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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Dr Jacobs Naturals Is The Affordable Natural Soap For Sensitive Skin

I love saving money on products for my sensitive skin child.

       Disclosure:  I received products to review for my honest opinion.

  Having to buy natural products that my son can use costs more money. My son had bad skin issues until we discovered what products to use on his skin. I am willing to pay more money if that keeps his skin happy. I remember when I was a kid and I had bad eczema. The doctor would tell my mom to keep trying different creams to clear up my skin. The problem was none of them made the dry cracked and bleeding skin problem better. The creams probably made my skin worse. It was not until I became an adult did I discover what things made my skin flare up. So I just avoided touching those things and my skin was fine most of the time. My skin contact problems were salt, mold, and citrus. My youngest son got his skin sensitivities from me but he is way more sensitive.  My son's skin will even flare up with products that are made for babies and sensitive skin so I have to buy 100% natural products for him. The problem is those can be quite pricey. The natural toothpaste that he likes costs $7.00 a tube! So I get quite excited when I discover 100% natural soaps that are affordable

Free shipping on all orders over $20. Use code FREESHIP20 at Checkout at https://drjacobsnaturals.com!

 When my Dr. Jacobs Naturals arrived the other day, my son opened the box and began smelling the soaps. He said that they smelled good. I checked the ingredient list on the bottle and all the ingredients were natural and safe for his skin.  I loved that the soap was made from coconut and olive oils with essential oils added for an amazing scent. The soaps were even dual-purposed as they could be used for body wash and shampoo. You can even use the soap with shaving! Thankfully my son does not shave yet. The smaller bottle came with a pump so it will last longer. My son tends to use too much when he uses a squeeze bottle. 

Lots of amazing scents!

 We were sent the Honey Almond and Charcoal liquid soap. The bar soap that we received was Minty Cucumber Mojito. My son loved the Honey Almond the best as it had a nice nutty smell. I thought the Charcoal had a citrus scent and I loved the mint scent of the bar soap. So my son will use the Honey Almond and I will be using the other two. I like using natural soaps as they are less drying on my skin. Regular soap leaves my skin extremely dry and itchy. My skin is less itchy with natural soap. My husband thinks it is funny that I am itchy after my shower. He thinks that the water should make my skin soft but the warm shower water dries it out so I only shower a couple times a week. The coconut and olive oils along with the vitamin E in these soaps made my dry skin feel hydrated and less itchy.  Check out the other amazing scents that Dr. Jacobs Naturals carries:

Almond Honey
Shea Butter
Sweet Tea Tree

 I like that the natural soaps are sold in big bottles at half the price that I was paying for my son's other soap and shampoo. I also like that I can get free shipping when I buy $20.00!

Free shipping on all orders over $20. Use code FREESHIP20 at Checkout at https://drjacobsnaturals.com!

About Dr. Jacobs Naturals:

Dr. Jacobs was a Swiss chemist that perfected the long-standing Castilian tradition of making Jabon de Castilla or Castile soap before the turn of the 19th century. Today, we still use the same recipes and work to uphold the long-standing tradition of making natural Castile Soap products.

The company Dr. Jacobs was created by Joey and Ezra Aini in spring 2011. Familiar with cosmetics and skincare from other brands they have launched, they are answering the call of demand from customers for a multi-purpose natural soap product.


Joan said...

Anything with shea butter, I am interested, so nice for the body but never likes my face but that's okay. I need to check this out.

Cassie said...

This sounds like an amazing product. I’ll have to check it out

Tammy said...

I would use the lavender scented soap for sure. My skin has gotten sensitive over the years. I will have to look at this product.

AiringMyLaundry said...

I need to try these out. I do have sensitive skin. I love all the different scent options.

Unknown said...

That's a really good deal for soaps that do so much and that have so many to choose from! Pinning this so I can remember to check it out when my Dr. Bronner's runs out.

Sarah Bailey said...

Oh now this sounds like a soap I need, I love that it is both natural and affordable as sometimes natural can be costs a bomb!

Casey Loo said...

My friend has sensitive skins and I'm sure she will love these. Hope this is not just another one hit wonder because its very frustrating to keep changing different brands (especially if you have sensitive skins like my friend). Thx.

HartWanders said...

will recommend this to a friend. i think she will surely love this!

LiveLoveAndAdventure said...

I have never heard of the brand but love the fact that it's great for sensitive skin! The lavender soap would be my favorite.

Michael said...

I'm lucky that very few things cause allergic reactions for me but my brother could use soaps like these. I'll let him know about them.

Unknown said...

These sound like my kind of products :) Affordable and natural is always a great combination. I love honey and almond scent in products. Great review!

Cynthia Nicoletti said...

Sounds perfect for children with sensitive skin. I have to purchase this for my daughter.

Evelyn Lo Foreman said...

YUM! I can almost smell those scents! I am always looking for high quality products for sensitive skin as I know these are non abrasive. Thanks of this info! Gotta figure which scent I'll get first! :-D

Natalie Loves Beauty said...

I love coming across natural skincare and body brands and Dr Jacobs sounds amazing. I love the scent selection too.

Jennifer L said...

Oh these look amazing. I've heard of Dr. Jacobs but never tried their products. Love that they have essential oils.

Terri Beavers said...

Not all natural skincare products are affordable so it's good that this brand is. I use all natural products for my grandkids and myself. I have a grand daughter that is allergic to everything so it helps buying these types of products.

Ziaul Hasan said...

A very good post with lively writing and lot of beautiful images

Ophelia Tang said...

This soap sounds great. I love to try them. Thanks for sharing.

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