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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Sizzling Sausages!

Now when you ask around, not many folks think about making their own sausages. But there is lots of advantage to doing so. For one you can make them 100% meat, missing out all of that nasty bread filler and the like. Which also make them practically gluten free as well! So if I have peaked your interest read on for some sausage ideas and some tips on how to make them all the more delicious.

Basic pork sausage

Whether your are using them with pancakes for a delicious breakfast or serving them with mash potatoes a basic pork sausage can be the perfect item for any meal.

To make the basic sausage you will need pork meat, with a fairly high-fat content, as well as sausage skins. Here you will need to choose whether to use a natural one that comes from pigs intestine. Or collagen cases which are made from the skin of cattle. Most gourmets prefer the natural kind, but it is entirely up to you.

You will also need a bit of equipment to help you make your sausages. In particular a mincer, as well as a sausage attachment for your food processor. Which shoots out the meat from a nozzle, which you put the skin over. Otherwise getting the filling into the casing is going to be pretty tough!


If you want the most basic of pork sausages, then just a good grind of salt and pepper will do to season the meat. But you can, of course, add herbs like sage, mace, and nutmeg to make a traditional English style Cumberland sausage.

Or why not mix in cheese and jalapenos for a delicious Mexican-style twist on the normal pork sausage that's a great accompaniment to burgers and steaks on the grill.


A variation on the basic pork sausage that you can try at home is the bratwurst. A traditional German sausage that is popular in the US for hotdogs and BBQ’s.

Instead of only using pork, you will need both pork and beef for this variety. Although you can use pre-minced beef to save time if you’d like.

Once the meat is ground, then you need to add flavorings including your choice of sugar, beer, onion powder, sage, nutmeg and smoked paprika. Which helps to give it that sweet smokey taste.

Although, another way to give it that much desired smokey flavor is to cure the sausages with an electric smoker once they are prepared.

Electric smokers are clever kitchen gadgets that allow you to do all of the hard work of a smokehouse in a limited space. Check out these comprehensive electric smoker reviews for more information.

Once all of the ingredients are mixed together, pop them in the fridge for a day or so, which will further improve the flavor. Then they are ready to be put into the casings.


Serve with traditional German curry sauce, fries, and a large dill pickle for a truly authentic experience. Or pop a few on the grill for a delicious alternative to a hot dog at you next neighborhood cookout.  


Ivonne said...

I like 100% meat - that's a winner with me! My husband being Italian still sticks to his heritage and you'll often find us grinding fresh meat and making our very own.

Dana said...

This sure has my attention. I've never made my own but I am considering it now. These in the picture above look amazing!

best electric smokers under 300 said...

These sure are sizzling and looks delicious, a must try for these :D

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