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Thursday, March 16, 2017

My favorite Spring Cleaning Tips

 Spring is almost here and I am so glad to welcome the warmer weather. This is a time that I get into a cleaning mood also and try to do some extra cleaning that has not been done in a while. For the most part, I clean regularly but there are some things that I save for spring like shampooing the carpets. So I am going to share some of my tips that I use for spring cleaning.

1. Make a list
  I like to write down what needs to be done as spring cleaning can be overwhelming. On this list, I not only write down what I would like to accomplish but I also write down what supplies I made need.

2. Gather Supplies
  I like to gather up everything that I need for my spring clean and place it all in the first room that I will be cleaning. I will place all the smaller cleaning supplies like the cloths, brushes, gloves, cleaners, and Pumice Stones in a large carry tote so I can easily carry it from room to room. I will also move the vacuum and carpet cleaner into that room.

3. Clean one room at a time
 I find it easier to do all the cleaning in one room at a time as this makes it less overwhelming. I also like to only focus on one room a day so my cleaning can take me several days or weekends. If you find it easier to do it all in one day that can be good too, to just get it over with.

4. Enlist help
  Have family members help with the cleaning and it will get done faster, Even younger kids can help. I have my boys put old socks on their hand and they help with dusting. Kids also make great trash runners. Older kids can clean their rooms also. To get my family to help, I bribe them with ice cream sundaes.

5. Use safe cleaners
 Be good to the environment and your health and consider using safe cleaners. There are many choices at the store when it comes to eco-friendly cleaners or you could make your own. I like using baking soda, vinegar, and essential oils to make my cleaners. Another natural item that I like using to clean is a Pumice Stone. These stones are great for more than you feet, They are awesome scrubbers that get rid of hard water, lime, calcium, and rust stains on so many surfaces. I love using mine in my toilet. I have very hard water in my house and my toilets tend to get these orange/brown water lines on them. Regular cleaners don't remove this ugly stains like a pumice stone. Since I use these wonderful stones for the toilet, I like to have several on hand to clean the different surfaces in my house. Other surfaces that I use a Pumice Stone on is the porcelain sinks and bathtubs.  I found a great deal on four pumice stones on Amazon.


6. How to clean the toilet
 This is my method to cleaning those stubborn hard water stains on my toilet. I first turn off the water supply to the toilet and then flush it so almost all the water is out of the toilet. I then put on some disposable gloves as we are talking about cleaning a germ infested toilet. Then I take the Pumice Stone and use it to scrub away the hard water stains. For stubborn stains, you might have to use some good old "elbow grease". I am always amazed that this natural stone cleans away the hard water stains without scratching my toilet.

7. Put on some music
 Go ahead blast your favorite music to help you clean. I always find that fast music gets me cleaning faster.

8. Clean the carpets
 Winter tends to bring in a lot of dirt and most of it seems to end up on my carpets. I like to first vacuum the carpets and then I use my carpet cleaner to give them a good wash. If you don't own a carpet cleaner, you can also rent one. I like to use a 1/4 cup of ammonia with hot water in my carpet cleaner for a DIY cleaner. This is not only a cheaper cleaner but I find it works better than the store bought cleaners. For stubborn spots, I use fabric stain removers. Just spray a little of the fabric stain remover on the spot and then use a toothbrush to scrub it. Then use the carpet cleaner to rinse away the cleaner.

9. Wash the curtains
  It is amazing how dusty curtains can get so place them in your washing machine on the gentle cycle. Check the tag on your curtains first to make sure they can be washed in the machine.

10. Change out the bedding
  In the winter, I use a heavier comforter on my bed so I switch my heavy one for my lighter one. I then wash the heavy comforter and store it away until winter. Those plastic storage bags that you can suck out all the air work great for storing the comforters in less space.

11. Organize closets
 This is a great time to clean out closets and donate all those clothes you never wear. I like to also clean out my pantry and fridge too. Since I am in the fridge, I take the time to wipe down shelves and vacuum too. No, I don't vacuum inside the fridge but rather get all that dust that accumulates in the back and in the bottom front of the fridge. This helps to make your fridge run better too.

12. Reward yourself
  You worked hard to get the house ready for spring so go out for a special treat like ice cream. This is also a great time to buy some colorful spring items for the house like new pillows, flowers, or plants.

"These opinions are my own and I received samples of Pumice Stones to facilitate this post."


Masshole Mommy said...

Love these. I am ALL ABOUT enlisting my kids to help me clean. They complain, but in the end they do it.

Sarah Bailey said...

A lot of cleaning to do after winter. Jackets, winter bedding, blankets and more. Let us welcome the spring with warm selection of curtains and lighter bed sheets. Thanks for some tips.

The Travel Ninjas said...

Getting organized and having a plan like this is such help. Thanks for the tips on rewarding yourself. That's the one I usually forget.

Elizabeth O. said...

I usually pick which room to prioritize first and then just continue cleaning until I finish the last area in the house. These are awesome tips though! I could really use these when I start cleaning.

Unknown said...

I usually just use whatever I can find in the house... and windex LOL!

melissa cushing said...

Great post with some fabulous tips. I do need to organize and clean for Spring.... the winter has hit us again so I am not feeling the "spring" thing yet.... but you have inspired me to get to cleaning! It is always nice when you get everything organized, clean and smelling fresh!

Echo aka The Mad Mommy said...

These are great tips! I have already started my spring cleaning. I do little bits at a time, so I don't get overwhelmed!

Unknown said...

It's about that time to start some spring cleanin! g! These are great tips. I like to do a room at a time

Unknown said...

Next weekend is the one I've put aside for a massive Spring Clean - love all the tips, it really helps to be organised so it doesn't feel like such an enormous task!

Katy {AShadeOfTeal} said...

I had no idea pumice stones could be used this way. I always use a brush scrubber that takes way too long. Great tips!

Passions of a SAHM said...

thanks for those tips, they are really helpful. I could use this to easily finish my work when cleaning the whole house

Jennifer L. said...

Amazing cleaning tips! I'm currently doing all whole house clean so I'll definitely be using pumice stone now

Nicole @ Frugal Family Finds said...

These are great tips. I am excited to start decluttering, and cleaning things out now that the weather is getting warmer.

Suzane said...

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