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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

How To Stop A Nose Bleed Fast

   My boys get nosebleeds all the time. The combination of the desert dry air, allergies and family history causes them to have a nose bleed at least once a week. I know allergy season is here when one of my boys has a nosebleed. When one of my boys gets a bloody nose, it tends to gush and gets people around them, like bus drivers and teachers in a frenzy. My boys know the routine of what to do when there nose starts to bleed. They go to get a tissue or washcloth and pinch their nose to stop the bleeding, this can take a while. Sometimes there is not a tissue or washcloth near by so they will lean over the sink or toilet until someone gets them one. My youngest son once had a nosebleed that left the bathroom covered in blood. I am so use to it that I joke around and call it a murder scene. I am an expert at getting blood off clothes and sheets as they also wake up with a bloody nose at least once a week.

    I was so relieved to discover DRxNoze Nosebleed Relief to help my boys stop a nosebleed fast. This wonderful product contains natural homeopathic ingredients that work fast to stop a nosebleed. It is so easy to use that even my young boys are able to use the product. DRxNoze can stop most nosebleeds in a minute, unlike the 5 minutes or more it took for my boys.

  So how does DRxNoze nosebleed relief work? You simply place the gel soaked swab in the affected nasal passage and keep it there for a minute. The natural, non stinging ingredients helps the blood to clot and the bleeding stops. These swaps are individually wrapped and are great to keep in a purse or backpack so they are ready to use when you need one. My sons each carry one in their backpack so they can take care of their nosebleed at school. I also keep a box in my medicine cabinet , so my boys can use them when their nose starts to bleed. There is 5 gel soaked swabs of DRxNoze per box.

     My youngest son experienced a nose bleed the other day and I gave him a DRxNoze swab. My son placed the swab in his nose and within a minute the bleeding had stopped. He was happy that he did not have to pinch his nose with a washcloth for 5 minutes. This product will not prevent nosebleeds but it will stop them once they occur. My boys can now stop a nosebleed faster with DRxNoze. You can purchase this wonderful product at their website,  Amazon.com or at select pharmacies. Click on the below link for more information .

Do you suffer from nosebleeds? What is your current method to stop the bleeding?

"These opinions are my own and I was sent the above mentioned product in exchange for a review."


blessedchick said...

This would have been great for me when i was a child. I used to get nose bleeds all the time. Luckily my kids haven't had to experience this.

ReviewsSheRote said...

what a great product--My Son gets nosebleeds a lot!

Jamie said...

My husband gets them a lot at certain times of the year for it being dry. Wonder if this would help!

Athena said...

My middle child used to get nose bleeds frequently - and I did when I was a child. This would have been a godsend! She no longer gets them though.

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