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Friday, January 13, 2023

How To Organize Your Bathroom With Bamboo

Looking for a way to tame the clutter in your bathroom? Check out this multifunctional bamboo caddy organizer.

 Does your bathroom need some clutter help? If you have way too many bottles of personal care products that are scattered all over the bathroom, then I have the perfect stylish bathroom organizer for you. This multifunction bamboo shelf will help you organize your bathroom with style.

 The 100% bamboo caddy is a multi-purpose storage organizer that can be used in so many places in your bathroom. From the shower to the bathroom counter it will hold all those containers of products that are essential to our daily bathroom routines. From shampoo to face care products, this is a versatile caddy shelf system. I love that it is made from eco-friendly materials.

Helps me keep my bathroom counter clutter-free

 I admit that I have way too many bottles of lotions and creams on my bathroom counter. I like to try the latest beauty products. My husband is always complaining that my beauty products take up too much space on the bathroom vanity. So when I saw this bamboo shelf at Amazon, I just had to have it as it would help me organize my beauty product clutter.

 I love how many bottles that fit on each shelf. There is plenty of space for even tall items like lotion bottles. This unique wood stand looks so nice on my bathroom counter and holds all my products. If I want to make it look even more special, I could add a small vase of flowers on the top shelf. Five years ago, we remodeled our master bathroom and I want it to stay nice looking. You need to look at the before and after photos of my bathroom renovation.

So many ways this bamboo corner shelf

~ Use in the shower to hold shampoo bottles

~ Use as a footrest in the shower for shaving

~ Use next to a bathtub to hold a candle or drink

~ Use as a stand for hand towels

~ Use in the kitchen to hold spices

 I am sure that you can think of many more ways to use this bamboo shelf in your home decor. It might not be a huge shelf but it sure does hold a lot. From the bathroom to the kitchen, this 2 layer shelf has so many uses. Check out the bamboo shelf here.

GOBAM Bamboo Features

~ Made from 100% bamboo 

~ Space saving

~ Premium build and quality

~ Instant decor upgrade

~ Multifunctional

~ Built to last

~ Waterproof

~ Features 2 shelves

~ Easy and quick DIY assembly

~ Stainless steel wires to prevent items from falling off

~ Measures 9.06 x 8.45 x 12.80 inches

~ Eco-friendly

Need a solution to your messy shower countertop? Why not check this bamboo organizer out.


Richelle Milar said...

Wow! This looks like a really great organizer. This is so perfect can’t wait to check this out!

Beautiful Touches said...

Bamboo is such a great material to work with, may have to use a wood stain on it to match my bathroom if I did it though!

Gust si Aroma said...

I find very often different accessories in bamboo and it's material that can work with the bathroom. Love these solutions!

Renee said...

I love the looks of this. I want one for my bathroom now.

Anonymous said...

What a great organizer! It looks really good. Love it!

Laura JL Books said...

I need this. What an wonderful organizer you are. It really does look amazing.

Anonymous said...

That is a pretty organizer. I don't like clutter so I had our bathrooms organized. -LYNNDEE

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