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Thursday, November 18, 2021

The Best Holiday Gifts For Almost Everyone On Your List

 Looking for holiday gifts for friends and family? Check out some of my favorite gift ideas for almost everyone on your holiday gift list.

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 Buying Christmas gifts can be fun but it can also be stressful as there are so many people on your holiday gift list. From your kids all the way to friends and coworkers, that Christmas gift list can seem overwhelming. Sometimes all the stress of Christmas shopping can make one want to run away for the holidays to take a winter vacation. From shopping at busy stores to dealing with empty stores shelves, holiday shopping is not always at the top of my list. 

 So I created a Christmas gift list of some of my favorite holiday gifts for almost everyone on your wish list. The best part is all these Christmas presents can be purchased online. So you can put on your comfy jammies and do your holiday shopping from home. No need to leave the house. If you need to send holiday presents, some stores even offer gift-wrapping services. So check out this Christmas gift list of my favorite gift ideas.

Hot Cocoa Bomb Mini Set


 Hot cocoa bombs are the newest craze and it seems like everyone is selling these chocolates that make a delicious glass of hot chocolate. While these hot cocoa bombs are delicious and fun, they can also be pricey. So give the gift of a Hot Cocoa Bomb set to the person on your list who loves cooking or crafting.

 The Hot Cocoa Bomb Mini Set is perfect for gifting. This 3-piece mini kit features an embossed cocoa bomb mold, brush, and scraper. So you can make two deliciously decadent cocoa bombs! The mold is reusable for endless cocoa bomb fun! Hot chocolate cocoa bombs are fun to create! Once you make the chocolate bombs, just place them in a mug and pour steaming milk over the top …watch it burst open to reveal hidden treats inside!

Purchase the Handstand Kitchen 18-Piece Ultimate Hot Cocoa Bomb Making Set 

Volcanica Coffee Gifts 


 Coffee is my favorite gift to give and to receive. Almost everyone loves coffee. Gift giving is the time to splurge on fancy gourmet coffee. Give the coffee lover a pound or two of coffee beans of their favorite coffee roast or give a coffee gift set. 

 Volcanica Coffee has coffee gift baskets and seasonal flavored coffee for the holidays. The Volcanica Coffee gift boxes and holiday flavored coffee are available at all price points for the perfect gift or stocking stuffers. Volcanica Coffee offers more than 150 exotic coffees sourced from volcanic regions around the world, including Costa Rica where the family-owned business was inspired.

Purchase the Low Acid Coffee Blend 

Sea Kelp Hair Care Products


Almost everyone on your holiday gift list has hair. So a beauty gift basket with Sea Kelp hair care products would be a nice gift to give. Beautiful healthy hair is always a good thing. So think of your best girlfriend, your mom, a niece all the way to your favorite aunt when buying this gift.

 Noughty Wave Hello 97% natural formal is packed with vitamin-rich sea kelp extract and avocado oil, to help keep curls defined, silky soft, and super-conditioned. This haircare product also strengthens hair, adds shine, hydrates, and smoothes hair strands for silky soft, frizz-free curls. While Care Taker Scalp Tonic gives sensitive scalps a little extra care. This leave-on treatment instantly relieves dry, irritated, or itchy scalps. The fragrance-free, 97% natural formula contains calming and soothing bisabolol and oat extract, to provide rapid relief. 

Purchase the Noughty Wave Hello & Care Taker Scalp Tonic

Safe Travels Kit


 For the person on your list who likes traveling, the Safe Travels Kit is a perfect gift. This travel set will help them stay healthy when traveling by plane, train, or bus. The travel kit is easy to pack in your carry-on luggage and can protect you from germs that may be on a seat.

 Upgrade your seat by bringing this handy kit along for a safer and more comfortable travel experience. The patent-pending antimicrobial air protection kit includes a hypoallergenic reusable seat cover and pillowcase that are simple to slip on and off in seconds. The seat cover fits both Economy and Business class seats. They are great for trains too.  Antimicrobial and Hypoallergenic properties are good for sensitive skin and protect against germs or bedbugs that are lurking on the airline seats. Machine wash the items up to 40 times.

