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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

How To Dispose Of Unwanted Pills Safely With The Pill Terminator

      Take a look in your medicine cabinet or kitchen cabinet, do you have medicine in there that you no longer need? I know I do. I have old prescribed pain pills from my dental surgery. I think there is some old antibiotics that my husband never finished. Then there is the strong pills that my husband had to have when he went to Haiti, those were strong pills in case he got malaria, thank goodness he never had to take those. I need to dispose of these medicines as they are unsafe, I have kids in the house. Some are even expire. I guess I could throw them away or flush them down the toilet. Wait, those option are both dangerous methods. Flushing medicine down the toilet gets them into our water supply, do I want to be drinking someone else's medicine? If I throw them away, a kid or animal could swallow them. Maybe I could take them to a pharmacy. Yea right, they won't take them. So how do I dispose of these dangerous medicines safely?

       I can use the Pill Terminator, a unique product that allows me to dispose of unwanted and expired dangerous medicines safely. The Pill terminator is a container, the size of a soda can, that helps you eliminate up to 300 medium size pills in the privacy of your own home. It is simple to use. You un- screw the child safe lid and place all the pills inside. Then you add warm water and put the child safe lid back on. Shake for ten seconds and throw the container away. The Pill Terminator physically and chemically breaks down the medications. It has a child safe lid on it also so you don't have to worry about a child opening it up.

The Pill Terminator is great for use in homes, schools, nursing homes, hospitals, doctors offices, and many other places. It only costs about $ 10 and is available at Amazon.com

So protect you family and water supply. Use this simple-powerful solution to dispose of unwanted, expired and dangerous medicines the safe water. Check out the Pill Terminator's website for more information and to watch an informative video.

So how do you dispose of your unwanted medicine?

"These opinions are my own and I was sent the above mentioned product in exchange for a honest review"


Susan said...

So glad to learn about this. Honestly, just recently I was wanting to clean out the medicine cabinet and wondered what to do with some old meds.

Jamie said...

That's sure an interesting product!! I know where we live, we can just take them to the local Walgreens and they will dispose of them for us. :) Love that you can get rid of the old ones safely!

Yona Williams said...

Re: Jamie - I did not know that Walgreens did that...I wonder if mine does too.

I know that you're never supposed to flush your old medication, so I guess, I've just been tossing them out in the trash (sealed in their bottles). I never gave a second thought to that method. The Pill Terminator is a convenient and much safer option.

Unknown said...

This is very interested. I have never heard of this before. I usually pack all my unwanted pills into some bottles and take it to my pharmacy. This is a neat idea.

Unknown said...

This sounds so interesting. I love that they will be "destroyed" since unwanted pills can definitely be trouble if they got into someone else's hands! Thanks for sharing.

Susan Cook said...

that looks like a good product to get rid of pills safely.

thanks for sharing :)

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