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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Rowenta's Newest Innovation – The Steam 'N Press

Rowenta's newest innovation – the Steam 'N Press – will make all of your garment care dreams come true.

Sponsored post: I received a Steam 'N Press from http://www.rowentausa.com to facilitate this post.

  I admit that I hate ironing. It is a chore that I would like to pass on to my younger boys like I did with folding. The problem is they are to you to handle a hot iron so I have to keep this job, for now as my husband needs wrinkle free clothes for work. I still can't convince my husband that polyester clothes look cool on him. I just wish there was an easier way to iron.

    Well, I think I found an iron that makes my job a bit easier. The Rowenta Steam 'N Press is a new innovative product that makes steaming the wrinkles out of my husband shirts so simple. This awesome 2 in one iron and steamer does a great job of removing wrinkles. I love using the steamer/iron on my dresses. I like wearing dresses to church but tend to forget to iron them the night before. We leave for church early in the morning and I can use the Steam 'N Press Sunday morning as it takes less than five minutes to use. I just simply select my dress from the closet and hang up on the door. Then with a couple swipes and presses of steam, the wrinkles are gone from my dress.

This iron will be great for my next conference too. It is light so I can pack it in my suitcase. Then when I get to my hotel, I can hang up all my dresses and steam out all the wrinkles. For now, the Steam 'N Press is only available at Target and Target.com. Watch the above video to see Rowenta's Newest Innovation in action. 

Product Details:

Variable steam controls the amount of steam based on the fabric
Works with tap water; no need for distilled water
Heated soleplate and steam burst for perfect touch ups and ideal when traveling
Ergonomic steam trigger for long bursts of steam
2.5-oz. water tank allows 15 min of steaming (~ up to five shirts without refilling)
Kickstand for cooling down the appliance

Fabric brush
Lint pad
Filling cup
Travel pouch

Will the Rowenta Steam 'N Press make your life a bit easier?


Cynthia Nicoleti said...

I have a regular steamer that you would put up to a garment. I love the way this looks instead of using a regular iron.

Unknown said...

I dislike ironing as well it's been a long-time struggle for me. This product seems like it could help with that.

Tammy said...

My answer to not ironing! I have used a hand held steamer before and loved it. Thanks for sharing.

AiringMyLaundry said...

I need to pick this up for my husband. He's in the military and always needs his uniforms to look their best.

Anosa said...

I tried a product similar to this and I find it difficult. I need to check this out if this will be different from that I tried.

Aimee Geroux said...

This looks like a handy tool to take on vacation. I hate when my clothes are all wrinkled when I get to my destination and I am not one for the iron.

tinagleisner said...

Sounds interesting but if I buy something and discover it needs to be ironed, I give it away immediately. The only time I iron (with my Rowenta) is when I'm quilting!

nellwyn said...

My mom hates ironing as well so I'll have to recommend this product to her! It's great that it's light enough for travel as well.

Yankee Quipster said...

Okay, I need to try this out. I had a steam table but no longer needed it since I started writing full time. I had to wear suits every day and it came in handy but now I spend most of my days wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Still, the t-shirts get wrinkled. Richard B

Kelly Hutchinson said...

I need this in my life! My daughter is graduating and we cannot iron her gown. I nee a good steam and press like this to get the wrinkles out.

Love You Wedding said...

I don't usually iron clothes. The only clothes that need ironing are those we have to wear when we have to go on a formal dinner or something. This Steam and Press would be a nice travel buddy to have, especially when you to on a business trip.

Katy {AShadeOfTeal} said...

This steamer looks amazing. Mine just recently broke so I'm in need of a new one.

Colette S said...

This is a fascinating gadget.
I admit, It might be very helpful to me here at home

Annemarie LeBlanc said...

My daughter could use one of this! Sometimes the long drive to her work place causes her blouse or shirt to get wrinkled up. I know how she always makes it a point to look her very best, and a travel iron/steamer would ensure she does!

Alayna said...

I always end up using the steam feature on my iron. I bet this would be much better!

Aduke Schulist said...

I need one of these! I am constantly just tossing clothes into a basket without folding them and then needing the dryer to help straighten them out.

Unknown said...

This looks like such a handy tool to keep around the house and use when traveling. I need to check into this.

Unknown said...

Really? my dreams came true! I hate iron is the last thing I do, unless is urgent I do not do it, I need to find one soon seriously my life will be much easier, thank you!

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