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Saturday, February 19, 2022

What Are The Benefits of BEAM Minerals For Mold

 Five years ago, I started on a health journey starting with out-of-control asthma to discovering food allergies. Then wie discovered mold in my house. I have had my ups and downs with my health. I am thankful for the supplements that have helped me heal.

 Looking back at the past five years with my health issues has been quite eye-opening. From turning 50 and thinking that old age was the reason for my struggles with exercise to out-of-control asthma, which left me unable to sleep. Then I discovered, through a food elimination diet, that I was allergic to milk products. A food allergy blood test and a lactose test confirmed that my lactose issue was a dairy allergy. Once I eliminated all dairy from my diet, I was able to manage my asthma naturally without any prescription medications. I still had asthma issues but I did not have the struggling-to-breathe issues or an all-day asthmatic cough.

Keep reading to learn more and discover a plant-based mineral supplement that is helping my body heal.

The Pandemic of 2020 forced me to stay at home as all the chemical cleaners and hand sanitizers were big asthma triggers. Then as things began to get back to a new normal, we discovered mold in our house as we were doing some home renovations. The mold was discovered as we were doing a bathtub-to-shower conversion

What is Mold Sickness - How To Remove Mold From The Body 

I am allergic to mold so I started to have new health issues. Just as we got the safe report from the mold remediation experts and had a new water heater installed in the garage, we discovered a gas leak. The plumbers did not install the water heater correctly.  My lungs were very inflamed from all of these problems. The gas leak was corrected and one night later, I woke up struggling to breathe. 

 I then discovered that my dairy allergy became life-threatening after I had dipped my hands in a bowl of milk before I went to bed. I had made the mistake of cutting jalapenos without gloves and my hands were burning. All of the other home remedies were not working so I tried the milk remedy. My hands are tingling and I am feeling anxious as I write these words. That was a night that I will never forget, I thought I was going to die that night. 

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 An allergy doctor's appointment revealed that my lungs were traumatized and I needed to heal them. I needed to take action or I could develop COPD. At the allergist's advice, I signed up for allergy shots and started to heal my lungs naturally. I also added plant-based minerals to my daily supplements. The BEAM Minerals have amazing benefits that are helping my body recover from my past health problems.

What Are the Benefits of BEAM Minerals?

 I discovered BEAM Minerals a couple months ago at a health conference. After listening to the speaker speak about how a plant-based mineral supplement helped her regain her health after many years of sickness, I knew that I had to give these minerals a try. The plant-based minerals help her body heal when the many other conventional treatments could not help her. I knew that I needed these minerals made from plants to help my body detox the mold and help with my recovery.

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What are BEAM Minerals?

 BEAM Minerals are plant-based bioavailable supplements. The BEAM Mineral Advanced Electrolyte & Micronutrient Support Set, that I received, provides a full spectrum of electrolytes, trace minerals, micronutrients, amino acids, and some B-vitamins, in a 100% bioavailable, ionized format. The BEAM Minerals are a powerful combination of Electrolytes and Micronutrient Support. These minerals contain important cellular nutrition and detoxification support in a liquid format that is easy to take. The mineral supplements taste like water. 

BEAM Minerals are a unique supplement that aids body cells. Your body has 37 trillion cells and every single cell needs minerals to function. BEAM Minerals help your body cells perform better. 

The two main ingredients of the BEAM products are completely natural, plant-based fulvic and humic complexes. 

Fulvic complexes ~ provide important transportation for nutrients into the cells and bio-waste and toxins out of the cells. Fulvic complexes boost the metabolism and provide exceptional immune system support.

- Humic complexes ~ are the champion of antioxidants! They collect free radicals and bio-waste, bind with heavy metals, and provide important detoxification support by carrying these unwanted elements out of the body. 

-100% Plant-Sourced: BEAM Minerals electrolytes and minerals come from ancient plant deposits and are available to the cells in the form Mother Nature intended.

