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Monday, April 17, 2017

I Gave Up Coffee For A Week & Did The #7daydrinkgreen Challenge

Could I give up coffee for a week?

 So I decided to give up sugary drinks and coffee for a week. Why you ask? I wanted to see what benefits green tea could give me by trying a clean drinking diet. Nanami sent me their best seller Nanami Tea Zen Set challenge me to try the #7daydrinkgreen Challenge. Now I thought it would be quite easy to do this challenge as I already don't drink any sugary drinks/I am a water kind of gal. I did not have to give up coffee on this challenge but I decided to do so since the teas have caffeine in them and I did not want to ingest too much caffeine. Giving up coffee was going to be tough as I love the taste of coffee in the morning but I wanted to see how my body would feel with drinking only healthy green tea,

So here is the tea that I was sent.

001 Matcha 30g - 30 servings
Ingredients: 100% finely ground organic Japanese green tea powder
★ High in caffeine and antioxidants
★ Perfect for mixing into smoothies, lattes, sauces, or pastries

002 Sencha 40g - 20 servings
Ingredients: 100% Steamed organic Japanese green tea leaf
★ High in caffeine with a lively, fresh flavor
★ For pre/post-workout and healthy daily hydration, provides energy boost

003 Hojicha 40g - 20 servings
Ingredients: 100% Roasted organic Japanese green tea leaf
★ Nutty and toasty with a slightly caramel-like flavor and low in caffeine
★ Drink after a meal or before bed to soothe the stomach 

004 Genmaicha 40g - 20 servings
Ingredients: Organic green tea blended with roasted organic brown rice
★ The rich, nutty sweetness of the roasted rice blends perfectly with the fresh flavor of green tea
★ Drink before a meal to suppress appetite

    This #7daydrinkgreen Challenge came with instructions on the best time to drink the different tea to get the most of the benefits like energy, digestion, and appetite suppression. I like that some of the teas would give me energy like the Matcha and the Sencha so I decided these were best in the morning and before running. The Genmaicha was to help tame my appetite so I decided to drink this one in the afternoon as that is when I tend to over snack. The Hojicha was low in caffeine so that one I could have at night time.

Check out the #7daydrinkgreen Challenge HERE

  The night before my tea challenge, I labeled all the teas with the info of when I could drink them as I did not want to be drinking the high caffeine ones at night. Then I brewed myself a cup of the  Hojicha. I found this tea to have a nut like taste. I did feel like it needed a bit of sweetener but I forced myself to drink it plain. After a while, I got used to the taste. The only sweetener that I ever use in my coffee is stevia so I could have used it in the tea but I chose not to use it. Maybe I might add a bit another day as it might help me stay on this Challenge.

 The next two days of the #7daydrinkgreen challenge went quiet well and I did not seem to miss my coffee. The third day I started craving the flavor of my coffee so I gave in and had a cup for breakfast but the rest of the day I did drink my Nanami green tea. All of the tea had great flavor but I did add a bit of stevia to them for a touch of sweetness. My favorite tea of the whole set was the Genmaicha as the roasted brown rice gave it a great delicious nutty taste. The Matcha was another favorite that I enjoyed in my morning smoothie and it made a great green tea latte.

Day four of my tea challenge was a crazy busy day and I was glad to have the energy from these teas. I was simply too busy to want coffee as I like to savor the taste of coffee. Day five I did well with just drinking tea but on day six, I had a cup of coffee at church as the smell overtook me. Day 7 was the last day of the tea challenge and I just had the tea. 

 So did I feel better drinking the tea?
 I did notice some extra energy in the afternoon especially the day that I went to the trampoline park with my boys. I drank the Genmaicha before we left the house and I had an incredible time bouncing on the trampoline. I also know the tea was so much better for my health as green tea is load with awesome antioxidants.

Will I give up coffee?
 I will go back to my morning coffee as I love the taste of it but I will only drink one cup a day. I will continue to drink these delicious green teas for the awesome health benefits. Now that the weather is getting warmer, I will brew them and add ice for ice tea. Instead of reaching for a glass of lemonade on a hot summer day, I will grab a glass of ice tea that is made from the Nanami Tea Zen Set The extra energy that I get from the Nanami will be great for getting work done. 

 Could you survive the #7daydrinkgreen challenge and give up those sugary drinks?
 Check out these delicious teas over at https://nanamigreentea.com/products/nanami-power-set 

Sponsored post: I received samples of Nanami tea to facilitate this post.


  1. I have heard how great matcha is but I have yet to try it. I don't drink coffee though--but I do drink Diet Coke. It's how I get my caffeine. I could not go a week without it or else I'd be mean.

  2. I am not a coffee drinker and have to say am not the biggest fan of green teas - but I still have yet to try matcha!

  3. I had not heard of matcha, and I like green tea. I will have to try it...sounds good.

  4. I love my coffee. I have had to give it up before, and it was so hard. Good for you for doing so to do the challenge. It's an apt description--Challenge.

  5. Oh this sounds good! I should try this.

  6. I am not into these type of teas but they look refreshing. I don't think I could give up coffee for a week though.

  7. I have heard of Matcha but never tried it. And well done on giving up sugary drinks and coffee for a week. It is not easy. I don't think I can give up my daily dose of strong tea in the morning.

  8. I have yet to try matcha - I actually have some in my pantry, I may have to give it a try! I also don't know about giving up coffee for a week, that would be SO hard for me!

  9. Hmmm I don't know if I could give up coffee. I would love to try this

  10. We are all tea lovers at home. It's lovely to be able to try the different flavors and it's packed with benefits as well. I don't mind having coffee from time to time either.

  11. I don't think I could give up coffee! I like the taste of it, and the pick me up it gives me. My husband is a big time tea drinker and really loves all kinds. I will ask him if he has tried this kind before.

  12. I love green tea and need to take this challenge! you've inspired me to try :)

  13. Love coffee I am not sure if I can give up that, even more that green tea but I think I am going to try to do it if I see a difference on me too. Maybe I change my mind.

  14. I have not heard of this before. I am not a coffee or tea drinker but I will certainly pass this along to my husband who is. Maybe he can take on the challenge.

  15. I love my coffee as well! I only drink a cup or so each day, so I am not worried about the caffeine. I think the tea challenge is a great idea for a change of pace.

  16. How you gave up coffee for a week is beyond me! Props to you! I'll need to give the matcha a shot and see if I can do the same!!!

  17. I've always chosen tea over coffee. This one looks like a great alternative to drinking coffee

  18. I have never heard of the green tea challenge before today but I don't think it's up my alley. I would rather drink coffee!

  19. I have had tropical-flavored sencha tea before and it was really good. Matcha tea is also relatively new to me. I could definitely give up coffee and drink tea for a week.

  20. I haven't heard about this but it looks cool and Interesting, I should try this. Glad you share this

  21. I can't believe you gave up coffee for a week! If I did that, someone would die. Not necessarily me, because I drink coffee for the protection of others.

  22. I'm a huge fan of coffee and I didn't know if I can survive this week with no coffee

  23. am into coffee so much i doubt i can try this, but whats good for you is best for you though.

  24. I am proud of you giving up coffer is not easy. I am glad you completed the 7 days and had an opportunity to take the green tea challenge

  25. I have never heard about this before, i guess i need to try this

  26. Its funny how we are addicted to things. But many times you just find out when you stop... I usally dont drink coffee when Im traveling, except when I stay in a place for longer... just need to stay away from good coffee machines...


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