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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Getting Boys To Care About Their Appearance

OK, so being a mom of boys isn't exactly the easiest job in the world. There are so many challenges, as well as wonderful times, and it can all seem a bit much sometimes. In particular, it can be an uphill struggle to get you boys to ‘give a fig’ about their appearance. But there are some tips and tricks that you can use to help in out in this area. Read on to find out what they are.

Get them into a routine

One of the biggest things can be successful in getting the boys to care about their appearance, and look smart is getting them into a routine.

That means going to bed at a certain time of night, and before that always doing the same things. Such as having a wash, laying out their clothes for the next day, combing their hair, and brushing their teeth. The same goes for the mornings, minus the laying out the clothes part.


OK, so they might not love it at the beginning, but you can soften the blow by allowing the to listen to their own music, or audiobooks while they do these jobs. Then after a while, they will get into the swing of things, which will make looking after their appearance much easier.

Add some smart pieces to their wardrobe

Another way of getting boys to care about their appearance is to make sure that their wardrobe doesn't only contain causal pieces of clothing. Yes, I know that it's practical for when they are running about at home, and getting into all sort of scrapes. But it can really help to have a few smarter options in there for them to choose from.


An option like this smart shirt, some khaki pants, and a jumper or two can help them to start to develop the instinct of matching their outfit to the occasion. With a little guide from you of course.

Allow them some freedom

Something else that is essential, if you are trying to get your male children, to take better care of their appearance is allowing them some freedom in what they are wearing.

If you dictate what they need to wear all the time, this is the quickest route to them rebelling and looking scruffy. So allow them to be a part of the shopping process, and to choose some items that they like the look of.

This Is also important when buying accessories, and jewelry like the items available at https://www.frostnyc.com. As given them free reign in this can help your boys customize their outfits, and really take ownership of how they dress.

Teach them how to care for their clothes

Lastly, when they are old enough, it's a great idea to show them how to wash and iron their own clothes. Use this simple guide to help you: http://teachmama.com.


Not only will this give them a renewed appreciation for all the hard work that you do for them. But it will also encourage them to treat the items with respect, and not ball them all up on the floor of their room, as soon as they have come off the laundry pile!

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