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Friday, November 19, 2021

Morphee Is The Best Screen-Free Sleep Aid

  Morphee delivers natural sleep-inducing programs while keeping the bedroom tech-free.

I received a Morphee to review 

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 I am no stranger to sleeping issues and I frequently have trouble falling asleep. I have tried many of the best sleep tips and sleep devices, only to discover that they do not always help me fall asleep. On any given night, I go to bed with expectations that I will quickly fall asleep but that rarely happens. Most nights it can take me 1 hour or more to fall asleep. 

 Then once I fall asleep, my asthma-induced sleep apnea likes to wake me up several times a night, and then it can take a while to fall back asleep. So sleep is not something that I look forward to and I have to force myself to go to bed as I know that my body needs sleep. 

 So when a company reached out to me and asked me to review their tech-free sleep device, I decided to give another sleep aid a chance, in hopes that it would be different. That it would not be like those annoying sound machines that keep me awake instead of helping me fall asleep. You know those sleep sound machines that have unrealistic nature sounds that play the same sound over and over again. I think the last sound machine that I bought even kept my husband, who falls asleep in 5 minutes, awake! 

The Morphee Sleep Device is not another sleep app 

 If I were to mention my sleep problems to my friends, they would tell me about a sleep app that helps them fall asleep. I would then tell them that I don't bring my phone to my bedroom as it disturbs my sleep. I think part of the reason that most people don't get enough sleep, is that we don't know how to disconnect from our phones. Or people are worried about someone needing to reach them in the middle of the night.

 While sleep apps might come off appealing for being inexpensive and somewhat science-based (REM cycles, brain waves, etc.), they come at the cost of increased blue-light exposure that reduces melatonin and adds the risk of doom-scrolling by having your phone at reach.

 Right away the one thing that I liked about the Morphee Sleep aid was it had no lights or needed to be plugged in. The Morphee sleep thing does not even need batteries! I also loved how small the Morphee meditation device was. I could use the Morphee next to my pillow and not disturb my husband.

Designed for relaxation, stress relief, and sleep, Morphee features more than 200 audio sessions 

 I liked the natural wood base that the Morphee had but the metal keys had me thinking this was not a typical sound machine. It took me a while to figure out how to best use the Morphee but it was simple to operate and I did not need any instructions. I just played around with the 3 keys, along with a couple of buttons and switches, on the Morphee relaxation device. 

First key ~ Eight sleep themes: Body scan ~ Breathing ~ Movement ~ Visualizations ~ Cardiac coherence ~ Napping ~ Relaxing music ~ Nature sounds

Second key ~ Choose your session: Each theme contains 8 different sessions

Third key ~ Choose the duration of your session: 8 or 20 minutes

Switch ~ Allows you to select a male or female voice. Play button

 These three keys and the switch gave me over 200 different audio sessions that offered me ways to relax. I liked that I had an option to listen to someone talk, listen to music, or listen to sounds like birds. If I selected voice relaxation, I could select from a male or female voice. 

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The Morphee gave me options for how I wanted to relax

  Everyone has different ways to relax and the Morphee delivers natural sleep-inducing programs with so many options. Some people may like a guided voice telling them to take deep breaths while others can be soothed to sleep with music. Then there are those who love hearing the sounds of nature to help them fall asleep. This sleep aid gave me plenty of choices and I liked that I could easily switch between the sessions to find the sleep session that was comforting to me.

 The first time that I used Morphee was on a night that I slept downstairs. My husband had a bad cough and I decided to not sleep in the same room. I knew that his cough would keep me awake. So I grabbed the Morphee relaxation device and the futon mattress to sleep in my office. This was a night that I needed help falling asleep since I was not going to be in my comfortable bed.

 My body does not like change when it comes to sleep. When I travel I always have difficulties falling asleep. So those are the times that I use CBD for sleep. So I decided to see if the Morphee would help me relax better than my CBD gummies. 