Purchase the Safe Travels Kit 

CaniBrands Wellness Products


 Everyone can use wellness products and these pocket-size wellness sprays are perfect for gift giving. They are perfect for a Christmas stocking stuffer or to add to a gift basket. 

 This all-natural, best-value four-spray combo includes Cani-Boost (for focus and energy), Cani-Mend (for post-party recovery), Cani-Fresh (for relaxation), and Cani-Sleep (for rest). The range of solutions helps you get the most out of every day, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing. Take Cani-Boost in the morning to supplement or replace your morning coffee. Take Cani-Mend during or after a late night. Keep Cani-Fresh with you while you’re on the go and leave Cani-Sleep on your bedside table. Having these four convenient sprays handy at all times means you’ll never feel less than your best.

Purchase CaniBrands Wellness Sprays 

Zip Top Food Storage Containers


These eco-friendly containers can be given as gifts or used to give the gift of holiday treats. These freezer-safe silicone containers are so easy to use. Fill them up with cookies or candy for an awesome gift. It is the gift that is useful even once the treats are gone.

 Zip Top has revolutionized kitchen food storage containers with a 100% platinum silicone container that stands up, stays open, and zips shut! Made with a patented, award-winning one-piece construction (no glue or seams!) the durable containers are food-grade, microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe. Organize your fridge and freezer with these eco-friendly, reusable containers!

Purchase Zip Top Food Storage Containers 

Morphee Sleep Aid


 Everyone can use the gift of better sleep. The holidays can be super busy and stressful, making it hard to fall asleep at night. This tech-free sleep aid not only helps people fall asleep easily but also helps them enjoy a night of deep and restful sleep. The small compact size makes this sleep device easy to take with you where ever you are. 

 It’s time to switch to a non-connected alternative – one without blue light or waves that can interrupt your sleep pattern.  Introducing Morphee, a non-digital, stunningly designed sleep aid that combines meditation and sophrology techniques to help you drift off more naturally.

 Designed for relaxation, stress relief, and sleep, Morphee is reminiscent of a retro music box. Users choose from one of the seven sleep themes: breathing, cardiac coherence, nature sounds, and relaxing music exercises. The unique device allows users to choose from more than 200 audio sessions. With no screens or waves, Morphee delivers natural sleep-inducing programs while keeping the bedroom tech-free. See my full review HERE.

Purchase Morphee Sleep Aid

Splendid Spoon Plant-Based Meals

People are busy and don't have time to make healthy meals. So give the gift of a plant-based meal box. Splendid Spoon makes delicious vegan meals that are ready to eat. So none of that having to create meals from a box of ingredients. These are single-serve meals that are perfect for meals at home or on the go and they are made with fresh clean ingredients. I love their protein smoothies and noodle bowls.

 The best part about ordering meals from Splendid Spoon is these vegan meals are so delicious.  Splendid Spoon creates vegan meals with clean ingredients that are bursting with flavor. This plant-based meal delivery company has so many vegan food options for all your meals. From delicious smoothies to soups and grain meal bowls, Splendid Spoon has over 56 meals. All the tasty meals are made with plant-based ingredients. So you can have healthy meal options for all your meals. 

Get $90 off the most delicious plant-based meals

NIRA Skincare Laser 

Younger-looking skin does not have to be expensive. NIRA Skin uses the same laser technology as dermatologists for a fraction of the cost. I love my NIRA and it is my secret for beautiful skin at 56 years.

~ This simple device gives you visible results with only minutes a day.

~ 83% of users saw improvements in their skin

~ This device really works to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. 

~ Say goodbye to wrinkles

~ If you don't see results in 3 months, Nira will refund your money

~ It is so simple to use ~ 5 minutes a day and the best part is this antiaging device is 40%

~ Use code MOMKNOWSBEST10 ~ save 10%

Purchase NIRA Skin Resurfacing Laser Device

Nuzest Clean Vegan Protein

 If you have a friend who uses protein powder or has food allergies. Then give them the gift of a healthy vegan protein powder that is allergy-friendly. I love Nuzest protein as it is so delicious. I use it daily in my protein shakes and in many recipes like these delicious Gluten Free Chocolate Mocha Protein Brownies. Trust me on this gift for your fitness friends as I would love to receive a pound of protein powder for a gift. 

