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Sunday, May 10, 2020

12 Meatless Recipes That Use Beans

Food prices are on the rise and things like meat are expensive. The solution is to eat more meatless meals made with beans. Beans are a good source of protein and are delicious. 

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 Many people choose to not eat meat for many reasons. For some people, it may be for health reasons while others abstain from eating meat due to their love of animals. Others may not consume meat for religious reasons while some may just choose one day a week to not eat meat. The reason that I choose to not eat meat was at first because meat is expensive. Many years ago when money was tight, I gave up meat simply because the meat was a costly source of protein. I discovered that eating only meatless protein was more affordable. Several years later when I read that a meatless diet could be healthier, I decided to follow a vegetarian diet most of the time and a flexitarian diet a couple times a month as I still enjoyed eating fish.

Meat can be expensive

 I know for most people right now, buying meat at the grocery store can be hard as meat supplies have been affected by the C lung virus outbreaks. A lot of meat processing factories have close so stores have a limited supply of meat. Many stores are limiting the amount of meat you can buy or the meat cases are empty. I am sure that this meat shortage is going to affect the price of meat too. So this may be a good time to cook meals without meat or have smaller portions of meat in your meals. So many recipes can be made with meatless sources of protein like beans, tofu, or meat substitutes. You can even make recipes that replace some of the meat with beans. Think chili with beans and replace half the amount of ground beef with dried beans or canned beans.

Beans Facts
~ Loaded with protein
~ Full of fiber
~ Great for meatless recipes
~ A rich source of antioxidants
~ Cheap source of protein
~ Good source of iron
~ Low in Cholesterol
~ Plant-Based
~ Available in many varieties

Beans are an excellent source of protein

 When people think of meatless meals or Meatless Monday Meals, they think of beans. Many also think of beans when they think of frugal meals. Beans are full of protein and are a good source of protein for plant-based meals. Many vegetarian meals use beans. If you follow a vegan meal plan then beans are probably an ingredient in your pantry. If you stockpiled food for the C virus outbreak, I bet you have beans in your house.

More than beans and rice. Looking for recipes for beans?

 Dried beans and rice are on the top of most stockpile lists as they are not only cheap ingredients but they have a long shelf life. Rice and beans are always paired together since they make a complete source of protein. Beans don't have all the essential amino acids so they need to be served with a grain source, like rice, to make them a complete source of protein. Other great grain options to pair beans with are tortillas, bread, or your favorite item from the bread group. My favorite way to eat beans is homemade veggie burgers.  I also enjoy beans in many other recipes and I always have dried beans as well as canned beans in my pantry. Beans that are dried are so easy to cook. You can even freeze beans. So I included some of my favorite ways that I enjoy beans in the below recipes. I like cooking my beans in a pressure cooker but sometimes make the beans in a slow cooker. These bean cooking appliances!

Mock Chipotle Pinto Beans 

A tasty way to cook beans that taste just like the ones at popular Mexican restaurants

 When it was impossible to get food from the grocery store a month ago, I used up my bean stockpile and made big batches of these mock chipotle beans so my family could use the cooked beans in other recipes like tacos or bean and rice bowls. These beans are full of flavor and are so easy to make. 
Get the recipe HERE.

Veggie Burgers Made With Beans and Rice

 Once you learn how easy it is to make veggie burgers, you will never buy store-bought frozen veggie burgers. Most prepackaged veggie burgers have soy or mushrooms in them and I am allergic to both of these ingredients. So I make my own homemade veggie burgers with beans and rice. These delicious plant-based burgers are grillable and don't fall apart.
Get the recipe HERE.

Vegan Tuna Salad

 This vegan tuna looks and tastes like the real thing and is made with cooked garbanzo beans. I keep several cans of garbanzo beans in my pantry so I can easily whip up this mock tuna in minutes. One can of garbanzo beans makes enough for two large sandwiches.
Get the recipe HERE.


 Another tasty way to include beans in your meals is by making hummus. My family loves hummus and I have several vegetarian recipes for homemade hummus that is better than store-bought. Beans that I like to use in hummus are garbanzo beans and white beans. I include some of my favorite hummus recipes below.

