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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Back To School Products That You Need To Buy

Discover unique products for back to school

 My boys will be starting school soon and we are counting down the days. The break from school has been way too long and my boys are begging to go back to school. I never thought that my boys would be tired of summer break. This long break from school has been hard on my boys as they have not been able to do the usual fun things like go to the pool or hang out with friends. The Covid lung virus stay at home orders have been hard and the boys are bored silly. My boys have had enough of this isolation thing and are ready to go back to school.

What about the virus pandemic?

 Many of my friends are homeschooling their kids this year for many different reasons. I gave my boys the option of doing online school at home because I was concerned of all the new rules that the boys would have to follow. I am not worried about the boys catching the virus and if they do, they will recover as they are healthy. Even with having to wear a face mask all day at school, my boys still want to go back to school. Later on in this post, I will share the face masks that I discovered to be the best for my boys. My boys like the way these face masks for kids fit. There are many other features about these child-size face masks that I love.

 I am learning to trust God with this, deadly for some virus, and I have let my boys play with their friends at the park again. I have also let them go inside the library to get books to read. I understand that there is a chance that my boys may come in contact with the respiratory virus but they caught other viruses from school and being healthy kids, they recovered. Catching germs at school is expected and I have always kept them home to recover. I have also used products that boost kids' immunity and they have helped my boys during cold and flu season.

How I am preparing for back to school 

 My boys still have a month until they do in school learning. Until then they will do online classes at home with their school. So I hope that I can keep them on a schedule and use that time to prepare them for the new guidelines that they will have to follow at school. My boys will have to social distance at school and have to remember new rules. My boys are not worried about all the new rules that they will have to follow and think that I am stressing out too much. I have bought my boys their school supplies, face masks, and some other items that will be useful for attending school during a virus pandemic.

Face masks for kids

 Purchasing face masks for my boys was harder than I thought it would be. There are so many different styles of face masks for kids to choose from. Since my boys will have to wear the face mask for several hours, I wanted them to have a face mask that is comfortable to wear at school. My boys really liked this protective child-size mask from Grand Fusion. These face masks for children are made from super soft, breathable polyester fabric and they stretch to form fit their face. The comfort strip for the nose and adjustable ear bands make the masks even more comfortable to wear. My younger son loves the camo print. Each of my boys has three of these face masks for school and since they are washable that is the perfect amount for back to school shopping. This company also has face masks for adults and people who wear glasses will love that the breathable weave of the fabric also reduces the tendency to fog eyeglasses.

Healthy food for healthy bodies

 My kids have always been healthy eaters but I have been making sure that they eat plenty of fruits and vegetables as they are good for their immune system. A healthy immune system will help the body fight off germs and viruses better. My boys have been on a smoothie kick lately and have discovered how simple it is to add fruit to their smoothies. My younger son has been making strawberry and banana smoothies for breakfast while my older son has been enjoying chocolate peanut butter smoothies. So to give their smoothies more nutrition, I been having them add a delicious superfood supplement that is made for kids.

 Macro Coco Greens adds a delicious chocolate flavor as well as lots of amazing other nutritional benefits. This all-natural chocolate super “greens” multi-vitamin drink mix has a taste my boys love. I use Macro Coco Greens in many other recipes like this chocolate chia seed pudding and chocolate protein pancakes as it offers great immune support.

•3.5 billion probiotics and enzymes aid digestion and support the immune system
•Essential vitamins A, C, D, E – plus calcium, magnesium, trace minerals and electrolytes
•3+ servings of fruits and vegetables
•Perfect “green food” alkalizing source
•Complete raw superfood and powerful antioxidants
•70% less sugar than other cocoa drinks
•No high fructose corn syrup or artificial ingredients
•Gluten free and vegan
•All natural chocolate superfood drink with taste kids love!

 My boys also enjoy the Macro Berry Reds in their strawberry smoothies and oatmeal. This all-natural fruit/berry flavored multi-vitamin drink mix adds amazing flavor to the homemade yogurt that I make with an electric blanket. I also sneak the Macro Berri Reds into my daily smoothie for additional superfood nutrition.

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•Multi-vitamin, multi-mineral blend with 19 organic super fruits and berries
•Super antioxidants; goji, mangosteen, acai, and pomegranate
•For those who prefer to get their vitamins from whole foods
•1 billion probiotics and enzymes aid digestion and support the immune system
•Essential vitamins A, C, and D plus calcium and magnesium
•Fortified with trace minerals and electrolytes to help proper hydration
•Contains over 70% certified organic ingredients
•Macro Berri Reds has 3+ servings of fruits and berries
•70% less sugar than other fruit drinks
•No high fructose corn syrup or artificial ingredients
•Gluten free and vegan
•Berry taste kids love!

