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Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Liquid Einstein Is My Secret To Amazing Athletic Performance

Plant-derived caffeine without sugar helps me sustain long-lasting energy levels throughout physical activity with no crashing

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 Some people might say the best part of waking up is coffee in their cup. For me, it is some type of exercise that makes my day amazing. It is fitness that wakes my body up and gets my brain into thinking mode. It is my getting my butt out the door and running 4 miles or 45 minutes on my elliptical that helps me get my mind into a great mood so I can face the day.

 My daily routine during the week always involves me waking up and doing some sort of physical fitness. I find that starting my day with exercise has so many benefits beyond physical health. Morning exercise wakes up my brain and just sets me on the right track for the day. My body needs exercise in the morning.

 Now before you think that I am some crazy lady who jumps out of bed with energy and can't wait to jump onto my Nordictrack elliptical, think again. I am not a morning person and I fight getting my butt out of bed. I do not have energy when I wake up but I will let you in on my secret to loving morning exercise. It is a delicious drink that I drink every day that wakes my body up and gives me amazing athletic performance. It is this drink that helps me to run fast and enjoy my workout.

Liquid Einstein Is My Secret To Amazing Athletic Performance

When I wake up, I head downstairs and the first thing that I do is drink a natural energy drink. Yes, I admit to using energy drinks to help me exercise. There is nothing wrong with using energy drinks to help your body exercise as long as the ingredients in the energy drink are natural and safe for your body. If that is what it takes to get your daily fitness in, then enjoy the energy that you get from an energy drink.

 My favorite natural energy drink that I use to get my body into motion is a drink called Liquid Einstein. I discovered this amazing drink for exercise and more, earlier this year. You can read about the first time I tried Liquid Einstein HERE. I look forward to the delicious orange taste of Liquid Einstein first thing in the morning. To me, it tastes way better than a glass of orange juice. This drink gives me the energy to do an amazing workout. 

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Liquid Einstein is not just any ordinary energy drink for fitness. This amazing packet of powdered energy drink, not only gives me amazing energy but it also helps my brain start thinking. This brainpower also lasts long after my workout. So after I get my exercise done for the day, my brain performance continues so I can focus better on my work. Liquid Einstein gives me the fuel I need to rise to every challenge. 

The benefits of Liquid Einstein 

+ Steady Energy Without the Crash and Burn.

+ Proprietary Neuroenhance Blend

+ Essential B-vitamins for physical performance

+ Enhances Work, Studying, Gaming, and Exercise

+ Zero Sugar

+ Antioxidants

+ Electrolyte Boost

+ Focus Enhancing Ingredients

+ Formulated in USA

What is Liquid Einstein made of?

The Liquid Einstein blend is made from some pretty amazing plant-based ingredients and contains nootropics, or “smart drugs" that can boost brain performance. These ingredients are proven brain-boosting ingredients that will improve reaction time, and sustain focus. Nootropics are supplements that can improve certain cognitive functions, including focus, mental speed, and memory. 

Take a look at the natural ingredients:

+ Alpha-GPCA natural compound that rapidly delivers choline across the blood-brain barrier. Alpha-GPC has been linked to rising levels of acetylcholine, an essential neurotransmitter for learning and memory. Athletes and gamers swear by Alpha-GPC’s unmatched ability to help with performance.

+ Hesperidin ~ A flavanone found in citrus fruits is believed to play a role in plant defense. Hesperidin has been shown to improve cognition, and memory performance while being a potential candidate for mitigating oxidative stress.

+ Mucuna Pruriens Extract ~ A tropical bean that contains L-DOPA, an amino acid. Mucuna Pruriens can lower stress and improve mood so you can feel confident getting anything done.

+ Taurine ~ An amino acid naturally created in the large intestine. Scientists call this powerful antioxidant a “wonder molecule” because of its incredible ability to maintain hydration and electrolyte balance. Now, you can stay at peak performance for more sustained periods of time.

+ Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract ~ A tree native to China. This leaf can fight inflammation and memory loss head-on with this potent plant. Centuries of use in traditional Chinese medicine have shown it can even reduce anxiety and depression.

+ Caffeine ~ A stimulant that promotes wakefulness and focus. Caffeine is essential in improving mental alertness, reasoning, and memory so you can handle whatever your day throws at you. It's also known for the incredible possibility of optimizing the burning of fat, which I learned on Health Canal.

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How much caffeine does Liquid Einstein have?

 While Liquid Einstein does have caffeine, it is a good thing when you are exercising. This delicious orange drink contains 150 milligrams of plant-derived caffeine with a blend of nootropics ~ those smart supplements ~  that keep your body from having the anxiety, jitters, and the awful crash that can come from drinking a cup of coffee. Nootropics are supplements that can improve certain cognitive functions, including focus, mental speed, and memory. 

