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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Laundry Care For Messy Boys With Sensitive Skin

 My youngest son takes after me. He was blessed with my sensitive skin. His skin is way more sensitive than mine so I have to be careful when buying skin care and laundry products for him. Even some so-called natural products can cause a reaction on his skin. Just last night in his bath, he used a new soap that was made with coconut oil and herbs and he ended up with a rash. So when I find a product that works, I keep buying it.  Now, this same child may have sensitive skin but that does not stop him from getting dirty. His nickname is Messy Jesse and he lives up to his name every day. So how does one clean all his dirty clothes with detergents that are made for sensitive skin? This mom does it with the power of Oxi! I was overjoyed when All added the power of Oxi to their All Free Clear detergent. So now I don't have to buy a separate stain remover. I love that this #1 detergent that is recommended by dermatologists is now tough on stains while still be gentle on my son's skin. I also love that All Free Clear detergent Fragrance-free and Dye-Free

  With a family of five, I do a lot of laundry. The above picture is just four days worth of clothes from our recent vacation to Las Vegas. So when we are home, there are way more baskets as we did not have any towels in these baskets. The last thing I have time for is checking the clothes for stains. With All Free Clear Oxi, I don't have to as this detergent has powerful stain lifters that even takes care of the dirt my Messy Jesse gets into. You moms of boys will understand that boys tend to get dirty all the time. I can tell what my son had for lunch just by looking at his shirt. My kid could have a napkin in his hand and still use his sleeve to wipe his face. Then there are the times that my boy has stains on his shirt before school and all he did that morning was watch TV, he did not even eat breakfast. Sometimes I call my youngest two boys Pigpen as they are dirt magnets. My goofy dirty boys!

So this mom loves All Free Clear Oxi! It gets all those nasty stains off my son's clothes without irritating his skin. His older brother likes that as they share clothes so he does not have to wear clothes with Jesse stains on them. The clothes always come out of the dryer so clean.  

 For moms who have clean kids, something that I know little about, there is original All Free Clear! My teen likes using this when he does laundry. He doesn't like washing his clothes with the younger boys clothes as they might make his clothes smell. It seems like the teen is washing his clothes every day as he is a clean freak. That is fine with me as he does his own laundry.

 I am just glad I don't have to fold all the clothes that my family generates. That job belongs to the two younger boys. Their older sister taught them how to fold when they were three and four so she could pass that job onto them. This is how they would get the clothes out of the dryer.

I love my dirty boys and their clean clothes. My youngest son loves that All Free Clear doesn't him any rashes! 

#1 Recommended Detergent brand by Dermatologists, Allergist, and Pediatricians for sensitive skin

Fragrance-free and Dye-Free

Available in 20oz, 46.5oz, 94.5oz, 116oz, 141oz, 162oz and 225oz

Comes in detergent, sheet and liquid fabric softener


"These opinions are my own and I received samples of All Free Clear to facilitate this post."


Sarah Bailey said...

This is the only Scent-free detergent I trust. My family is sensitive to dyes and perfumes. We have been using this since long time and love it!

Unknown said...

I haven't tried this, but my parents use scent and dye free detergents. I will let them know about this.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing! I would consider purchasing it for my family! Yeu Doi.

melissa cushing said...

I have not tried this but definitely will after reading your post! Love the little on in the dryer.... I used to do that when I was little :)

AK said...

I haven't try this but I think I will purchase this glad you share this good review.

Unknown said...

We are currently using All for our 4 year old. He broke out into a rash before the switch.

tinagleisner said...

Love the photo of your little one in the dryer, what fun ... or not. Not paying much attention these days now that my boys are on their own, so glad to know about oxi finally arriving in laundry products. We've been using to clean grout for years.

gingermommyrants said...

My kids have sensitive skin and sure know how to get messy.I will have to pick up some All Free & Clear Oxi to try.

Elizabeth O. said...

The family has no qualms about the detergent that we've been using for years, but it's nice to know that we have choices like this one. I'd love to give this brand a try, I like that it's dye free.

Myrah Duque said...

My hubby has super sensitive skin, so we have been using All Free & Clear Oxi and it works perfect!

Cynthia Nicoleti said...

I use All as my liquid detergent. There is nothing better than getting out the stains of any kind of clothing.

aareeba said...

I never heard about this ...but after reading your review, gonna check this out

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