melanie Edjourian said...

That sounds like a tasty pudding. It's great to try some thing a bit different.

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That looks absolutely delicious and tasty! I would really love to try this recipe!

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Wow! This is such a really amazing recipe! It looks absolutely delicious I love it!

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This sounds really good. I've never actually tried chia pudding before. I'll have to try this out.

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This looks so yummy and I would love to try it! I am interested in trying those chia seeds.

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Wow! This looks absolutely delicious plus it's healthy and gluten free. Plus it's easy to make!

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That looks delicious! I've been wanting to try chia. Going to save your recipe. -LYNNDEE

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I like how healthy this is yet it still could be enjoyed as a dessert!

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I love the idea to add chia seeds. I love it so much! It's a must try recipe!

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I am such a big fan of chia seeds. This sounds like a great recipe. I am always looking for easy recipes for on the go and I think this is a convenient way to get extra nutrition.

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I am behind the times and still haven't tried Chia seeds yet. I'll have to try this recipe as I am needing some new healthy recipes to try.

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I never heard of chia seed. I really don't know how they would tasted. But I'm needing some wonderful healthy recipes, for a healthy lifestyle.

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Oh wow this looks amazing! I love chia seeds so I need to make this soon, looks amazing

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