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Friday, March 17, 2017

How I Lost Four Pounds In A Week

Amazing what losing weight can do!

The below picture could be difficult for some to look at but it is a reality for many people who struggle with their health and weight. I find it amazing what losing weight could do and this chart only shows some health issues that could be resolved with weight loss. Does this picture speak to you? Then read on to discover a program that might help you, as it did help me.

These opinions are my own and I received a week of food so I could try out the program.

 I am not one who likes to diet. I simply love food and the last thing I want to do is give up my favorite foods. I avoid the scale at all costs as I don't like the number that I see on it. I know I need to lose 5-10 pounds. You may look at me and say that I look fine but those 5-10 extra pounds are all in my belly and I do a good job of hiding it. So when I had an opportunity to try out a Health and Wellness program, I decided to give it a try to see if it could help me lose those last 5-10 pounds that just won't budge. What intrigued me about this program was it could help me develop better eating habits. My current eating habits have included too much snacking and I needed to make a change. I needed to eat healthier along with smaller portions if I wanted to get rid of those pounds. I've been reading a lot about IV therapy, HCG injections, and other weight loss options. Each one of these has its own unique benefits and people have had great success with each one.

 I also decide to try this Health and Wellness program to see if it really works, and if people can really lose weight. I figured if I, a person who hates dieting, could stick with this program for a week then maybe I could help someone who wants to make a change lose some weight. I would just love to be able to help someone get control of their health and resolve any health issues that they might have.

  My Health and Wellness program started with a phone call. I was assigned a health coach who would help me on my journey. My coach asked me lots of questions and had me take a survey so she could figure out how to help me lose weight. She also talked to me about the program and how it works. I loved that she gave me her phone number and email so I could contact her at any time. My health coach then said she would be sending me some food, I love that they have vegetarian options! The food was for most of my meals but I still had to make one meal a day. My coach said once my food arrived, I had to choose when I was going to start the program and let her know, as she wanted to call me the night before.

 I decided to start the program on a Saturday so my health coach called me on Friday to go over the program. My coach also emailed me a lot of great useful and encouraging information to help me get started. She told me to weigh myself in the morning. I did weigh myself and discovered that the scale said 139, I thought I was 135 so now I had, even more, motivation to start my health journey. Where did those extra 4 pounds come from? I do hate that scale! I was not in a good mood that morning but when I checked my phone an encouraging text message from my health coach helped me get in a better mood.

 The first day of my new eating started out well. I ate my oatmeal and then watched a motivational video that my coach had sent. I thought that I would be hungry after I ate my oatmeal but I did not feel hungry until two and a half hours later. That was ok as it was time for me to choose another "Healthy Fueling" or small snack as they call it. I loved that I had many options to choose from when I ate like oatmeal, popcorn, snack bars, brownies, and even pasta. It did not matter if I had pasta or brownies for breakfast as all the "healthy fuelings" were designed to give me the same nutrition. My coach said it was best for me to eat every 2-3 hours and I liked the idea of that. So I was allowed 5 small snacks (the fuelings) and one main meal a day. The main meal that I was allowed was to be a lean protein and some veggies. My coach provided me with a list of items that I could eat for my lean proteins and there was a lot to select from. There were even meatless options, a plus for me as I don't eat meat.

  My first week on this program went pretty well. For the most part, I did not feel hungry. I thought that I would be hungry on this plan but I was not as I was allowed to eat every 2-3 hours. Only one time I felt hungry as I forgot to pack my snack when I went out shopping. I did have times that I was tempted by other foods and I had to say no, not an easy thing to do but I did it as I wanted to lose some weight. Then there were a couple times I snuck a couple bites of some granola bars that I was taking pictures of for a cooking assignment. I was glad that there was a list of cheat foods.

So did I lose weight? I was surprised that I lost 4 pounds that week. My coach did tell me that the combination of foods that I was eating and eating every 2-3 hours would Create a fat-burning state in my body while helping me feel full and satisfied. I was amazed that I lost 4 pounds, some might say it was water weight but that was great motivation for me to stick with the program.

What were things that I liked about the Health and Wellness program?

 1. I liked that the food was pre-portioned for me as I did not have to be tempted by other unhealthy food. The only time that I had to look at other food was when I had my evening meal. To make that easier I made all my lean proteins ahead of time so I just grabbed one along with my veggies.