Place the Nuzest protein in a basket with other healthy goodies. The gift of health is always a great gift to receive. Nuzest comes in many delicious flavors and all of Nuzest USA products are 100% vegan and free of common allergens, chemicals, additives, and preservatives. 

Save 15% on Nuzest with code MOMKNOWSBEST15

Regular Girl

Give the gift of a healthy gut. Regular Girl is an amazing fiber supplement that once people try it, they keep buying it. Stick some of these pink packages in the Christmas stockings or in a basket with other healthy goodies like a water bottle and healthy snacks. This would go great with the above protein powder.

 This pink packet is more than just a fiber supplement ~ it is a kiss those tummy troubles goodbye. One tasteless packet in the morning mixed into smoothies, coffee, or any other liquid means I go like clockwork every morning. It means saying goodbye to a bloated belly and having a great day.

Use code MOMKNOBEST10 to save 10% at Regular Girl

Neato Robotics Robot Vacuum

 Give the gift of a clean house. I am not talking about giving someone a gift card for a maid service. I am talking about having a robot to clean your floors, whenever they need cleaning. The best part is you do not need to tip the robot. You give the orders and it cleans your floors without even complaining.  

The Neato Robot vacuum would make a great gift for almost anyone. This D-shaped vacuum has LaserSmart navigation and cleans with precision, even in the dark like those hard-to-reach places under furniture. You can control the vac from anywhere. So you can clean your floors even when you are not home. The Neato is the ultimate cleaning machine and comes in different models, depending on the size of your house. Neato reaches where round robots can't. The best part is the Neato is having amazing deals on all their vacuums for the holiday season.

Black Friday Deals

Save $200 On the Neato D10 Robot Vacuum from 11/21- 11/27. No code is necessary.

Save $250 On the Neato D9 Robot Vacuum from 11/21 - 11/27. No code is necessary.

Cyber Monday Deals

Save $100 On the Neato D10 Robot Vacuum from 11/28 - 12/11. No code is necessary.

Save $200 On the Neato D9 Robot Vacuum from 11/28 - 12/11. No code is necessary.

Save $250 On the Neato D8 Robot Vacuum from 11/26 - 12/11. No code is necessary.

Cushion Lab Pillow

 Give the gift of awesome sleep with a new pillow. Did you know that having the right pillow can make a huge difference in your sleep? Most people sleep on pillows that do not offer the right support for their neck the proper support and that can result in so many things beyond not sleeping. That sore back or neck can be the result of your pillow. So treat someone to a comfortable memory form pillow that gives their neck the best support. 

Cushion Lab has a variety of pillows to meet the needs of different sleep positions. From side sleepers, back sleepers, to stomach sleepers, their amazing pillows offer a new level of comfort. Face it, most people do not splurge on themselves when it comes to a pillow. So having a new pillow, that offers amazing comfort will be a gift they will love. Cushion Lab also offers comfort-inducing products such as lumbar support cushions, travel pillows, weighted blankets, and more. Their products are Climate Neutral certified and made with mostly organic or sustainable materials & packaging.

Save 10% sitewide with code COMFORT10 through 12/31/2023

Nebula Genomics DNA Testing

 Have you always wondered about your ancestry? Do you have questions about your race and where your relatives came from? The United States is a huge melting pot and composed of so many different races. So many races, that people wonder what country their ancestors came from. So many people want to test their DNA to get these answers and more. So Give the gift of a DNA testing kit. 

 Nebula Genomics DNA test is different from all the other DNA tests. It is a genetic test that decodes 100% of your DNA and fully unlocks your genetic blueprints. Other DNA testing companies only decode less than 0.02% of DNA. Check out my review here.

Save $50 with code SAVE50 on the Basic Whole Genome Test until 11/30.

