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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Little Tikes Makes Awesome Big Kid Toys

Check out these Little Tikes action toys for big kids.

Sponsored post: I received toys from Little Tikes to facilitate this post.

 When I think of Little Tikes toys, I think of durable toys for little kids. I was excited to learn that they now make some awesome toys for my bigger kids. My younger boys are nine and ten and they are at the age where they are almost outgrowing toys. It makes this mom sad that enjoy playing games on the computer more than going outside. So I am always looking for toys they will enjoy playing with so they don't whine for computer time. So when my boys expressed interest in remote control cars, that was a good thing. The boys had made some money fish sitting for our neighbor and he pays them a lot. So we headed to the store to look at the RC cars. The teen went with too so he could give his little brothers advice. I secretly think the teen was excited for the opportunity to play with the RC car.

  My boys chose a couple of RC vehicles from Little Tikes. They really liked that the new name that is on the box. LTXtreme does not sound like a baby toy, my ten-year old said. The other toy that the boys chose may have had the Little Tikes logo on it but it was designed with big kids in mind.

My boys were happy with their selections and could not wait to play with them. Thank goodness the LTXtreme Land Sea RC™ came fully charged right out of the box. So they tried out this RC car first while the My First Drone™ charged.

We took the LTXtreme Land Sea car up to the park so there was plenty room to drive the car. My boys only tried the car on the land but are anxious to go to grandpa's apartment next month to see how this cool car drives in the water. This fun car has large treaded tires that drive on grass, gravel, dirt, and even snow. My boys liked how easy it was to make the car drive forward and backward. They told me that the car had 4-wheel drive and made wonderful 360 degree turns. I think their favorite part of the car was being able to shoot missiles at mom. This mom was ok with that as this car was rechargeable so that means I have to buy fewer batteries. The remote does require 3 AAA batteries but they were included in the box. The RC car is for kids ages 8 and up. My teen had a blast playing with this car too.

We were able to find this car online at Little Tikes and at Target and Go HERE to get more information on this awesome car.

Check out this video of the LTXtreme in action.

   My First Drone

   The other toy that they boys selected was My First Drone™. Although this toy is for ages 4 and up, my boys still had a blast playing with this toy. This drone was easy to fly. My boys loved the how easy it was to operate the remote. The remote did require 6 AA batteries but I loved that the drone plugs into the remote to charge. It only takes 40 minutes to charge too. My boys had no problem making the drone fly and they were able to make smooth landings. The drone features a One-touch remote for easy take-off, turns, and landings. It also has an emergency shut-off. Little kids will love the LED lights and sounds. Moms will love the protective propellers. The teen even had fun flying the drone even though he has flown real drones for his ROTC class in high school.

You can find this Drone online at Little Tikes. Go HERE for more information.

Check out this video of My First Drone in action.


  1. That is pretty cool looking. My grand sons would love it.

  2. My husband and son would absolutely love this! I know what I need to add to their Christmas list now!

  3. Oh wow, I had no idea Little Tykes had a My First Drone. My daughter loves to play with her big brother's drone and this would be great for her.

  4. We have been buying Little Tikes toys for my Son since he was a baby. I will have to go pick up the My First Drone. It would be a great way to introduce drones to kids.

  5. Cool! Those are really practical toys for kids to get rid of playing video games. Those games also make kids become more flexible. They'll love these toys.

  6. Little Tikes makes some great toys! I will have to check out the LTXtreme. I know someone who would love this.

  7. This is so great to know! I didn't know Little Tikes made toys for the older kids.

  8. Cool toys for little boys. I guess its the start to learn and appreciate these which is the foundation of liking bigger and expensive toys when they grow up.

  9. The tank toy is so cool because it'samphibious. Kids would love it to be able to play both land and water. And the drone too. I like that it has guarded propellers which makes it very safe and fun to play with at the same time.

  10. This is great to know! My son is only 14 months old and we already love Little Tikes toys! I'm glad to see that as he gets older one of his favorite toy brands can grow with him as well! Thanks for sharing!

  11. These are great toys. My nephews would definitely love these.

  12. These looks like a lot of fun, I know that my son would love the drone toy.


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