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Friday, March 17, 2017

Tips For Raising Healthy Kids That Will Eat Anything

A lot of children are fussy eaters; they will only eat certain foods. While a lot of kids go through stages of being picky about what they eat and that’s perfectly normal, some kids remain picky eaters for life, which is what you don’t want to happen. When kids are fussy eaters, it can have a big impact on their health as they aren’t always able to get all of the vitamins and nutrients that they need, which is why it’s so important that you do your best to raise kids that will eat anything. Of course, knowing how to do that can be difficult, as it’s not easy to stop kids being fussy about what they eat. However, by implementing the suggestions below, you can raise healthy kids who are happy to eat anything.

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Feed them what you eat

One of the very best pieces of advice for raising kids who will eat anything is to feed them what you eat. Don’t pander to their mealtime favorites and cook different meals for everyone, just cook one meal for the whole family. If possible, doing this from when you wean them is best, as the earlier kids are introduced to a range of tastes, the better. Whether you’re making a creamy curry, homemade pizza, or a fish pie, make it for the whole family. It might be hard at first, and there may be some tantrums and tears, but once your child knows that you’re not cooking anything else, they will soon start eating what’s on their plate.

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Cook all sorts of different things

From main meals to desserts, get creative and cook all sorts of different things. The wider variety of flavors you incorporate into your cooking, the better. Children learn to like the flavors that they are brought up on, so the wider variety of flavors you can expose them to, the better. For main meals, cooking foods that are spicy, aromatic, and herby is important, as this will ensure that your children are trying all sorts of different flavors. For desserts, don’t just cook the old classics, try various recipes, such as nut-based recipes instead of butter, vegan recipes, and dairy-free recipes. Want to try cooking a dessert with a difference? Then click here to see this recipe for vegan cupcakes. They might be made with almond milk and coconut oil instead of butter and eggs, but they’re delicious.

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Let your kids experience various world cuisines

Whenever you travel, make sure to eat out a couple of times during your trip so that your kids can try authentic dishes from the country that you’re visiting. Don’t let your kids order the basic kid’s menu hamburger and fries that every restaurant offers, encourage them to try something authentic. If you’re in Thailand, get them to try a Thai green curry. If you’re in Australia, encourage them to try kangaroo burgers. If you’re in France, get them to eat snails and frog’s legs. The wider variety of foods you can get your kids to try while they’re young, the better.

To give your kids the best start in life, it’s important to encourage them to eat anything, whether that’s a spicy curry or a burger.

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