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Monday, November 29, 2021

Dreametech H11 Wet and Dry Vacuum Makes Cleaning Simple

 The Dreametech Cordless H11 Wet and Dry Vacuum is a game-changer for cleaning floors. This device replaces your broom, mop, and vacuum. It is a pleasure to push.

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 We recently replaced the carpet in our house with new floors. Two years ago we ripped out all the carpet downstairs and had ceramic tile installed. Then this year we tore out the carpet on the stairs and upstairs. This time we decided to install vinyl on the floors. The carpet was over 20 years old and it was a pain to keep clean. So my husband and I selected flooring choices that were easier to maintain. 

 Another reason that we decided to not install carpet was due to all my allergies. While my high-quality air purifier was helping, my asthma symptoms were still present. So not having carpet in the house on the floors made sense as it would help me continue to manage my asthma naturally without prescription medicines. Carpet tends to trap dust and all those allergens, so I was glad to see the carpet being replaced.

 Since we replaced the carpet with vinyl floors in the bedrooms, my sleep apnea symptoms have even stopped. I am loving the new floors in my home and the part that I love most is how easy the floors are to keep clean. I no longer have to vacuum or steam clean carpets. My maintenance for my new floors only requires a broom, vacuum, and a mop. My cleaning routine has become easier without having carpet in my house. Even spills are easier to clean up.

 Dreametech H11 Wet & Dry Vacuum Makes Cleaning a Breeze

 I loved that I did not have to lug out the big vacuum and plug it in. My routine for cleaning my new floors was using a stick vac followed by a wet mop. A cleaning routine that I thought was simple. That was until I received a wet and dry vacuum that was a huge game-changer in my daily cleaning. The Dreametech H11 Wet & Dry Vacuum was a more convenient and fun home cleaning experience.

 This unique cleaning device vacuums and mops at the same time. So I was able to replace my mop, broom, and vacuum with the  Dreametech H11 Wet & Dry Vacuum. The Dreametech vacuum was even fun to use. Yes, you heard that right cleaning was fun with this vacuum.

Erases household messes, both wet and dry

 + One pass. All clean.

+ Cleans up wet and dry messes at the same time.

+ Self-cleaning on the roller brush as long as it is on.

+ Automatic mess detection for deep cleaning.

+ Long runtime for cleaning large homes.

Easy to use

 The Dreametech H11 Wet & Dry Vacuum was super simple to put together from the box. My teen simply connected the handle to the vacuum and then install both the clean water tanks and the dirty water tanks. The vacuum came with a charger base so this vacuum was a cord-less vacuum. I liked that the charging base was not bulky. So it fits perfectly in my kitchen.

 After the Dreametech H11 Wet & Dry Vacuum was fully charged, I was ready to have fun cleaning my floors. A push of the button was all it took. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy this wet/dry vacuum was to push. It was a self-propelled vacuum that had two different modes of cleaning ~ standard clean and deep cleaning mode. The fully charged vacuum was able to clean all the floors in my house on a single charge. I was also surprised that I did not have to refill the clean water tank.

Deep clean. Up to 2,152ft

No longer need to refill the water tank over and over. The Dreametech H11 comes with a clean water tank of 0.23gal that covers up to 2,152ft² in the lowest water flow mode.

Deep cleans floors

 I like clean floors and I usually mop my floors daily. I also enforce the no-shoes in the house rule. So my floors stay clean for the most part. So the first time I used the Dreametech H11 Wet & Dry Vacuum, I was amazed at how dirty the water was in the used water tank. I realized that my old way of cleaning the floors with a mop was just pushing dirty water on my floors. So while my grey floors looked clean, they were not clean. 

 My downstairs floors are ceramic tile so they have grout lines. The grout on my floors is grey as I selected that color to hide the dirt. The Dreametech H11 Wet and Dry Vacuum sure did show me that my floors did a great job of hiding the dirt. The water in the used water tank was black by the time I was done cleaning the floors.

