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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Coobie Seamless Bras Are The Most Comfortable Bra Ever

I love when I get the opportunity to review something that I already love. I am not a bra person and if I had it my way, I would not wear one. My body says otherwise and my "girls" need support. I don't like regular bras as they are so uncomfortable and a pain to put on. When I discovered The Coobie Bra, I agreed with the company that these are the most comfortable bra ever. When I am wearing a Coobie bra, my "girls" have full support and ultra comfort. It feels like I am not wearing a bra. I have even slept with my Coobie bra on when I was too tired to take it off.

Let me start off telling you about these amazing bras that fit almost everybody. All Coobie bras are seamless, that means no clasps to struggle with, and are one size that comfortably fits 32A thur 36D. They even have a new full size for 38 thur 42D. Every Coobie bra comes with removable pads so you can wear them padded or without. I prefer my Coobie pad less as I don't want extra cleavage.  The black bra has the pads in them, while the pink one does not. The Coobies are made of a very soft, comfortable & stretchy custom blend of Spandex and Nylon (12%/88%).

The Coobie Store is so sure that you will love their bras that if for some reason you don't they will let you return the bra back to them for a full refund and they will pay for the shipping. I myself own 4 Coobie bras.

The Coobie bras come in many styles and so many colors that you will have a hard time choosing just one.  I have a promo code for you to solve that problem:
 Save $20 on 3+ with code:AR320
They also sell matching panties too!

I would show you pictures of people wearing the bras but this is a family blog. To see pictures of ladies wearing the bras and to buy one click on the below link.

Check out The Coobie Store on

"These opinions are my own and I was sent the above pictured product in hopes of a review on my blog. I would have reviewed this product without compensation as I love my Coobie."


Jessica said...

I love that you can add or remove the pads to decide what kind of clevage you want that day.

Unknown said...

I have one of those they are so comfy! I just love them!


Unknown said...

I love the removable pads. There are some of the dresses that I order in from overseas that are not exactly big-chested-American friendly, so it's good to have an option outside of my normal line-up of bras.

-Brooke, DeterminedMomma.com

Jamie said...

I didn't notice that the pads were removable - that sure helps!! Thanks for the review!!

Amber said...

I was offered to review these but I wasn't sold... I may need to send them and email, thanks.

Unknown said...

Wow these look really comfortable. My question is do they make your boobs look flat like workout bras do?

Unknown said...

I will pass this onto my wife, as i do not wear bras.. lol

Yona Williams said...

I have a really odd bra size because the cups are large, but my back is really small...I wouldn't mind wearing something like this around the house...I should tell my Mom about this - she is always on the hunt for a comfortable bra.

Anonymous said...

They do look really comfortable. The fabric looks nice a soft too.

Michelle F.

Grace Matthews said...

They look comfy...this is something I would have never tried if I had seen it in a store.

franklyentertaining said...

I've never even heard of this brand, but I'm going to go check it out.

Anonymous said...

Ive never used this brand but since becoming a mom, I pretty much stopped using bras. I dont have big boobs anyways and these are so comfy! I have this style in every color and love them! Ill check the Cobbies out!
Dee T
http:// HauteFrugalista.com

Mom Knows Best said...

no as they are not tight like a sports bra and shaped different. The pads also help to shape to

Magdalena Trevino said...

 I think I need to try it!

Richard Yates said...
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Muhammad Hassan said...

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Unknown said...
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