A portable blender that is quiet

 Now that my boys are enjoying morning superfood smoothies, they needed a quiet way to make them. The large blender makes way too much noise and makes it hard for their dad to work from home. So I discovered a powerful portable blender for the boys to make their smoothies in. The BlendJet may be quiet and small in size but it has sharp steel blades that cut up the fruit. This blender mixes up their smoothies quickly and it is very useful for even my protein powder smoothies.

 BlendJet also sells these amazing delicious single-serve smoothie mixes that have real fruit and veggies in them. The antioxidant-rich fruits and veggies are harvested at peak ripeness and freeze-dried in an airtight packet to lock in all the flavors for a rich, creamy smoothie that the boys can quickly make before school. When I am able to visit the gym again, this portable blender and JetPack smoothie packs will be perfect to toss in my gym bag as it needs no electricity. I can charge the BlendJet mixer like a phone and use it 8-12 times before it needs charging again. This is also the perfect travel blender. The BlendJet can even crush ice so I can make snow cones for the boys.

Hand Sanitizer

This back to school item is not new to most parents as hand sanitizer has been on the school supply list for quite some time.  What is different this school year is the schools may be using more hand sanitizer than usual and parents need to be aware of the best hand sanitizer to buy. Sadly, there is a recall on many brands of hand sanitizer and they have methanol in them. The best way to clean the germs off of hands is soap and water. If you can't wash your hands that hand sanitizer is another way to kill the germs on your hands.

Ultra Defense is a crystal clear collection of hand sanitizers that kill 99.99% of germs while leaving hands soft and moisturized. This safe hand sanitizer does not contain toxic ingredients and it will kill the germs without leaving you with alligator skin. So make sure to pick up some Ultra Defense hand sanitizer to send with the kids when they go back to school.

 So I am almost prepared to send the boys back to school. I still need to buy school clothes and shoes. I am glad that I have a month left for back to school shopping. For now, while I am waiting for school to begin, I will still be their gym teacher and exercise daily with my boys. I will also provide my boys with at-home STEM learning kits and board games that teach kids so my boys can keep their brains active. I don't want my boys to catch the Covid Slide again. I will also be stocking up on natural products for cold and flu season so I am prepared for this virus.

Will your kids be attending virtual or in-person school this year?


Lisa Joy Thompson said...

I need to check out that blender! Now that we're all working from home and doing school from home, a blender that's not disruptive would be awesome! I love my current blender, but it's super loud!

Musa Creativa Magazine said...

Just like you, I also gave my son the option of staying in and doing either online or virtual school but he wants to go back to campus. He starts his H.S. Sophomore year. I am also trusting God in this whole process! I really love the blender and the masks look super comfy too.

Mama to 5 said...

Those greens sound amazing! I could "sneak" this in my kids smoothies! I am always looking for ways to boost my kids immune systems!

Real Mom of SFV said...

The Macro Berry Reds sounds great. I'd love to add that to my daughter's protein shakes in the morning! That will ensure that she gets all of her multi-vitamins.

Kelly Bolen said...

WOW! It looks like you are ready and prepared for school to start! I love it! Good luck!

Monica Simpson said...

I would love to get some of that macro green powder to make some yummy shakes for my kids for breakfast. Our school is mandatory remote. I'm not looking forward to trying to get my 6 year old to sit in front of a laptop for 4.5 hours everyday.

Sherry said...

My son is entering into grade 11 and some of his classes are hands on, like automotive, so he will be going back to class. What his school is doing is dividing up the classes so there are no more than 15 students and they will only be in class for half the time. The other half they will be doing online at home. Masks are mandatory for the students as well as all staff, and I will make sure he has hand sanitizer in his bag. I want a BlenderJet for myself. My bigger one is great for when I'm making smoothies for everyone but more often than not it's just me drinking them.

Chin chin said...

It is important to keep the kids healthy especially during this time, whether or not the kids will be attending virtual or in-person classes. All my children will have virtual classes or distance learning for now since that is the mode of learning that the government allowed to date.

Toni said...

This is really helpful! Our kids' health and safety should be really our top priority.

Brittany said...

oh yeah - load up on the masks!! we love those microgreens....my daughter loves her strawberry milk!!

Jhangi said...

Yeah these things are definitely the most important ones especially now..glad you shared this with us...great work though..loved it..and found it so helpful and useful...

Unknown said...

It’s crazy to think that this is the new normal but I love this article it really gives detail and helps everyone get prepared

Natalie said...

School starts soon and these are definitely great products to have. Face masks look really cool, I bet my son will love it. Thanks for sharing these finds.

Holly Hood said...

You are totally ready for back to school for your kids. I love the mask that you showed. Good luck with your kids. That blender is amazing and I would love to have one.

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