Mom Knows Best : CooI It Buddy Reusable Cold Pack Makes Owies All Better

Saturday, May 31, 2014

CooI It Buddy Reusable Cold Pack Makes Owies All Better

I have 4 boys and my boys are rough and tough. That means they get hurt a lot. When one of my boys come to me a owie I like to give them a me4kidz cool it buddy reusable cold pack along with a hug to make their owie feel better faster. The cool it buddy is a soft cloth cold pack that remains flexible in freezing temperatures. I keep my cute cold pack in the freezer so it is always ready for the next bump or bruise. My  boys love that they have their own cold pack and I love that the pack helps to relieve their pain. Unlike a hard cold pack, the cool it buddy feels soft on their skin and flexes to cover their pain. 

My son had a headache the other day. I gave him a hard cold pack, the kind used in lunch sacks and he complained it was too hard on his head. I also tried a bag of ice and he said that hurt too. Them I remembered our cool it buddy. My son placed it on his head and said "much better mom."

The cool it buddy is great for 
*Sprains & Strains
*Pain & Swelling
*Bumps & Bruises
*Scrapes & Insect Bites

Cool it buddy comes in a package of one soft cold pack and you can choose from five different designs. I am sure you will find one that makes your child's owies feel better. Cool it buddy is sold in stores like Target, Walmart and Toys R Us. You can also purchase them online at
Check out the other awesome health and safety products that me4kidz makes while you are at their website.

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"These opinions are my own and I was sent the above mention product to review on my blog."


  1. This is so cute...I bruised my rib area a couple of days ago, and I wouldn't mind using something like this on myself.

  2. These are adorable-beats a bag of peas!

  3. Love the fact that you could just toss it in the freezer and reuse as needed. My icepack until now had been a ziplock plastic bag and fill it with crush ice.
    Thanks to having 2 active boys, the bag breaks and there is a pool somewhere waiting for me. Never fails.

  4. How cute - I love the size!! The ones out today are either too small or too big. This would even be great for my shoulder when I need it!!

  5. Well, that is just a cute ice pack! My kids would certianly pick that out of the freezer to use.

  6. I love this idea! Last time my daughter needed this I just got a bag of ice with a rag and she did not want me to put it on her head. I bet she wouldn't mind this! Cute!

  7. This is cute! We need one of these here!

  8. I use ice packs all time because I have RA and I always tell my husband that I wish I could decorate them! Looks like somebody finally did! Thanks.

  9. this is adorable and the penguin on there makes it all the more


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