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Thursday, November 11, 2021

Tips on Cooking With Meal Kits and Wine


Home meal kits are a hot trend in the food world, as they make it very easy to provide easy dinners any day of the week. The meals are easy to make for people that enjoy light cooking, and the kits come with everything you need for a tasty dish that you often wouldn’t select on your own from the grocery store. Since the pandemic began, meal kits from companies such as Sunbasket meal delivery have seen historical revenue and volume and a rise in popularity when people began shopping out of the homeless. Some providers have seen a 24 percent increase in sales in the last several months.

 They are a fun way When you are cooking with meal kits, you may have wine included as an ingredient. It can be a confusing ingredient, but when used well, the outcome is stunning. Learn some tips about cooking with wine here. 

Cooking Wine, Drinking Wine

 If you are ordering meal kits such as Sunbasket meal delivery or other brands, you may find wine included with the odd recipe or two. Many cooks like to have a sip while they are cooking with wine. You can usually buy cooking wine at the grocery store, or a wine shop. At the grocery or convenience store, it will be near the vinegar and oils. 

 Cooking wine and traditional drinking wine are very similar, but cooking wine focuses less on full-bodied tones and flavors. Wine is good in cooking because the alcohol content tenderizes meats, and the flavors of the wine blend well with sauces and pasta. Drinking wine simply offers more depth of flavor. 

Fortified wine is strong and has been aged with some exposure to oxygen. This wine gives food a nutty profile and adds depth to a wide range of foods. There are a number of cooking methods that you can use wine with.


 Braising is the low and slow method of cooking where meats become something beautiful. You start by searing the meat and then covering it with a liquid sauce that contains wine, water, and meat juices. This broth will cook the meat and turn a result of a depth to your wine.


 Deglazing is a way of stripping the pan of its grease and meat juices and using those particles to develop a cooking technique that adds tremendous flavor and punch. This technique adds a unique texture to meats after you sear the meat. Once you sear both sides of the meat, you will see caramelized meat particles called the fond in and around the pan.

 Deglazing strips the pan of this crusty fond and incorporates that awesomeness into the food. Adding some wine with the fond can help to bring the flavor up a notch. When you start searing, add some butter to the pan to bring some richness and depth to the meat. Spoon this liquid over your meat as you cook it to turn it into something beautiful and brown.

Start Meal Kits Today

 When you are learning exciting new things in the kitchen, wine is a great go-to to have. Meal kits like Sunbasket meal delivery will come right to your home so that you can begin braising your first dish with wine right away. Start your meal kit obsession now.

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