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Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Gifts That Need To Be In Your Easter Basket

 Are you looking for some Easter basket gift ideas to include in your children’s Easter Basket? Check out some Easter gifts that I am excited about.

 Easter is a special holiday for my family. It is a day to celebrate Jesus dying on the cross for my sins. While the gift of salvation is the best gift to receive on Easter Sunday, it is also fun to receive some fun gifts. From chocolate eggs to marshmallow Peeps to toys, I have some gift ideas that would be great to include in the making of an Easter basket.

 These gift ideas for Easter are ones that I am including in my teen boys' Easter basket and also in baskets that I am making for my granddaughters. So keep reading for some gift suggestions for Easter baskets.

Easter Gifts for teens

 My teen boys love dart blasters and water guns. So spring is the perfect time to give them new blasters and water guns. The weather is warm around Easter time so they can get outside for water gun fights and dart blaster action. Below are two new blaster products from Buzz Bee Toys that would be great to include for Easter presents

Adventure Force SpinShot

 Take Your Spinner Skills to the Next Level with the Adventure Force SpinShot! Are you looking for a new kind of adventure? The wait is officially over! Look no further than Adventure Force SpinShot. This top-of-the-line spinner blaster is perfect for anyone who loves a good challenge as you aim, blast, and accurately hit your target! This innovative blaster doesn't require any batteries - just pull back the handle and you're ready to launch up to 8 spinners one after another up to 135 feet with amazing accuracy! 

+ Pump action spinner blaster

+ No batteries required

+ Blasts spinners up to 135 FT

+ Includes 8 SpinShot spinners

+ Unisex

+ Ages 8+

Buy it Herehttps://www.walmart.com/ip/Adventure-Force-Spinshot-Blaster-Includes-8-Spinners-Ages-8/313865917

Adventure Force Aqua Bullet

 Enter the future of water blasters with the all-new Adventure Force Aqua Bullet! With each pump, you can drench your opponents with up to “5” water bursts. This futuristic blaster comes with a clear window behind the nozzle, allowing you access to the inner workings of how the water bursts are formed! The Adventure Force Aqua Bullet holds 45 ounces of water and blasts up to 35 feet making it an impressive toy for all children and adults!

+ Blasts water up to 32 feet

+ Holds 45 ounces of water 

+ Pump action water blaster

+ Blasts 5 bursts of water per pump

+ Ages 8

 Buy it Herehttps://www.walmart.com/ip/Adventure-Force-Aqua-Bullet-Water-Blaster/909470796

Easter gifts for preschoolers

 My granddaughters are ages 2 and 4. Their favorite toys to play with are those magnetic building sets. So for gift suggestions for birthdays and holidays, my daughter always adds them to the gift list. So I have fun shopping for new magnetic building sets to add to their toy collection.

Magformers Ice Cream Shop

The winter cold has us all dreaming of the warm summer days in the distance – and what better way to play pretend than with the Ice Cream playset from Magformers! With this set, kids can construct and customize their own ice cream shop while strengthening critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Create 3D structures from 2D nets with MagformersTown Set - Ice Cream Shop. Build your own ice cream stand and serve your customers' delicious ice cream treats! Build along with the step-by-step instructions and develop color and shape recognition, fine motor skills, and problem-solving abilities. The original and authentic Magformers. Perfect for brain development, critical thinking, and STEM education. Ages 3+

This Set Includes 22 Pieces. 7 Squares, 2 Arches, 4 Sectors, 1 Rectangle, 1 Ice Cream Sign, 2 Base Plates, 1 Ice Cream Block, 1 Mini Chair, 1 Mini Table, 1 Ice Cream Seller, And 1 Wall Plate.

Buy it Herehttps://magformers.com/products/magformers-ice-cream-store-22pc-set

Other fun gifts for the Easter Baskets

Some other gifts that I like to include in the Easter baskets for the granddaughters are bubbles, animal crackers, stickers, and bath crayons. These are always fun for the girls to play with and enjoy eating.

For my teen boys, gifts that I like to include in their Easter baskets are chocolate eggs, marshmallow Peeps, cans of sweetened tea, gum, and gummy worms. My boys love sweets so these make the best Easter gifts.

What do you like to add to your children’s Easter Baskets?

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AiringMyLaundry said...

You have an awesome list for the basket! I like adding non candy items to it.

Christy G said...

My son loves beyblades, water guns, and bakaguan toys in his Easter basket. I think the magformers are cute.

Richelle Milar said...

Wow! These are all really great gift ideas! Kids are going to love all of these for sure!

Rose Ann Sales said...

Oh my! What a really great and cute gift ideas you have here!

Gust si Aroma said...

My teens are waiting for the Easter basket so these ideas will help me a lot!

Monica said...

I tend to stress out when it comes to Easter baskets for my kids. This year we'll be in Florida so I told them their baskets will be minimal!

Zab Zaria said...

There are so many awesome things on your basket list! I love your idea!

Melanie Edjourian said...

These are great gift ideas. The kids can't wait until Easter.

Lavanda Michelle said...

These are great items to add into Easter baskets. They are great alternatives for sweets and treats. Thanks for sharing!

Laura JL Books said...

These are wonderful ideas that I will keep in mind for my niece and nephews. Thanks for sharing with us.

mail4rosey said...

Magformers are the best. I got a big set for my granddaughter for Christmas and she just loved it.

Lavanda Michelle said...

These gift ideas are simply perfect for filling up an Easter Basket! They make such great alternatives to the usual sugary sweets and treats, and they're sure to put a huge smile on anyone's face.

Richelle Milar said...

Wow! These are all really great and wonderful gifts ideas for kids!

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