Riverside Designs Metal Art

Riverside Designs Baby Turtles Metal Wall Art

 I am obsessed with Riverside Designs and may have hinted to my husband to buy my Christmas presents from this metal art store. This metal art design store has a huge variety of metal artwork and I just love all the colors that they offer. From gold, several shades of blue, red, and many more, you can choose the color of the art. 

 I recently bought this cool Wacky Sun metal art design as I needed something to place above my new refrigerator since we had to remove the cabinet. I really love the blue color that I selected. Riverside Designs has metal art with words, coastal designs, and so many other cool designs. The metal art is durable and can also be used outside. So go take a look, I am sure that you will find one that you love.

Riverside Designs has amazing holiday deals to take advantage of throughout the season. From now until December 10th, use code GIFT40 to save 40% sitewide plus free shipping on their amazing metal art decor! This is perfect for early or last-minute gifts of beautiful wall decor for your partner's home office or a neighbor's front door

 Bacon Scented Gift Wrapping Paper & Tactical Stocking

 If you're looking to spice up your man’s stocking, the personalized Tactical Stocking will make a great Christmas gift. Make sure to wrap his present in Bacon Scent gift wrap for an extra treat. The bacon gift wrap smells just like bacon and the stocking is a great gift for someone in the military or is a sportsman.

 I have two sons who are in the Navy and I know that they will love this unique stocking with all its many pockets. The heavy-duty handle and 2 swivel carabiners add character to the holiday stocking. My boys also love bacon, so they will love the bacon-scented scratch and sniff wrapping paper. The stocking also has plenty of places to velcro patches.

Save Big on Black Friday+Cyber Monday SALEbration!

 Enjoy the biggest sale of the year by scoring awesome deals of up to 30% on Manly Man Co.'s participating products that include: Beef Jerky Bouquet, Meat Card™, Christmas Stocking Kits, and Bacon Scented Wrapping Paper. Check out Manly Man Co.Black Friday + Cyber Monday Deals now.

Early Black Friday Deals

+ Bacon Scented Gift Wrapping Paper - Promo Code: SMELLTHEBACON - Discount: 25%

Promo Valid: Nov-16-2021 to Dec-11-2021

+ Personalized Tactical Christmas Stocking - Promo Code: STOCKINGS30  - Discount: 30%

Promo Valid: Whole Day of Black Friday

Purchase Bacon Gift Wrap & Tactical Stocking https://manlymanco.com/collections/holiday-gifts-for-men

Natura Advent Calendar

 This Advent Calendar from Natura would make a great gift for almost anyone on your holiday shopping list. The beauty advent calendar is filled with 12 beauty items and is a great way to celebrate and count down the days until Christmas. Natura’s 12 Days of Care Advent calendar is filled with 12 individual surprise gifts that include their best body care, hair care, and skincare favorites. Experience beauty from the Amazon, with unique biodiversity ingredients from the Amazon forest, made with safe ingredients, 100% vegan, no animal testing, and eco-logical packaging. 

The Natura Advent Calendar includes these 12 holiday treats:

+ Castanha Nourishing Hand Cream 40g.

+ Açaí Hand Cream 40g.

+ Maracujá Hand Cream 40g.

+ Breu Branco Hand Cream 40g.

+ Tukumã Hand Cream 40g.

+ Ucuuba Hand Cream 40g.

+ Patauá Shampoo 30ml.

+ Patauá Conditioner 30ml.

+ Murumuru Restoring Shampoo 30ml.

+ Murumuru Restoring Conditioner 30ml.

+ Energizing Face Cream 30+ 15g.

+ Firming and Radiance Face Cream 45+ 15g.

 All the above items are formulated without parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, PABA, petroleum, triclosan, DEA, and animal ingredients. This is a fun beauty gift that gives the gift of soft skin and beautiful hair. Natura has an awesome sale this month with their 12 Days Of Care:  Save 35% on select beauty products each day from now through 12/14. Make sure to visit Natura Each Day For A New Surprise Offer!

hope you enjoyed my selection of holiday gifts and you are able to find some amazing presents. So get in your comfy clothes, grab a cup of hot chocolate and get shopping.


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