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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Developing Good Habits In Your Children

One of the most perfectly frustrating things about raising children is seeing them make a mistake that they do not need to make. It is difficult exactly because you know what will happen and that it could have been avoided. There are some people who believe that allowing children to make their own mistakes is the best way of raising them. It teaches them independence for one thing and they also quickly learn that their actions have consequences. If they think twice before doing the same thing again, they are on their way to learning. It is this sort of thinking that prompts some parents to allow their baby to cry until it calms down on its own. Listening to your little one in distress (even though you know it isn’t serious) can be excruciating because one’s natural impulse is to help. The idea is that if you want them to be able to get to sleep on their own, they cannot become reliant on you at that important time. The opposite is certainly not good. If you spoil a child and do everything for them, they will never learn and when they have to act and think for themselves, at school, for instance, they will be woefully unprepared. While it may seem remarkable, there are some adults whose behavior betrays their parent’s coddling attitude towards them. The secret to raising children, therefore, seems to be that you need to find a compromise between helping them too much and giving them room to learn for themselves.

When it comes to certain things, you have to be able to clearly tell them what is right and wrong. Whether they’ll listen is another matter altogether. If you want to motivate your child to develop good habits to take into adulthood, here are a few tips on how to do it:

  1. When you have a baby, you will obviously brush their teeth for them, just as you’ll do everything else as well. But as they grow up, you need to imprint on them the need for good dental hygiene habits. The first step is getting them a toothbrush that will appeal to them; click here to learn more: https://testingteam.net/best-electric-toothbrush-for-kids-reviews/. However, since it needs to be done twice a day whether or not they want to, you could set up a reward program. If they do not miss a single time in a month, they get a small prize or a certificate.


  1. Sharing with others is another big thing that children need to learn, especially if they are an only child and do not get much practice at home. It is quite simple though. You just need to model the behavior you want your child to emulate. If they see you, the person they love, sharing then they will too.

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  1. Reading is easily the most important habit that you can instill in a child. It benefits them in so many ways, including making them more empathetic and considerate. It will also help them at school as their vocabulary will be better as well as their capacity to concentrate and process information. Reading with your child every night has been proven to be effective.

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