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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

MaskIT Takes The Yuck Out Of Disposing Feminine Hygiene Items

       Women have to go through that dreadful time of the month. The time can be messy and throwing away the used pads and tampons can be even more messy. It can be embarrassing too. Take this situation, you are over at a someones house and you are using the bathroom. It is that time of month and you have to dispose of a used monthly product. So what do you do? You take tons of toilet paper and try to make it look nice in the little bathroom trash can that has nothing it ,but it does not. You could try to hide it and carry it to the kitchen trash can. How embarrassing as you don't want anyone to see the trash or know it is that time of month.

There is finally a better way to dispose of those monthly products. MaskIt makes these cool small bags that make those used gross monthly products easy to throw away and so less noticeable too. These bags are quick, easy, discreet, and sanitary. Just place the MaskIt pouch on your hand, grab your saturated item, invert the pouch, then peel and seal. No hassle, no odor and no mess. The best part is no one has to know it is that time of month.

So which way would you like to dispose of your monthly items?

  MaskIT pouches come in two sizes, one for pads and one for tampons. I just love the tampon ones, as you don't have to touch the gross tampon when you place the pouch on you hand before removing it. The small boxes of the bags look nice in your bathroom and they even sell travel size boxes that fit in you pocket or purse. So go discover how MaskIT can make that time of month a little bit easier and take the yuck out of throwing the hygiene items away.

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So how do you handle the feminine hygiene items when you are at someones home? Will MaskIT help solve  a need for you?

"These opinions are my own and I was sent the above mentioned product in exchange for a review."


Linda A Kinsman said...

It is about time somebody thought up a product to help with this situation! This would be perfect while traveling!

ReviewsSheRote said...

WHY has it taken so long for a product like this!! MUST GRAB A BOX OR TWO! =)

A Lucky Ladybug said...

I agree traveling would be perfect for this. While I'm not easily embarrassed, my daughter would probably love this.

Jamie said...

Seeing what I do in some of the bathrooms I go to, I should just leave a box for them to use! :P

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