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Wednesday, January 18, 2023

What You Need To Know About Vertical Blinds

 Are you replacing your home’s window shades this year? If you are it would be a great deal of help if you knew more about all the types of window blinds available to you.

 One popular type of blind that we’ll be focusing on today is Vertical blinds, we have spoken to the team at DotcomBlinds who’re experts on made-to-measure Vertical blinds to find out all you could possibly need to know about these blinds.

What Are Vertical Blinds?

 Vertical blinds are a special type of window shade, that allows for great control of how much light you let into your home. Unlike other types of blinds like Roller blinds or Roman blinds, these Vertical blinds are made up of multiple small strips of fabric, rather than a large solid piece of material. These thin strips of fabric are connected to a headrail and hang down, shading the window.

How Do Vertical Blinds Work?

 Vertical blinds are pretty easy to use, with two main methods of opening and closing the blinds. 

-You can pull the slats side to side, to cover and uncover the window, or you can have the slats sit on either side of the blind or split from the middle outwards.

-You can rotate the slats using a crank, when the slats are all parallel to the window, they will block out more light, then they can be rotated to be perpendicular to the window allowing light to pass through the gaps between slats.

Where Can Vertical Blinds Be Used?

 Vertical blinds are incredibly versatile and can be used successfully in most rooms of a house, thanks to the variety of fabric options that you have when buying Vertical blinds. You can use waterproof fabrics in bathrooms, easy-clean fabrics in kitchens, and standard fabrics in living rooms.

However, it is not recommended to use Vertical blinds in bedroom settings, this is because even when the blinds are fully closed some outside light may still pass through between small gaps in the slats, which can cause sleep disruption.

What Are The Benefits Of Vertical Blinds?

 There are a lot of good reasons to use Vertical blinds in your home compared to other types of blinds, some of the advantages include:

Cost – Thanks to the simple design of Vertical blinds, they typically have a lower price point compared to other blinds.

Light Control – As you have two ways to let light in with a Vertical blind (opening or rotating slats), you have a great level of control when it comes to how much outside light you let into your home.

Versatile – Another big benefit of Vertical blinds is that they’re incredibly versatile and can be made in a wide range of fabrics, allowing them to be effectively used in most rooms.

Replaceable Slats – Unlike other blinds, when the slats of your Vertical blinds start to show their age, you can remove the slats and replace them with new replacement slats, without needing to outright replace the whole blind.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Vertical Blinds?

While there are many benefits to Vertical blinds, they also do have a few drawbacks compared to other blinds, these include:

Light Leakage – As there are small gaps between each individual slat on a Vertical blind, they can let light leak in between the gaps, which makes them inappropriate for use in bedrooms.​

Style – While Vertical blinds are cheap and versatile, they aren’t the most stylish window blind available, meaning that if style is a priority for your home, you may be better suited using a different type of blind.​

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