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Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Are Portable Resistance Bands Effective For Building Muscles? ~ LIT AXIS

 Looking for an effective at-home fitness gym product that is affordable and portable? Check out this portable smart resistance band training system that can be used for cardio, strength training, Pilates, and recovery.

 Daily exercise is so important for our health. Our bodies were made to move and need some type of exercise on a daily basis. Our bodies need movement to function properly. The good news is there are so many ways to include exercise into your day. The best thing to learn about exercise is there is no one best exercise to stay in shape.

 Exercise is all about getting the heart rate up, strengthing your muscles, and moving the body. While most people think that you need a gym membership or expensive home gym equipment to exercise, that is simply not the case. A brisk walk can be a great way to exercise as well as running outside. The key is to get that body moving for at least 30 minutes a day. 

I have no time for exercise

The worst excuse that you can make for not exercising is saying that you have no time to exercise. Exercise should be a priority in your life and you need to make time for it. Your health depends on it. You make time to eat since your body needs food to live. You make time to brush your teeth as you don't want to lose your teeth. You make time for work as you need money to pay the bills. So make time for exercise with the same thinking. Your body needs exercise to be healthy. If you don't make time for exercise now, later in life you will be forced to make time for sickness. Your health may be fine now without exercise but when you hit 40 - 50 years old, your body will turn on you. Your muscles will start sagging and you will have body aches. You will start dealing with diseases like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and more.

The LIT AXIS™ Portable Resistance Band At Home Gym is for people who have no time to exercise.

 The LIT AXIS is a portable smart resistance band training system that can be used at home, while traveling, or even outside. The LIT AXIS is a multi-functional portable, resistance band training system that needs no dedicated fitness space. This at-home piece of gym equipment is small and portable. This fitness equipment gives you the freedom and flexibility to transform any space into your perfect gym

 While the LIT AXIS system is small it is a powerful piece of equipment that can be used for cardio, strength training, stretching, and more. This fitness system can replace cable systems, free weights, suspension trainers, pilates reformers, and more. The LIT AXIS is perfect for all levels of fitness. From a beginner to a gym buff, it can be used in so many ways. You will love all the multiple workouts that you can do with these resistance bands.

My thoughts on the LIT AXIS Portable Resistance Band

Before I begin my review of this resistance band gym equipment, I will first introduce you to what is included in the box when you receive the LIT AXIS device. 

• Pair of AXIS Smart Sensors

• Pair of Resistance Trainers (0-60LBS)

• Pair of Resistance Trainers  (30-100LBS)

• Pair of handles

• Pair of ankle cuffs

• Universal anchor for multiple attachment points

• Lightweight protective carrying case

 The LIT AXIS comes with a card that explains how to set up the fitness equipment and it also offers 3 months free to access the over 350 classes. I like that I was able to view the classes on my phone and on my computer. The classes were helpful in showing me how to set up the resistance bands and how to use them. 

 The bands can be attached over a door, to a door hinge. or around a sturdy item like a tree or a couch leg. My sturdy item was my studio cycle. Once I attached my bands over the door and closed the door, the fun began. Since I already own a set of resistance bands that go over a door, I used the LIT AXIS for some of my favorite strength exercises before I explored the many online classes. I found the LIT AXIS resistance bands to be an effective way to supplement my weightlifting routine. 

 These resistance bands gave my muscles a good workout and allowed me to work out different muscle groups when compared to regular weights. The bands helped me to go deeper on my squat exercises and gave my arm muscles a good workout. I liked that I could pair the bands to my phone to see data on my exercises. I could see things like muscle imbalance and more.


Explore the power of symmetry in smart training with on-screen metrics that ensure you mirror your reps, resistance loads, and time under tension for a revolutionary, left-right, injury-proof approach to building a balanced body.

LIT AXIS™ smart resistance band technology uses built-in sensors that focus on each axis of movement, detect and correct muscle imbalances on the left and right sides of the body, offer data for tracking reps, resistance loads, and time under tension, and ultimately predict and prevent injury.

The benefits of using resistance bands

 I like having a resistance band system in my exercise room and I always leave them on a door. That way I can use them after my daily workout on my studio cycle to get a couple of reps of strength exercises in. I also use the resistance bands 3 times a week as part of my strength training weightlifting routine. Resistance bands are just as effective as lifting weights and have helped me get stronger muscles. I realized the importance of doing strength exercises several years ago and it has helped my body tone up. You have to see how just six months of using weights made a huge difference in my before and after stomach photos.

 Resistance bands are great for all levels of fitness. The LIT AXIS gym bands can give one 0 - 100 pounds of resistance and can be great for at-home exercise. Hook the bands on a door and use them while watching TV. Even if you use a gym, these bands are awesome for those busy days when you have no time to visit the gym. If you are traveling, the exercise bands are light and take up a very small space in your travel bag. The LIT AXIS system can be used for cardio, strength training, stretching, and more in your hotel room.

 LIT AXIS is the most universal fitness device on the market.  The smart sensors don't require any charging. The 350+ exercise classes are available on your phone, computer, and smart TV, to help you work out anywhere, anytime. So stop making excuses about not having time to exercise and get the LIT AXIS Resistance Band System HERE.

Resistance bands make exercise fun

 The more I use resistant bands for strength training, the more I enjoy them. I am becoming a resistance band junkie. I have had the opportunity to try out 3 different brands of resistant band systems and with each review, I discover a new way to use resistance bands for strength exercises. 

 Each of my bands for resistance are attached at different heights in my exercise room. That makes it super simple to use as I don't have to reattach the bands for different muscle-building exercises. I like that I can make the weightlifting experience harder with the resistance bands by stretching out the bands. 

Are Portable Resistance Bands Effective For Building Muscles?

To answer the question about if Portable Resistance Bands are Effective For Muscle Building. The answer is yes. When I use resistant bands, I can feel my muscles burning and I can see my muscles moving. When I am done using the stretchy bands, my muscles are sore.

The thing that I like most about using resistance bands for building stronger muscles is how portable they are. I always packed my bands in my carry-on luggage when I travel. A couple of months ago, I was able to use the bands of resistance while I was on a train trip. I had a sleeper car, so I was able to get some muscle exercise in during an 18-hour trip.

So stop making excuses about exercise and invest in your health with a LIT AXIS Portable Resistance Band System 


Forever My Little Moon said...

It sounds like a great option for those looking to exercise from home and don't have as much time. We have a treadmill, so I use that!

Renee said...

These seem like they would provide a decent workout without having to leave the house.

AiringMyLaundry said...

I might have to try these out. I have been wanting to build some arm muscle.

Richelle Milar said...

This is a really great idea for those who want to workout at home. I’m surely gonna let my husband and father see this

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I am trying to build arm muscle, so will have to look into this. Thanks for sharing!

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I was wondering if these bands are really effective and I should buy them. Thanks for sharing all these details!

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This is a great idea for someone that has a home gym. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Samantha said...

This looks like the perfect addition for an at home gym or exercise routine!

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These look like great low impact workout options, glad to read they're also effective!

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