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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Label Daddy Labels Are Perfect For Traveling

 I like to travel to conferences by myself. These conferences are not only for networking and learning but they are also my little retreat away from home. Most times I go by myself but I occasionally invite the family if the conference is in a cool place that they want to go to. When I travel by plane  I want my suitcases to be easy to spot when I retrieve them from the baggage carousel. So these Bag Tags from Label Daddy are perfect for my suitcases. If my bags get lost these labels have my name and phone number on them so I can be contacted. I really like these Bag Tags as I could have used them many years ago when we went to Chicago.

Sponsored post: I received samples to facilitate this post.

When we went to Chicago we rented a car at the airport. To get to our car we had to take a shuttle to the car rental place. There were six of us so we hand lots of bags, a stroller, and two car seats to put on the shuttle bag racks. We got to our car when we realized that one of our bags was missing. So we raced back to the car rental place and thankfully the shuttle guy brought the suitcase there. If I had a colorful Bag Tag on that suitcase then the shuttle guy could have called us sooner about our bag.

  I used to use the smaller labels from Label Daddy to label my suitcases so when they came out with the bigger Bag Tags for suitcases, I just had to have them. I love that these removable labels come in many colors and designs. I can also choose what words and numbers I want on them. The tags really stay on my bags and are waterproof too, great for when is raining. The bigger size makes it easy to spot my suitcases too. As you can see on the below suitcases the smaller labels are hard to see.

Don't you like how these pink labels match my suitcase and my laptop bag? I received eight labels in my order so I have plenty for my other suitcases. I am traveling to Las Vegas in July for a conference and I am excited to show off my Bag Tags. Finding my suitcases will be super easy. 

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