Spicy carrot hummus-get the recipe
Easy beet hummus- get the recipe
Easy to make hummus- get the recipe
Pumpkin hummus- get the recipe
White bean hummus- get the recipe

 BBQ Baked Beans

 My BBQ baked beans are so easy to make and you can make them in a pressure cooker. My recipe is vegan so it has no meat in it but you could add bacon to your beans if desired. This is a perfect recipe for summer picnics or outdoor get-togethers. Barbecue baked beans are perfect for potlucks.
Get the recipe HERE.

Savory Lentil Loaf With A Cranberry Glaze

Some might not consider lentils to be beans but they are also a meatless source of protein and can be used in many delicious recipes. This flavorful lentil loaf makes for a great meatless meal.
Get the recipe HERE.

 Vegan Sloppy Joes

 Another delicious recipe for lentils is a mock vegan sloppy Joe recipe that is a family favorite. This meal looks and tastes like the real thing. It is also an easy to make slow cooker recipe.
Get the recipe HERE.

Quinoa & Bean Veggie Burger 

These veggie burgers have awesome flavor and are a frugal meal idea! Instead of using rice and beans to make the burgers, it uses quinoa, which is a grain full of protein.
Get the recipe HERE

Mushroom Vegetarian "Meat" Loaf

 There is no meat in this vegetarian version of "meat" loaf but it tastes just like a real meatloaf. So this vegetarian recipe is a great way to go meatless. This vegetarian meatloaf freezes well so it can be a make-ahead meal.
Get the recipe HERE

Plant-Based Crab Cakes

 These vegan "crab" cake look-alikes have amazing texture and flavor, one bite and you will think they are the real thing. They are made with my favorite garbanzo bean.
Get the recipe HERE

Roasted Garbanzo Beans

These roasted garbanzo beans are a nutty-tasting crunchy snack and so easy to make. You simply add the spices of your choice and roast them in the oven for a snack that is high in protein.
Get the recipe HERE

Gluten-Free Chocolate Mocha Protein Brownies

Yes, you can make delicious brownies with beans. These brownies taste so good and you can not even taste the beans. The beans add protein to this healthy good for you treat.
Get the recipe HERE

Those are just some of the many ways you can use beans to create meals that don't need meat. If you are looking for more meatless meal recipes, you need to check out these 22 Meatless Monday Meal ideas for some more delicious vegetarian and plant-based recipes that don't require meat.


Masshole Mommy said...

I will have to check some of these recipes out. I am always looking for new meal ideas for my family.

AiringMyLaundry said...

I'd give them a try! I'm always open to trying everything at least once. I do like beans so I can see myself enjoying these dishes.

Adrienne said...

I love the idea of meatless Mondays. Thanks for sharing so many options to try, there is bound to be a few my family will love!

crownthequeen said...

I have been making more and more vegetarian and vegan meals. I think we will be trying that sloppy joe recipe this week. My family was just talking about how we have not made sloppy joes in a while just yesterday.

Angie's Angle said...

What great options for meatless days. I love that beans can have so many amazing ways to use them.

Kathy said...

These all sounds great. I've actually been looking for recipes with beans. I have a lot to use up at home, so this will be great.

Jaredamy said...

I really would love to try the vegan tuna salad. That sounds really good!

CA said...

All looking good! Plus they're really healthy! How I wish I could try your veggie burgers, hummus, and bbq baked beans!

Sarah m said...

Ohhh wow you shared a long list of healthy recipes to try.

Candace Hampton said...

I really want to try that mushroom meat loaf! I see that you took a lot of traditional comfort foods and made them vegan with beans. So great! Growing up in the southern US, I do get nostalgic about some dishes but I choose not to partake because of the meat.

Jhangi said...

The beans are the important for vegetarian peoples, we always try different recipes like namkeen, sweet and with red chilies or black papers. Your shared recipe sounds good, we will try these. (World in Eyes)

Nyxie said...

