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Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Splendid Spoon Plant-Based Meals Makes Healthy Eating Easy

 Healthy eating is not as difficult as it seems. Skip all those fade diets and instead incorporate delicious healthy meals into your meal plans.

 The New Year is here and so many people are wanting to lose weight or just get healthier. January is a great time of the year to make healthy changes in your life. Our bodies have been through several months of unhealthy eating and most likely lack of exercise. This downward spiral of not being kind to our bodies starts with the sugar overload of Halloween, stuffing our faces with way too much food in November, and way too many parties in December. Let's also include the stress of holiday shopping in the mix and it's no wonder so many people are sick. Our bodies are crying out for some healthy changes!

 So if you are looking to improve your health, I am proud of you for taking the first step. I too use the month of January to get back to my healthy habits. I admit that I ate too many sweets, like my lemon blueberry bread that I was able to make gluten-free and vegan. I am able to convert most of my healthy recipes to fit my food allergies by using gluten-free ingredients and vegan options. I also over-indulged at mealtimes in December. I also skipped many of my workouts. So I am using the month of January to get back to following healthy habits.

Making healthy changes can be hard 

 It can be hard to regain your health after the holidays. For me, the month of January brings additional challenges to sticking to my new healthy goals. January is the coldest month so I tend to want to stay inside and do nothing. I have to force myself to get out of bed in the morning and exercise. I find that morning exercise is the best for me as it helps put me in a better mood. I also like to get my exercise done and out of the way. If I want till later to exercise, my tired body makes way too many excuses.

 The lack of sunshine also makes it hard for me to function in the winter. The joys of the winter blues when you live with SAD. Light therapy does help with my depression but not with my energy levels. So I need all the help I can get with eating healthy food. I am glad that I ordered my shipment of Splendid Spoon last month. Having a freezer full of healthy plant-based ready-to-eat meals makes it easier for me to eat healthy meals.

 Splendid Spoon meals is offering $80 off + a FREE pack of our best-selling Wellness shots. So make a healthy choice and order a box of their delicious plant-based meals!

Why I love Splendid Spoon vegan meals

 I discovered Splendid Spoon last year and I am in love with Splendid Spoon vegan meals for so many reasons. These healthy meals from Splendid Spoon are ready to eat and I don't have to spend hours in the kitchen following a recipe like most other healthy meal kits that get delivered to your home. That means no chopping up vegetables. I have tried other meal kits and when life gets busy, the last thing I want to do is cook a healthy meal from a million boxes of ingredients.

 With Splendid Spoon you get a box of delicious meals that are all made with plant-based ingredients and all you have to do is heat them up. I also like that the meals are gluten-free and allergy-friendly. This is the only meal subscription box that I can filter out all my food allergies, even mushrooms! So I don't have to read the ingredients of each meal before I select my meal choices. Having food allergies to soy, dairy, and mushrooms can be hard. If I wanted to know the ingredients in each Splendid Spoon meal, they make that simple too. The food ingredients are clearly listed on their website and on the food containers. So when I order food from Splendid Spoon, I can relax knowing that their meals are safe for me to eat. 

 I also love Splendid Spoon meals for how easy they are to grab from my freezer and heat up for a meal when life gets busy. I don't know about you but when I am hungry, I want to eat now and if I don't plan ahead, I will reach for snack foods. I always have plenty of Splendid Spoon quick meals in my freezer as they are perfect for grabbing out the door. So I can grab a frozen smoothie and it thaws out by lunchtime. The Splendid Spoon Noodle Bowls and Grain Bowls are also perfect for when I pack meals to go.

Types of meals Splendid Spoon offers

+ Plant-Based Smoothies- 18 delicious flavors

+ Gluten-Free Noodle Bowls - 10 delicious varieties

+ Plant-Based Soup and Grain Bowls - 33 awesome selections

+ Cold-Pressed Juices - 5 plant-powered juices

+ Desserts and Snacks - 5 delicious bars

+ Healthy Shot drinks  

Try Splendid Spoon and get $80 off your 4 boxes!

