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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Gravity Park Is For Great Family Fun

My family and I had a blast at this awesome extreme recreation trampoline park!

     My kids and I love to visit Gravity Park. This is a cool family fun place in Albuquerque that has tons of trampolines, foam pits, and other fun things for the whole family. Did you know that jumping on a trampoline for an hour can burn up to 1000 calories! 

Sponsored Post: My family was invited to have fun in exchange for this post. 

  When I visit this fun jumping place I get some crazy fun exercise. Usually, the younger boys and I go by ourselves but today the whole family went to have fun jumping. Even my husband got in some exercise and he hates exercising. My husband just could not resist having fun jumping on trampolines.

My teen, I think had the most fun! He was determined to jump high enough so he could touch the yellow and white punching bag. That boy sure does have way too much energy. 
Did I tell you that Gravity Park is a great place for kids to burn off that energy and get some awesome exercise?
I should have worn my Fitness Tracker to see how many steps/jumps that I did.

          After many tries, the teen finally jumped high enough to touch the punching bag!

There is way more than jumping at this family sports place! My youngest son really enjoyed all extreme air sports. This area of the place looked like one of those obstacles shows that my boys like to watch on TV.  Check out all the photos of my youngest son having fun. My other younger son was being camera shy.

      My son loved that there were a swinging trapeze and a fun foam pit to fall into too.

You can even get some climbing into your workout.

My son is trying out these fabric swings. 

If jumping is not your thing or you need to rest there are plenty of places to get comfy.

                These chairs are just too cool. I need a set of these hands in my house.

Here is a view of the room with all the extreme air sports. This place even has a basket ball court. How is that for fun, jumping on a trampoline while trying to shoot baskets.

I wish this place was closer to my house as I would take this fun fitness class that they offer. I could see myself joining in on this class several times a week as jumping is so fun. It is also a great whole body workout. If you want to see more videos and pictures of Gravity Park then visit the below link.

Would you like to have some fun jumping and getting a great workout? Then visit the below link to see if there is an extreme jumping place near you.


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Helene Bludman said...

My kids are grown but they would have loved this. They all begged us to get a trampoline for our yard!

Sarah Bailey said...

These parks always sound like somewhere I would have loved when I was a child, or when I still had my mobility.

Parenting Patch said...

I have never been to a trampoline park because my kiddos are too little yet. They love taking turns jumping on the trampoline in our backyard though!

Unknown said...

We have one that is about 20 minutes from our home and the kids go here every weekend. They do a lot of parties here too. It is such a fun way to get exercise in the snowy, cold wintertime here in Illinois!

Unknown said...

I love trampoline parks!! We have one here in Brisbane that is awesome - the only downside is that when we visit i always end up with a sore back haha

Heather Jones said...

Oh so fun! I'd love to go to one where adults can partake in the fun too. My kids were able to go to a gymnastics place and do trampolines and block pits back where we used to live. I miss that now!

Unknown said...

I still haven't been to one of these places! I really want to go, because it seems like so much fun!!

Unknown said...

how fun is this? I love combining fun things with exercise - then it doesn't feel like exercise! ;) Looks like the whole family had a great time!

Unknown said...

We recently took my little boy for the first time and he absolutely loved it! (And he slept amazingly afterwards!!!)

Khushboo said...

This is such a cool place for some fun family time. I wish I could go here, too! Love the photos :)

Ada said...

That is so much fun, a great place to get some energy back

Anam Anam said...

I am sure that you and your family had a great time there. Looks like a fun place to be at.

Terri Beavers said...

My goodness, I never realized jumping on a trampoline could burn that many calories. I'm going to have to find a Gravity Park in our area.

Blair villanueva said...

This is unique kind of park, and I wish we have that here in Manila. Someone should bring this park here! Awesome :)

PR Daily PH said...

This is something my family and I will surely enjoy. I would love to try the foam pit.

Spencer said...

If you are buying a trampoline for your kids, a mini trampoline, or a toddler trampoline, you should think about how they will use it, and the fact that you will not always be around to keep an eye over them. Kids love trampolines and in many cases they enjoy using it so much that they let themselves go a little and lose control, this is why you will need to think about getting a safety net, or a trampoline enclosure for your kids not to fly out of the trampoline.

Tim said...

Good stuff Tara, looks like the adults enjoyed the place more than the kids, I'm sure I would too (and my kids would love it)

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