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Tuesday, January 10, 2023

The Personal Touch: Moving into a New Home

 When you and your family decide to move to a new home, you may want to consider how you can make it warm and welcoming, even in your first few days there. Whether you plan on renting or buying, it can be important to add some personal touches. This may be especially crucial if you have young children who already feel apprehensive about the move, or even an infant who is used to their set routines. 

Make the space your own

 While the previous owners, or landlord, may have already freshened things up, you might find that each room looks a little bit boring without something to show who lives there. Creating gorgeous canvas prints for your home can be a good answer, especially if you lacked these personal touches in your prior residence. While these prints can be great statement pieces for larger rooms, they can also serve a purpose in smaller spaces, such as a home office or toilet. The end result may not only affect how you feel immediately after moving in, but you may find they also match nicely with the rest of your d├ęcor as you continue unboxing, regardless of how long that takes.

Make your mark

 Personalization doesn’t need to remain within the home. You might also want to consider other methods of making it clear that you live here, and that this is the place you call home. One example, which may be great fun to do with the kids, can be to create some decals for your door or mailbox. These may include your house number, initials, or even surname. When using decals outside, you might want to ensure that you use a waterproof material, so they don’t get damaged during poor weather. Taking into account the information you provide can also be important, as you don’t want to compromise on the safety and security of your family.

Make introductions

 Adding a personal touch to your new home doesn’t just involve the items you place within the property. It can also be about how you make yourself a part of your new community. Taking on some tips to introduce yourselves to your new neighbors can be a great start. This can also allow you to find out more about the area, make plans to socialize, and even learn about which tradespeople are recommended for any work required in your home. When you have children, finding other families with children of a similar age can help them to build new relationships, and even make the move feel much more pleasant. In addition to this, if your children have others to play with, they may be less likely to be underfoot, allowing you to get on with the unpacking undisturbed. 

 While a lot of the personalization may occur as you unpack your belongings, there are ways that you can make the house a home in other ways. Considering these could help you to feel like you belong much more quickly.​

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