My favorite Splendid Spoon Meals

 So far I have enjoyed every Splendid Spoon meal that I have ordered. I have ordered over 6 plant-based meal boxes from Splendid Spoon and each time I made sure to order different meals. My favorite Splendid Spoon smoothie is the Mint Chip. It is hard to believe that this delicious smoothie is made with kale as all I taste is minty chocolate. My favorite noodle bowl is Creamy Butternut Squash Noodles. This vegan meal tastes just like mac and cheese!

 My favorite grain bowl is the Roasted Brussels Sprout Grain Bowl. The Oven-roasted Brussels have a dijon-cider sauce that makes these veggies so delicious. My favorite soup is Cumin Sweet Potato Puree Soup. This creamy soup is so good! 

Is Splendid Spoon worth the cost?

 While some may think that Splendid Spoon is expensive, it really is not. Right now Splendid Spoon is having an awesome sale their meals start at $7.50 a meal. That is a great price for healthy food that is ready to eat.  Having healthy ready to eat meals that help you stick to your health goals is so important to succeeding. Think about what you would usually do when you are busy and hungry. 

 + You order food in - that means having to tip the driver so that means having to pay delivery fees plus a tip to the driver. That makes the meal way over $10!

+ You go to the fast-food place - Last I checked a combo meal from a so-called healthy meal was about $10.

+ You go out to eat - My last meal out with my son was $35.

+ You go to the store to buy healthy food - you end up buying junk food too.

+ You buy plenty of fruits and veggies with intentions of healthy eating - Most of it rots before you eat it!

 So, yes these meals that are loaded with healthy plant-based ingredients are worth the cost. The Splendid Spoon meals are delivered to your house, so no need to go to the store. The meals will make it easy for you to make healthy meal choices. Trust me, I look forward to these delicious meals. They are full of flavor and taste better than a frozen store meal. The meals are filling too and loaded with plenty of nutrients. 

 I start my day with a smoothie and then have a bowl for lunch. In between meals, I snack on fruits and veggies. When dinner time rolls around, I continue eating healthy food as these meals have set my mind in a healthy way. So dinner may be another Splendid Spoon meal or my favorite Southwestern Sushi Burrito. 

 Right now Splendid Spoon meals is offering $80 off  + a FREE pack of our best-selling Wellness shots. So make a healthy choice and order a box of their delicious plant-based meals!


AiringMyLaundry said...

I will have to try these out. I am curious to see if I'd like them! Everything looks tasty.

Beth said...

Splendid Spoon sounds like a great option! My family really enjoys eating a plant-based diet.

Fatima D Torres said...

I've been eyeing this company because of what I've seen on Instagram from others. Glad you've had a great experience with them.

Kathy said...

This sounds amazing. I have got to check them out. I'm looking for healthier options for foods, and this may be it.

Kathleen said...

I love that its allergy friendly. My daughter is allergic to dairy as well. It's hard to find safe and yummy meals.

Terri Steffes said...

I love that you showed the cost factor. Those are all ways to save!

Monica Simpson said...

$7.50 a meal isn't bad at all especially with how healthy it is. I'd try it!

Simply Tasheena said...

I have to look into trying Splendid Spoon meals, I love that they are affordable.

alita said...

eating healthy is one of my goals this year. I need to check out this one

Beth Pierce said...

It's hard to find easy, safe and healthy meals online now. But thanks for introducing this to us.

Heather D said...

Oh this looks fantastic. It is not easy to eat healthy when you're busy so this helps!

Wren LaPorte said...

That is amazing! Certainly, takes the hard work out of it for healthier living.

Gust si Aroma said...

I love smoothies a lot and I need to have some in my fridge. Love to hear that they are available in 18 flavors

Marysa said...

I am in such a cooking rut, and it would be nice to change things up and try these meals. We are so busy sometimes that it is hard to put together a meal, and I like the convenience of these foods.

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