2. The food actually tasted pretty good. Since I was eating every two to three hours, I did not feel hungry and I was able to stick with the plan.

3. I had a lot of support. My coach texted me every morning to give me encouragement and she also sent me videos and information to help me stay on the eating plan. If I had any questions, I could call or text her and she always seemed to answer right away.

4. I lost four pounds in one week. I did not think that I would lose weight but I did and that was all I needed to stay with the plan. Sure it could have been water weight but it still made me happy.

5. I did not have to give up coffee! I was allowed coffee as long as I used almond milk and stevia and that was fine with me. Sipping my coffee in the morning kept my mind off of food too.

What were things that I did not like about the Health and Wellness program?

1. I had to not eat my favorite foods for a while. Hey, those foods may have been the cause of my weight gain so it had to be but I got to enjoy new food that was pretty tasty.

2. I had to practice willpower. When it comes to eating, my willpower is not the best. I would rather exercise than give up chocolate. It was tough seeing my kids eat bagels and cream cheese but I just reminded myself that I was going to lose those five pounds. The delicious chocolate brownies that I got to eat did help, though. My ten-year-old was actually jealous that he did not get one.

 Losing weight is not easy and there is no quick fix. That weight did not all appear overnight and it will not be gone in a week. Losing weight takes time and hard work. This Health and Wellness program is one that I could stick with. Having plenty of options for my food is one that I like. I like that the food is pre-portioned for me so I don't have to think about serving sizes or calories. This program may start with their food but it does teach you how to make wise food choices so you will be able to eat regular meals with food from the grocery store. The support coach was also an important part of the program as when I felt like giving up my coach would email me resources that helped. This program helped me to do better planning with my meals, for me that started at the grocery store. Since I knew that I would be eating more leafy greens, I bought plenty at the store. I also cooked all the greens so they were ready to eat. I rediscovered that I loved beet greens. If you have never had beet greens, you need to try them as they are so good.

Want to find out more about this Health and Wellness program that I tried? Then click here and take a well-being evaluation to see if this program can help you.

Check out a photo that my health coach sent me of a person who participated in the program. Just amazing!

"These opinions are my own and I received a week of food so I could try out the program .


Masshole Mommy said...

That is awesome! Congrats. It's not easy, but with the right combination it can definitely be done.

Sarah Bailey said...

For me, the best diet program is you can still eat your favorite food but in the form of veggies. Glad you found the best way for you and goodluck for your healthy endeavor.

melissa cushing said...

Wow those results are amazing! You did great and I am going to be booking marking this post to come back for myself! Thanks for sharing :)

Azlin Bloor said...

That's great, 4 pounds in a week is awesome! This sounds like a great plan to follow for those struggling with their weight.

Vicky said...

4 Lbs. in a week is exceptional. I will share these tips with my wife, who has been trying to loose weight for some time now.

Unknown said...

I've been struggling with weight loss for as long as I can remember. My issue is staying on track. I get a craving and just have to have something to satisfy it. Maybe I should try this program and see if it will help me. I love all the support you've gotten.

Nancy P said...

Wow! Great tips and great job! Losing weight can be a big struggle but your tips are very helpful!

Unknown said...

Thank you for these tips, there are very helpful, the results are realy amazing, thank you for share now I just need to take action wich is more difficult.

Chei said...

Wow this is awesome! I will recommend this to my friends

Elizabeth O. said...

It sounds like an incredible weight loss journey. I love food as well but I make sure to discipline myself and eat the healthier choices rather than the fatty ones. I think it's great that you found a wellness program that works for you!

Unknown said...

Wow! I totally love the NEW you! I'm really amazed to heard other Weight Loss Journey and that's really possible to other too.

Maria han said...

Fantastic! Great product. I should buy this! Amazing. Now I feel that I can be more sexy than ever. ����

Mom Knows Best said...

To sign up for this program click on this link http://hardyhealth.synduit.com/GAH0002
To take a healthy evalulation click on this link

stephanickety said...

This sounds like a great program. We have something similar through my husband's benefits at work.

ConciergeLibrarian said...

Congratulations, keep going. This does a great deal for someone's self esteem when they lose weight that they have been trying to lose for a long time. Good luck

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