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Thursday, May 4, 2017

The "Brain" Child! How To Make Your Kids Smarter

We all want our kids to be smarter, right? We want to give our children the things that we didn’t have, and that includes moral support. But you may think that you can't teach our children how to be smart, you are wrong. It’s not about how much you know so you can pass on the information to your children, it’s all about encouraging certain habits in your children, so they will naturally have inquisitive minds and seek out knowledge. But how can we do this?

Read With Your Children   
Although there have been plenty of studies showing why we should read to our children, in fact reading with them helps to focus their attention and develops their reading skills a lot faster. So if you have young kids and they stare at the pictures, point out the words you are reading, call attention to them, emphasize each syllable. By pointing out each word and making your child engage with them, it will increase their comprehension incredibly. If you make the act of reading exciting for your children, they will start to seek out reading for fun as they get older. You don’t just have to read The Very Hungry Caterpillar to them, try all sorts of books. Try poetry, the natural rhythms of the words will help to keep their attention. And as they get older, they will look for books that continue to satisfy their cravings and will pick out particular genres. They will continue reading for fun, rather than it being a chore set to them in school. It is a pastime few children have now, and it is a shame, so by instilling reading in them as a fun hobby, you will increase their intelligence.
Learning An Instrument
It’s a fact, learning an instrument makes children smarter. Their IQ points go up, and they use different parts of their brain than someone who has never learned an instrument. Some of the theory in music also helps children with subjects like mathematics. The task of transposing songs into different keys at a moment’s notice is something that becomes second nature after a while, but it’s much like translating English into Swahili for the average person! The great thing about any instrument is if your child has a keen interest in music or bands, it is a fantastic way for them to interact with their hobby while expanding their brain! The best way to get a child to learn something is to make it fun, and if they are learning to play their favorite song, you don’t need to figure out a way to make it fun!
Do Sports!
Seriously! The dumb jock image is not true at all. Exercise increases blood flow to the brain, and being in shape actually increases your ability to learn. After exercising you are able to pick up new words 20% faster, and it is something that will make you happier! Go for a run with your child or take them to a karate class, any little thing will develop their brain in a big way!

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