How to use the Morphee for the best sleep

 I turned the Morphee on and adjusted the volume. Then I started listening to the different sleep relaxation sessions. I started with the nature sounds and liked that I had many choices from birds, crickets, water, and even a crackling fire. Then I moved the keys to listening to music and discovered some relaxing bell sounds. 

 I liked that the bell sound session started with the voice telling me to take deep breaths. I always forget to breathe deeply while sleeping, so having reminders is good. While the voice was talking, I could hear the sounds of beautiful bell music. The voice part was short and then the session was just the bells.

 I could feel my body relaxing and I started to feel tired. I must have fallen asleep within minutes as I don't remember the Morphee turning off. I liked that it shuts off after the selected session. I also like that this device is small enough to place by my pillow. That way if I wake up in the middle of the night, I can use the Morphee to fall back asleep.

 With no screens or waves, Morphee delivers natural sleep-inducing programs while keeping the bedroom tech-free.

Other features of the Morphee

+ Battery life ~ three hours

+ Charging Time ~ 2 hours

+ Includes ~ USB charging cord and charging block

+ Includes ~ Light birch wood cover for storage and travel

+ The Blue Book of Sleep ~ A booklet filled with device info and sleep tips

 The Morphee can be used during the day to destress or for meditation sessions. This portable sleep device is also great for traveling. I love that it charges with a USB cord and it has a headphone port. This sleep product won't take up much space in my suitcase so I can use it when I travel.

The Morphee is a sleep device that I will be using. It has many benefits over other sleep machines. I like that I can keep it next to my pillow and adjust the sound so it won't bother my husband. The metal keys make this sleeping aid easy to operate even in the dark. Then of course with the variety of over 200 sleep and relaxation sessions, I will always find one that suits my mood. 

Buy the Morphee Sleep Aid on Amazon

To discover Morphee and how it can benefit your sleep ~ Click HERE


The Super Mom Life said...

My sleep patterns have been so messed up lately. I'm definitely going to give this a try.

Anne Marie said...

I agree it's very important to disconnect, especially before bedtime. I love that this solution does not involve a phone!

AiringMyLaundry said...

I need to get this for my husband. He sometimes has issues with sleeping.

Fatima D Torres said...

I'm loving how convenient this is for people who need help with sleeping at night. Perfect gift for the holidays.

Kathy said...

I definitely need to look more in to this. This is something that I could probably really use.

Simply Tasheena said...

This sounds like a pretty amazing sleep aid. I have to look into checking it out.

Wren LaPorte said...

This sounds so neat! I love anything that helps sleep and I find it is important for us to stay away from screens at bedtime. This seems to be the perfect thing to help sleep!

Monica Simpson said...

This sounds super cool. I love that you can travel with it and use it during the day with mediatation.

Celebrate Woman said...

Cool tool to get relaxed and get ready for the night's sleep. And I do like that it is a physical product and not an app.

Ana De-Jesus said...

Wow what a great way to get a good night's sleep! We all too often use screens to switch off, so Morphee looks like a great alternative.

alita said...

This is so helpful to us who have trouble sleeping. A secret to having a productive and rewarding day is a good sleep

Melanie Edjourian said...

This sounds like it would be great for me. I really do struggle to sleep most nights.

Jenn @ EngineermOmmy said...

This sounds really intriguing. I could definitely use some help with sleep aid. I'll look into this.

Sarah Bailey said...

This sounds like a really interesting device, I have to admit I struggle with sleep and something like this might be better for me than using apps.

Marysa said...

Sleep issues can be so frustrating! I hadn't heard of this device before and it would be interesting to check out.

Swathi said...

Sounds like really great products for sleep issues. I will check it out.

Gust si Aroma said...

My husband has some slepp problems too. We should try Morphee too.

Unknown said...

What a cool product! Hubby can have difficulty sleeping sometimes so this may help. -LYNNDEE

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