As someone who's diet is 80% vegetarian I can't thank you enough for this. Beans are an amazing source of protein for those of us who maybe don't eat as much meat. I love including them in different recipes, especially butter beans!

Lydia said...

I’m a vegetarian and I’ve never tried these dishes before! I really love the look of the tuna one so I’ll give that a try

Heather said...

Great list of recipes to add some variation to our meals at home! We aren't vegetarian but love beans.

Toni said...

This is such a great list! Thank you! Saving this!

Littlemisadvencha said...

I love the variety. even though there's no meat, all these look absolutely delicious!

Celebrate Woman said...

I love meatless options and would look more closer into your recipes. I try to widen my bean variety.

Ceci Rey said...

I substitute beans for meat in different recipes...great suggestions!

Alvern at Success Unscrambled said...

Tara, I will need to start calling you the bean queen. This is such an extensive list of vegan recipes for anyone that is interested in going meatless. I have been a vegetarian for most of my life so that is a handy list to keep when I am stuck for something different.

Britt K said...

You've got some great recipes! I think a lot of people are surprised by how good these meat alternatives can be! While my husband still enjoys a good steak from time to time, he's started to eat with me more often than not. Not only is it easier for us (one meal instead of two), he actually enjoys my options!

Mom Knows Best said...

This one is my favorite recipe and I eat it at least one a week

Bailey Lynn D Photography said...

I really love Sloppy Joes. They were my favorite dinner as a child. My parents hated making them, but my aunt use to make them for me when she would babysit.

Lyosha Varezhkina said...

Looks delicious! I love beans and often cook and eat it. I see that I don't really eat meat or choose it. Your options are great for any person!

Rachel said...

I've always used beans as a meat -replacement in my house! Plus, they're DELICIOUS!

Jen Sky Walker said...

I love tuna salad and never seem to have it on hand when I want it. I'm definitely going to have to try your mock version with garbanzo beans!

Jocelyn @ Hip Mama's Place said...

Wow, I love these recipes. I'm always on the lookout for new recipes!

Beautiful Touches said...

Those bean brownies and burgers look soo good, I'll have to give them a try!

Nicz Escat said...

Wow! This looks absolutely delicious and tasty! I would definitely love to try this recipe

Gust si Aroma said...

I always have beans in my fridge. I should try some of these recipes. I can make something new for my family!

Anonymous said...

I love beans and all the recipes look delicious. I will have to save them all for later. -LYNNDEE

Kelli A said...

I am not a fan of beans, but I'm also not much of a meat eater and it has effected my protein levels. These recipes with bean as an alternative is something I really need to consider now.

Christy G said...

I will eat black beans but most of the time, I don't eat them a whole bunch. Thank you for sharing the ideas since meat is so expensive right now.

Marysa said...

These look like fun ideas to try. We are a vegetarian family, and we use beans a lot as a substitute. One of my faves is refried beans in a crunchwrap.

Anonymous said...

I’ve never thought much about ‘meatless’ things. I’ve heard that they’re gross and tasteless. However, these actually look pretty good, especially since I know they have beans in it. I do like beans, so this dishes may actually be worth trying! Thank you so much for sharing!

-Whitney Stewart

Forever My Little Moon said...

We're trying to eat less meat and beans are a great alternative, I'll have to try some of these!

Richelle Milar said...

What a really nice list Of delicious recipes you have here!

Tammy said...

Being on low carb keeps me from eating beans. I did have some black eyed beans on New Year Day. Southern tradition to eat them on the 1st of the year for good luck.

Renee said...

I always have beans of some sort in the house. I will have to try a few of these.

Beautiful Touches said...

These look so tasty, I bet my sons would've loved these when they were going meat free a few years ago!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love these recipe ideas! We do love beans in our home.... I ate them a lot growing up as a id and. great and healthy ay to get that protein PLUS economical in these high inflation times too! I am making a pasta dish tonight with white cannelloni beans!

Bri said...

Surprisingly enough, my 2 year old LOVES beans. I'll have to make a few of these at home!

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