 I decided to clean the floors a couple more times with the Dreametech H11 Wet and Dry Vacuum and the water still was dirty. I was amazed at how well this wet vacuum cleaned my floors. I was even able to vacuum up the sand that was by the front door. This vacuum handles both wet and dry messes. So it made cleaning up all the crumbs in the kitchen a breeze. Next time my son spills milk and cereal, the Dreametech H11 will make clean-up so simple.

Self-cleaning roller brush

 Another awesome feature of the Dreametech H11 Wet and Dry Vacuum is the self-cleaning of the roller brush. Once you are done cleaning the floors, you place the vacuum back on the charging base and press the deep-cleaning mode. The deep-cleaning mode thoroughly cleans and drys the brush roll so there is no need to manually wash it. I love that I don't have to touch a dirty roller brush.

 This wet and dry vacuum has changed the way that I keep my floors clean. Since the Dreametech H11 Wet and Dry Vacuum has a clean modern look to it, I keep the vacuum in the corner of my kitchen. The charging base keeps the vacuum fully charged so it is ready to use. So that means I am able to clean the daily food crumbs and kitchen messes. My floors have never been this clean.

 So the next time my son bakes the best Christmas sugar cookies with way too many sprinkles, he can use the Dreametech H11 Wet and Dry Vacuum to clean up his mess. With cleaning the floors made so simple, I just may let my son do more baking. No longer do I have to dread kitchen messes when I have the power of the Dreametech vacuum.

Check out some more information about the Cordless Dreametech H11 Wet and Dry Vacuum

 + Sucks up all the dirty messes in one path, combining the actions of a broom, mop, and vacuum in one. 

+ Using a separated two-tank design, the 900ml clean water tank sprays out fresh water and a cleaning solution onto the roller brush while the internal dirt separation system removes dirt water out of the brush and sends it to the dirty water tank in real-time. 

+ The self-cleaning of the roller brush in real-time, you can try the deep-cleaning mode by putting it back onto the charging base for a thorough cleaning and fast drying of the brush roll, no need to manually wash it.

+ The smart LED screen display and intelligent voice assistant provide clear and accurate operation guidance.

+ The convenience of a cordless system like this requires getting it back on the charging base at the end of use but the smart screen on top will tell you battery power.

Buy the Dreametech H11 Wet and Dry Vacuum on Amazon 


Mamacita La Cuponera said...

OK! Adding the Dreametech H11 Wet and Dry Vacuum to my wish list! It sure makes cleaning simple and that is what I need.

AiringMyLaundry said...

I need one of these! I have kids and pets so this would come in handy.

Terri Steffes said...

I have been wanting a stick vacuum like this one. I was glad to read about the features.

Celebrate Woman said...

Great way to do a wet floor cleaning with the device that works. I adore your video!

Tasheena said...

This post is really informative, I have to look into getting this for my home.

alita said...

This is a promising vacuum cleaner. I need to replace my current one.

Brianne said...

This is very timely. Ive been looking to buy a new vacuum cleaner. This has great features!

Angela Ricardo Bethea said...

That is one hell of a vacuum and it has plenty of amazing features as well. I've already bought a new vacuum this year but if I need to change it after a few years then I'd love to get something like this!

Samantha said...

What an amazing vacuum! Going to have to check this out!

Wren LaPorte said...

This looks like a great product! I love the idea my cleaning tools can be easily cleaned. Not all of them can be and they get gross.

Melanie Edjourian said...
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Melanie Edjourian said...

This sounds like a great multifunctional product. It sounds like it is super easy to use. I love that it is cordless too.

MamaLad said...

I have never had a wet/dry vacuum. I'd really like to try one out and see how well it cleans. I bet it's a game changer.

Marysa said...

Our pets make a lot of messes, and I could totally use this. What a great tool to have for cleaning!

Sol said...

After learning the features of this wet and dry vacuum, I think I badly need to look for Dreamtech h11 brand here in our location!

Anonymous said...

The Dreametech Cordless H11 Wet and Dry Vacuum looks like a great product! I will have to check it out.

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