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Tuesday, January 3, 2023

4 Cities You Must Visit in the US Before You Die

 The United States of America is a popular travel destination as it is an enormous country with a great variety of natural and urban landscapes. Whatever you want (from deserts to snow-sure mountains, from quiet villages to huge cities), the US has got you covered. There are at least 4 cities in the US that you must visit before you die because they offer a particular culture and vibe that you will not find anywhere else. 

City 1: New York

 It seems like New York will always be the first city that comes to most people’s minds when the US is being discussed. The fact that it is a cultural and financial centre (think of Broadway or the hustle mentality) has made New York symbolise everything American. People are free to wear whatever they want, to express their individualism in any way they like, while they are a community of people trying to make it —whatever this may mean to everyone. Going around New York will make you see and feel this collective mindset that New Yorkers seem to share. As a visitor, you should take your time to visit both the tourist attractions and the local’s favourite spots. If you have hired a car, you will have the time and the energy to go to all of them. Enjoy Travel is the company you need to find the best car for your trip and to book it in the most effortless way possible. Having a hired car means that you can easily visit cool areas in and near New York, such as Manhattan and New Jersey. While you are in New York you can even see a game with Knicks playoff tickets.

City 2: Los Angeles

 Los Angeles manages to combine luxury and tranquillity. Its location next to the ocean, its hills and its palm trees make people admire and feel grateful for the grandness of nature. The City of Angels is also known for the major film studios and the film stars that create awesome productions there. Tourists who love cinema and TV will think that Los Angeles is paradise. 

City 3: Las Vegas

 Las Vegas is the ideal city for people who want to have fun and to have a true casino experience. Although there are educational activities and hidden gems in Las Vegas, the casinos are the main attraction there. As long as you make sure that you don’t lose control of yourself and your budget, you can put your skills to the ultimate test. Not to mention that you can have fun in a casino even if you don’t gamble. Instead, you can enjoy the grand facilities by attending shows or going to the spa

City 4: Charleston

 Charleston is a historical city full of life and colour. We should also say that it is full of rhythm as the Charleston dance was named after this city. Although Charleston is not as popular as the places mentioned above, it receives a plethora of visitors who love it there. What are some things that you can see and do in Charleston? The Fort Sumter National Monument, a ghost tour, the Magnolia Plantation and Gardens, the Middleton Place and the Gibbes Museum of Art are just a few activities that will help you get to know Charleston and fall in love with it. ​

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