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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Circo Mini Portable Real Time GPS Tracker For Children, Elders And Pets

Sponsored post: I received a Smart Tracking device in exchange for this post.

My boys are getting older and I want to give them more independence. They are 9 and 10 and I would like to give them the freedom to go play at the park with friends. The park is just up the street and I know they will be fine, but I still worry about them. So I discovered this Smart Tracking Device. This device is pretty cool! It allows me to know where my boys are at all times. I love how small the device is. My son can put it in his pocket or a bag. I can then send the boys off to the park and then make sure they are still at the park through an app on my phone. If they leave the Safezone that I set up, I get an alert on my phone. I can then see where they are on a map on my phone. How cool is that!

This device would have been great for my mother in law who passed away from Alzheimer's. There were many times she would leave the apartment and my father in law had to frantically search for her. If they had the Smart Tracking Device, my father in law would be able to find her a lot sooner.

You can even attach this device to pets. The wifi tracker Circo GPS can tell you where they’re at within 2 meters of accuracy, in real time. I love that this device has a panic button too, so if my boys are in trouble, I will be alerted. This device gives me the piece of mind that I need to let my boys have some freedom.

Check it out at Amazon.

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