- 100% Bioavailable: BEAM Minerals electrolytes and minerals are 100% dissolved, making them immediately bioavailable . . . so they go to work as soon as you ingest them.

- 100% Pure: The plant-based fulvic complexes in BEAM Minerals supplements are extracted via a unique proprietary process that preserves the integrity of the precious electrolytes. Absolutely no chemicals are used . . . Ever!

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BEAM Minerals helped my body detox from mold exposure

 When I started the BEAM Mineral supplements in December, my body was still recovering from the mold exposure, that I experienced last fall. The minerals, made from plants, help my body detox the mold from my body. It takes tons of fresh vegetables to make this unique mineral supplement from BEAM Minerals. When compared to juicing, these plant minerals have amazing nutrition in them. The plants for the minerals are grown in healthy dirt which is loaded with billions of healthy microbes.

 BEAM Minerals were so easy to take on a daily basis as they have great taste. Some days I drank the BEAM Minerals from a small measuring cup and other days I added the plant-based minerals to my smoothie. The minerals really had no taste to them and were simple to add to my other daily supplements and vitamins. In fact, taking the BEAM Minerals with my vitamins and other supplements increased their effectiveness of them! The minerals helped the other supplements get into the cells in my body so they could use the nutrients in a more effective way. 

 What appealed to me most about these plant minerals were their many health benefits like supporting natural detoxification and helping with inflammation. These minerals from plants have many other benefits but these were the ones that stood out to me. The Beam Minerals are also 100% Bioavailable so they go to work as soon as you ingest them. I really liked that they came from plant sources and were not chemically sourced from salts, rocks, chalk, and eggshells, like other mineral supplements. The human body doesn't easily assimilate elements like eggshells!

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The results of taking BEAM Minerals for a month

When I started the daily BEAM mineral supplements, I was still having an asthmatic cough at night and it was interfering with my sleep. By the end of the month, I was no longer coughing and sleeping through the night. I also no longer needed to use my essential oil inhaler before I exercised. 

 These minerals played an important part in my healing as they helped my cells detox all the stuff like mold. So I knew that the minerals would be beneficial to my body cells during my allergy shot treatments. These minerals will basically help body cells use the nutrients and supplements that you intake. Then in return help, the cells take the waste out. Minerals are body cell helpers and keep your body cells healthy. I like to think of BEAM Minerals as Mother Nature's cell transporters and janitors.

 One can eat plenty of healthy food and take supplements but if your body cells are not healthy, the cells can not use the nutrition When your body cells are healthy, they can take in the good things that you are giving your body. That is where BEAM Minerals comes in. These awesome minerals made from plants help your cells become healthy. Everyone can benefit from taking minerals as our bodies need them to function properly.

You need to head to the BEAM Mineral website to see all the different benefits that these plant-based minerals offer the body. Minerals can benefit even a body that is healthy as they will help the cells get their nutrients and take the waste out. So I encourage you to learn more about Beam Minerals and make them part of your healthy year plan.

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Follow me on my allergy shot experience

 As part of my healing, I will be starting an allergy shot treatment plan. When I went to the allergy doctor, I had allergy testing done. The allergy shots revealed that I am highly allergic to many plants, weeds, trees, and dust mites. These allergies are causing some of my asthma attacks in addition to other asthma triggers like my food and mold allergies. So the allergist recommended allergy shots for the plants and dust mites. This will help my lungs be less inflamed which in return will help reduce my asthma symptoms.

The allergy shots will be 4 shots twice a month for 6 months for the build-up phase and then once a month for 4 years for the maintenance phase. You can read more about the allergy shots HERE. My body will be getting exposed to the things that I am allergic to so that will be tough on my body. So I will also be taking the BEAM Minerals during the 6-month build-up phase as they will be super beneficial for my body. I will be documenting my allergy shot treatments for the next 6 months on Mom Knows Best, Facebook, and Instagram. If the allergy shots are successful, I will not be allergic to those allergens anymore! The 6 months may be rough but it will be worth it if it helps my asthma symptoms to diminish.


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