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Friday, May 26, 2017

Healthy Snacks For Active Kids

My boys never slow down!

  My boys are out of school and home all day with me. My boys are bundles of energy and keep me going all day. My days are now spent playing at the park, going for bike rides, and swimming at the pool. My boys are also eating machines and seem to be hungry all the time. So I like to keep my kitchen stocked with healthy snacks that my boys can grab and go. Having grab and go snacks allow my boys to grab something to eat and my kitchen stays clean between meals. I am spoiled during the school year as they boys get free breakfast and lunch at school so my kitchen stays clean during the day.

    So take a look at some of my boy's favorite healthy snacks.

Sponsored post: I received samples of healthy products to facilitate this post.

After a long bike ride, my boys are hot and sweaty. So I like to have to stock my freezer with Hydrating Freezies that my boys can grab to cool down with. Since my boys did plenty of sweating, these frozen snacks help replenish their electrolytes with a delicious taste. Last year my boys had headaches when they did not consume enough water and I want to make sure that does not happen this year. I love that these Freezies contain real fruit juice and whole food electrolytes from coconut water and sea salt. They also have no added sugar, artificial colors or preservatives, or GMO’s. You can also rejoice that they are vegan and gluten free! My boys love the watermelon ice pops the best. My favorite flavor is the strawberry lemonade and the pineapple flavor is awesome too. 

  When we are not at the park or a bike ride, my boys are usually out front goofing around. Which is great for me so I can get some work done. That usually is short lived as one of them will say "I am hungry!" So I open the door and toss them a bag of Coconut Granola! This grain-free snack is addicting! I make sure to have several bags in the pantry as I love it more than the boys do. I love that this healthy snack is made without oil! It is simply a bag of delicious seeds, nuts, and coconut flakes that taste sweet but has very little sugar grams. Since the yummy snack is grain free, those who can't have gluten can enjoy it too. While my boys don't need the energy that this snack has, it sure does help me to keep up with them.

  Just look at those chunks of superfoods!  My favorite flavor is the Chocolate Coconola! I just love that that Grandy Oats uses Solar Panels to produce this awesome snack.

  Summer time means our bodies need more water. While my boys will drink water, it tends to get boring after a while so I like to treat my boys to flavored water. Their favorite flavored water for hot summer days is Aqua Ball. These cool shaped bottles make drinking water so fun and I don't have to worry about my boys becoming dehydrated. I love that the water is naturally flavored and my boys love all the delicious flavors like grapefruit punch, and strawberry lemonade. My boys also get some healthy vitamins from these preservative free waters. My boys love drinking the Aqua Balls after a hot day in the sun.

            Flavored water tastes so good after a water gun fight.

          My boys just love the cool characters on the bottles! 

 Other snacks that I like to keep in the house are fresh fruit like grapes and strawberries. My boys love freezing the grapes for a refreshing snack. Some other snacks that you can always find in my fridge are yogurt, cheese sticks, and peanut butter sandwiches. I find that having plenty of healthy snacks that are easy for my boys to grab keeps my kitchen clean and my boys filled with energy so they can run around and enjoy their summer.

What healthy snacks do your active kids enjoy?


Unknown said...

These are all great snacks for kids to eat healthier. I have a few of these in my pantry for my health nut child.

Unknown said...

These look great. My son will love those waters. I can see us stocking our entire second fridge with those.

Unknown said...

I've seen these around actually. Kids blow off so much energy and water, and surely need lots of liquids. These look perfect.

Echo aka The Mad Mommy said...

These all look so delicious! My kids would probably devour that granola!

Jessica L. Smith said...
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Angel said...

I have never eaten frozen grapes before! I'll have to give that a try :)

Carol Cassara said...

It's awesome to have everything prepared for the kids once vacation starts. Looks like they're having so much fun playing and eating through the summer!

Helena Houston said...

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Alayna said...

Those popsicles look yummy! I'd eat those myself!

Unknown said...

These look so yummy! I think these would be a whole lot better then just plain sugar snacks! I will be looking for these for my son this summer!

Momma Jones said...

My 4yo boy only seems to eat breakfast, but still seems to plenty of energy. His little sister, however, sits happily in her high chair, wolfing down the grub. So, I guess I'd better get my snacks organised for this summer.

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