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Friday, April 7, 2017

Unique Easter Basket Ideas

Check out some idea for Easter baskets!

Easter will be here soon! I just love making Easter baskets for my kids. While Easter seems to be all about candy, I like to include other items in their basket. This year I have some new unique items that I know my boys will love to see in their baskets. Of course, there will also be candy in their basket.

The first item that will be in my boy's Easter basket will be my boys favorite Easter candy. It is not Easter unless there are delicious Peeps in the Easter baskets. Peeps are my boys favorite Easter candy. I love that they come in many different colors so I can put a different color in each basket. My favorite Peeps are the bunny shaped ones. My youngest loves the chick Peeps. We all agree that the soft marshmallow peeps are so delicious.

You can discover all the delicious flavors that Peeps sells at the below link. Use code eastertreats and save 25% off your whole order.

I received a big box of Peep products in lots of different flavors from Peeps. Many of these products will be going in my boy's Easter baskets and others I will be enjoying. Go here 

to see all the other Peep products that I received and get a recipe for Peeps Chocolate Covered Pretzels.

The next item that I will be putting in my kid's Easter basket is a fun bath item. These are Bath Bombs for boys but girls will love them too. These delicious smelling bombs make taking a bath so fun. You get six of them in a gift box along with two fun toys. I just love the names of the scents! 
Blue Rush: smells like blueberries
Power Shot: smells like pomegranate cherries
Super Hero: smells like grapefruit tangerine
Master Blaster: smells like orange citrus
Mega Bomb: smells like banana, grapefruit, and kiwi
Black Magic: this one turns the water black

I love that these bath bombs are made with natural ingredients and use water-based colorants for easy cleanup. You can purchase these awesome bath bombs at Amazon! 

See my full review of the Bath Bombs here.

The next item in the basket will be some awesome smelling soap and lotions. These natural products support a great cause too. BeechTree  is a non-profit social enterprise that employs people with brain injuries. This company makes soaps, lotions, and even dog shampoo. The lotions come in scents like Ginger Tea Party, Sweet Pea, Pretty Peony, and more. My boys can always use lotion for their dry skin! The soaps also come in amazing scents like Lemongrass Tea and lavender to name a few.  Just look at the natural ingredients in the Lemongrass Tea soap.

Lemongrass Tea Ingredients-Saponified oils of sunflower and/or safflower, coconut, and palm (with retained glycerin), essential oils of lemongrass, patchouli, rosemary, lime, sage, and bergamot, annatto seed, rosemary leaf, rosemary extract 

To learn more about these products and the people that they support, visit the below links.

Brain Injury Association of America website http://www.biausa.org/

See my full review of BeechTree here. 

These are just a few of the awesome products that will be in my children's Easter baskets. What type of fun items do you like to include in your kid's baskets?

"These opinions are my own and I received the above-mentioned products to facilitate this post."


  1. Cute basket. Peeps! Yes! I love them.

  2. My kids love Peeps and always get them in their Easter baskets!! That way mom can have some, too ;)

  3. These look absolutely adorable! It's so much fun making your own Easter baskets, isn't it?

  4. Bath bombs and soap would be a great addition to an easter basket. I can imagine younger kids trying to eat it though lol

  5. What great ideas. I always put Peeps in baskets. We love them! And chocolate, of course.

  6. Great idea! They look so cute. But I think we should put the soap and the other food products in separate packages, to avoid younger children try to eat the soap.

  7. These are all wonderful ideas. I personally love bath bombs, so I'd like to be a kid on your list.

  8. Very nice ideas! I wanna make some of them for the flat! OMG, eastern is almost here...

  9. These are great choices. I love that you included other items aside from the good ol' candy! These are all nice and anyone would be delighted to receive them.

  10. I love the bath bomb idea-- just so long as you give them to the right person. I could see a clueless dad or two biting into these thinking they're candy lol

  11. My boys love peeps products. Every Easter I add Master Blaster (Citrus Smell) this time will try Super Hero along with the candies.

  12. This is a great idea for an Easter Basket. My oldest is getting out of the kid stage so she is getting some bath bombs, lotions, etc.

  13. What a great idea for an Easter Basket!!! I think this would be great for a teenager. They'll be able to pamper themselves. :)

  14. I got all of my items for the Easter baskets and now just have to put them together. I love all of the colors you used in these baskets, they feel very festive!

  15. These are all great ideas for Easter baskets. My kids are all grown ups now and if I would put together an Easter Basket for them, it would be mostly toiletries and other bath essentials.

  16. Miss those Peep candies. Not so much the taste but how cute they are. Easter is so colorful and happy.

  17. Easter baskets are always fun to make. You brought me back to my childhood with your post. My mom would add Peeps to ours and lots of chocolate.

  18. These are so cute. Great easter basket additions I could add to my nephews baskets.

  19. These are all a great ideas I love to make my own easter basket, Btw I love bath bomb too


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