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Friday, March 31, 2017

Could A Sheet Of Silicone Help Reduce Those Wrinkles?

                                                The things we will do to look beautiful.

I am always trying out beauty products to see how they work. So when a company asked me if I wanted to try their products that had these sheets of silicone, I just had to say yes as I wanted to see if they worked. When I first put on these sheets of silicone, my husband had a good laugh and asked me why. I told him that these sheets could help reduce those fine lines and wrinkles. He then asked me how long do I have to wear them. I told him at least an hour but up to 8 hours. He suggested that I wear them out of the house. Men! They sometimes don't understand. Well, I am sure you don't understand either, right now. So let me explain how these silicone sheets are suppose to work. The below picture gives an illustration of how the silicon sheets tighten, smooths, lifts, and restores the skin to help with the wrinkles. This is a picture of skin from the website so click on the picture for a better explanation.

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 Let me show you the kit that I was sent along with the silicone sheets from Dermaclara. These products when used together in three easy steps will help treat wrinkles, stretch marks, and skin damage. So I just had to put this kit to the test and try it out.

  So I followed all the steps on the sheet that came with my kit. The Calarapulse(a vibrating scrubber) felt nice when I used it to scrub away the dirt with the Claraprep cleanser. Step two had me use the Claraline(a peptide serum) with this cool Claratone(massaging) tool that helps products absorb better into the skin, it felt like a mini face massage. Step two also had me put the sheets of silicone on my face for at least an hour. This sheets reminded me of when I put a bandaid on a cut and it helps keep the moisture in to help it heal. The sheets felt weird and it was hard to talk and smile with them on. The silicone sheets had to be on my face that way to encourage the natural healing process. A bonus was that it made eating hard so I did not snack. After I wore the silicone sheets for an hour, I nourished my skin with the Clarasome and Claralips. My skin felt so soft. I took before and after photos of my face and I did notice a little bit of change. That is quite encouraging for me. I need to try wearing the silicone sheets for longer and for more days! Dermaclara has a 60-day guarantee as they say you will see results before that. 

         Take a look at the areas on the right around my mouth. I am amazed at the small difference. I hate smiling because of these lines. I usually sleep on this side of my face so I wonder if that is why I have deeper lines here. I really need to wear the silicone sheet to bed and sleep with my head facing the other way.

 This kit was fairly easy to use but it did take some time to follow all the steps. Step one of the kit included a small hand held face exfoliator and I keep that in my shower along with the Claraprep so I can use them regularly. I really want to see those deep lines on my bottom of my face go away so I will be trying my hardest to use the products in the kit at least several times a week if not more.
I will update this post with pictures after I use the products and wear the silicone sheets for a month or so. For now, you can go to the Dermaclara website and check out the kit that I received and other products. I love that you don't have to buy the whole kit. You can try a couple of the products and remember Dermaclara does offer the 60-day guarantee. The website also has before and after photos that you can look at too.


"These opinions are my own and I received the above-mentioned to facilitate this post."


Anonymous said...

You were really dedicated to this. It looked like it worked. I guess long term will tell. What's the minimum age requirement for this?

Mom Knows Best said...

I recommend using it on any fine lines that you may have. It is also great for scars too.

Sarah Bailey said...

I would like to try this. You look rejuvenated. I have not been sleeping well these past few days. I think this would really help me.

laborders2000 said...

I have never heard of this before. It seems like an interesting way to get rid of wrinkles or help reduce them.

aareeba said...

I have never heard about this thing before,,,Would be a great gift to my grandma

Unknown said...

I have never heard about this product but I might try it it looks like it works! Nice info!

Passions of a SAHM said...

That looks great! I wanna give it a try as I am afraid of using too much cosmetics and beauty products to reduce wrinkles or scars.

Unknown said...

Well this looks cool! I haven't heard of this brand, but I want to give it a try.

Joanna said...

This is a new product to me, I haven't heard about it before. It seems to have done wonders for your skin.

Unknown said...

Interesting! I have not seen this product before, but I would definitely try it! I can see your results!

Unknown said...

I have lots of wrinkles on my forehead from always squinting lol I'd love to try this and see if that helps me.

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