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Wednesday, January 4, 2023

How To Help Your Body Recover After Exercise With Resync

 Think that all your body needs for recovery after exercise is protein and fluids? Think again. Discover the power of beets for fitness recovery.

 Exercise is beneficial for the body but it can also have some disadvantages. Some disadvantages of exercise can be sore muscles, dehydration, and more. These disadvantages of physical fitness can lead to people giving up on exercise or suffering from a sports injury. Sometimes the bad parts of exercise can be from excessive exercise or from starting a new exercise program. Other bad side effects of fitness can be simply from daily exercise but can be avoided with the right supplements and nutrition.

 So that leads one to question ~ why exercise if I am going to experience sore muscles, hunger or feeling tired. The answer is your body needs regular exercise to function properly and the benefits outweigh the negative exercise side effects. When you exercise on a regular basis and focus on proper exercise recovery, you can avoid the disadvantages of working out.

How to help your body recover after exercise

Most people only think of consuming plant-based protein for muscle recovery after exercise but then wonder why their muscles are still sore after an intense workout. Helping your body recover after exercise is so much more than just eating protein. Our bodies need other nutrients to feel good after exercise. Nutrition and exercise go together to form a healthy body that feels good. As Jack LaLanne would say "Fitness is king. Nutrition is queen. Put them together and you have a kingdom."

 You can't expect your body to recover from fitness if your diet is unhealthy. The effects of bad nutrition on a body can do plenty of harm by itself that even awesome exercise can not help. If you want to see positive results from that sweat time in the gym make sure to include good nutrition in your exercise plan for the best recovery support.

An under-recovered body becomes an injured body

Resync’s entire line is founded on recovery support

 In addition to good nutrition for exercise recovery, give your body additional recovery support with supplements that are made for fitness recovery. Look for exercise supplements that support healthy circulation, inflammation, muscle recovery, and joint support. Resync Nutritional products offer supplemental products that are backed by science to give your body results for the best exercise recovery.

2 products from Resync to help your body recover from exercise

 I know the benefits of nutrition for fitness recovery and always drink a plant-based protein smoothie after I work out. When I make my smoothie, I add plenty of protein, fruit, superfoods, and supplements to the blender jar. The superfoods that I like to add to my smooth are beet powder, collagen, turmeric, flax seed, and matcha. It can be a production to make my after-exercise protein drink but I do it as I want the amazing nutritional benefits for exercise recovery. I know that my superfood drink keeps me from experiencing sore muscles, hunger, and body fatigue. 

 I was excited to discover 2 products from Resync that could help my body recover from exercise with more benefits than my morning smoothie. These two supplements contained red spinach, red beets & Aronia berry. These 3 red superfoods support nitric oxide. Red nitrates may enhance blood flow, which permits nutrient delivery during and after exercise.

A perfect plant-based recovery solution to support circulation, and nutrient delivery throughout the body and help conveniently address inflammation post-activity.

 In addition to the red nitrates, the two Resync supplements ~ Resync Recovery Blend and Resync Collagen Peptides have other recovery ingredients that you need to try.

+ Red nitrates may enhance blood flow, which permits nutrient delivery during and after exercise. 

+ Collagen protein supplies the unique amino acids your connective tissues need more of after demanding work. 

+ Polyphenols provide the anti-inflammatory stimulus to keep post-exercise inflammation in check.

+ Prebiotic fiber gives your gut long-lasting energy with the ability to shore up your immune resilience.

Every layer of your body, between the skin and bones, needs collagen protein to stay strong, pliable, and healthy.

 I liked that I could gain additional exercise recovery benefits from two delicious recovery supplements. That meant that I could do more intense exercise sessions without having any negative side effects. That was just what I did. I loved that I could take my gym time to another level of intensity. I have a need for speed and I love seeing how fast I can go on the treadmill.

 I am working on strengthing my lungs as my allergy shots are affecting my asthma big time. Exercise helps with asthma. The intense exercise helps me to clear my lungs so I can breathe better. Those with asthma just have to exercise differently. Check out Ten Tips For Exercising With Asthma. 

As I am working on strengthening my lungs to help with my allergy shot treatment, the Resync supplements will give me the energy and circulation support that I need while exercising. Then the recovery products from Resync will help my muscles and tendons recover so I don't have any body pain or muscle soreness.

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Why Beets for recovery? ~ Information provided by Resync

+  Beets are highly regarded for supporting nitric oxide, improving blood flow, and heart health. They are touted for these benefits primarily due to their nitrate content.

 + Nitrates you eat are turned into nitrite and then into nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide is a powerful signaling molecule that tells your blood veins and arteries to open up in order to allow for greater blood flow.

 + The benefits of nitrates go far beyond just heart health, though. Healthy nitrates support healthy immune function, improve exercise capability, foster more productive mitochondria, and so much more. 

What Are Aronia Berries?

+ Aronia berries have been known for centuries in Eastern Europe for their traditional use in supporting the immune system.

+ In one tiny tart package, Aronia delivers one of the highest antioxidant scores of any food, more blood-flow-boosting nitrates than beets, and unique anti-inflammatory and immune-supporting polyphenols.

+ Aronia’s potential benefits have been studied by multiple research groups across the globe. It has been studied to:

   - Increase nitric oxide levels in the body, with potential effects on blood flow, smooth muscle function (like your gut), and performance during endurance activities

  - Help regulate the inflammatory processes associated with exercise

  - Support heart, blood, and metabolic health

  - Support a healthy immune response, for example decreasing UTI rates in older adults

Red Spinach benefits

+ Red spinach contains essential amino acids, nitrates, iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, vitamins C and E, phytoecdysteroids, folate, and potassium. So far, it is shown to regulate blood sugar levels, improve kidney function, and make exercise easier by lowering the amount of air you have to breathe to make work happen. All in all, red spinach is one of the most concentrated sources of nutrients in the plant kingdom.

Exercise Recovery with a delicious taste

To get the best benefits of a supplement has to taste good. I don't care how well a supplement works, if it has a bad taste, I am not going to use it. Sure I can take my supplements in pill form but swallowing a handful of pills can get old and tedious. So I prefer to add my supplements to my morning protein smoothie and powder supplements are best. The Resync supplements have a delicious taste and are so easy to mix into my smoothie. The passion fruit flavor mixes well with all my favorite fruits and my favorite vegan vanilla protein powder. 

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Renee said...

I have never heard of this brand. It seems to have a lot of good stuff in it though.

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This looks like a good option for me. I have been trying to recover from my new rowing machine.

Forever My Little Moon said...

I don't eat or drink anything after I work out besides water. Usually I just shower.

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This is all so good to know. I'm going to check out their products. Sounds like they have some great ones.

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This sounds really great, can’t wait to give this a try!

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This is a really informative post. I’m surely gonna try this out! Thanks for sharing this with us!

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I have not heard of this and now I am thinking I should give it a try. I have been doing a strength training program that is really kicking my butt, I could probably use this stuff.

Anonymous said...

I love that they have this out there to help with recovery. You are so amazing the way you stay active... I am working on the this year.

Bri said...

My gym just gave out a ton of samples of this stuff in all kinds of flavors! They are SO GOOD!

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This seems really useful for post workout recovery, for sure!

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I never heard of this product. It must be a great product for your recovery when you work out.

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I have heard about the benefits of beet powder. That smoothie you make is really nutritious!

Christy G said...

I've never been a fan of beets. But I think if i did beet powder in a smoothie, I would be okay with it as long as there is a hint of another flavor.

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I love that this is a plant based products and I am so curious to try it!

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