How Liquid Einstein benefits my workouts

 Since I schedule my exercise routine first thing in the morning, I don't like to eat before I exercise. I find that eating before exercise slows me down as my body is using energy to digest my food. Also having food in my stomach while doing my intense workouts upsets my stomach. So I rely on some type of energy to get my body in motion without making me feel hyper and out of control. So drinking a natural energy drink, like Liquid Einstein, gives my body the best energy without the bad side effects like the jitters.

 Liquid Einstein is not loaded with sugar so it does not make me feel sick to my stomach when I drink it first thing in the morning. I am not a morning person so I need energy, especially for my winter fitness.  I like that Liquid Einstein gives me steady energy that lasts beyond my 45-minute workout. This amazing drink helps me to do an intense workout on my elliptical or do a fast-paced 4-mile run and still have energy left over. So on the days that I do my strength training after my cardio workouts, I don't feel one bit tired. That means 2 days a week, I can do a sweaty 45-minute workout on the elliptical and then pick up my kettlebells and do 45 minutes of strength training.

 Since Liquid Einstein has all those supplements that help with focus and memory, I can plan my day while I am running. Then after I exercise, the brain supplements are still working and they help with the work that I need to do on the computer. The amazing thing about using Liquid Einstein for my workouts is I don't feel the need to drink coffee later in the morning as this energy lasts for many hours.

Liquid Einstein can benefit even folks who are not exercising

While I mainly use Liquid Einstein for amazing athletic performance, this drink can give you fuel to power through your day in other ways. Liquid Einstein is a drink for students, professionals, moms, gamers, and anyone else who needs a boost of energy or brainpower.

Many uses for Liquid Einstein 

+ NATURAL BRAIN FUEL ~ The key ingredients in Liquid Einstein help reduce brain fog, fight mental exhaustion, and give you a daily lift in cognitive function. So you can focus better, refresh your memory and have the clarity to ace any task. So if you have a big assignment at work or have a test at school, this drink will help you.

+ UP YOUR GAMING ~ Liquid Einstein will help you outrank the competition on your virtual battleground. This drink has brain-boosting ingredients that are designed to help you react quickly and concentrate for long periods of time.

+ ATHLETIC BOOST ~ Liquid Einstein keeps you going at the gym or on the court. The plant-derived caffeine without sugar helps sustain long-lasting energy levels throughout physical activity with no crashing.

+ WHEN YOU NEED ENERGY ~ Whether you were up all night with the baby or stayed up late studying for a test, Liquid Einstein can give your body the energy it needs to get through the day. This is lasting energy without the crash effects that coffee gives you. So you won't feel the need to reach for way too many cups of coffee.

The affordable portable energy drink

What I love most about Liquid Einstein, after the amazing energy, is how affordable and portable it is. Each packet of delicious natural brain fuel is only $1.00 (less when you buy several boxes) and is so easy to take on the go. So you can stash several packets in your purse or car, so no need to stop at the coffee place on the way to work. The packets are small so you can keep several in your gym bag, no more having to lug around heavy cans of energy drinks. 

 These are my favorite energy supplement for traveling as they don't take up much space in my suitcase. So I have no excuses about exercising while traveling. I simply mix up the Liquid Einstein Quantum drink in my hotel room, drink it, and head down to the hotel gym. 

 If you need a gift idea for the holidays, Liquid Einstein makes the best gift! Think about people who exercise, people who go to school, people who work long hours. Just about anyone can use the amazing benefits of Liquid Einstein, especially the benefits to your memory and brainpower. This is a gift that people will love and you don't need to stand in any long lines to purchase it. Just head to Liquid Einstein's website to buy the amazing supplement. 

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I hadn't heard of this before. I might have to give it a try and see if it helps when I work out.

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I need this! I sometimes feel so exhausted even if I haven't done much. Thanks for the review. I am going to get myself some liquid Einstein.

Tasheena said...

This sounds like a pretty amazing product, I have to look into giving this a try.

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This sounds like a great product. I may just need to give it a try as well. Hopefully it will help me too.

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Wow, That sounds like a really amazing product! I'm surely gonna give this a try.

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I thought all caffeine was plant based, so there you go. I learned something new today!

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I haven't heard of this product but I am really interested. I am such a sleepyhead in the mornings.

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This natural energy drink is amazing. I need to try it too for my workouts

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I love your body build. this is such an inspiration for me to work more on my exercises too.

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Wow. So kany benefits! Can't wait to try this drink. Thanks for recommending it

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Liquid Einstein sounds interesting. I've never tried that. I have a cross trainer which I should really use more often.

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It sounds so interesting and effective. I've never tried it and I am done to try it. Thanks for sharing!

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This sounds pretty interesting and love that there are no added sugars ;) You look fabulous ~ keep it up!

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