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Monday, March 20, 2017

Helping Babies Sleep with Baby Oasis

Do you want your baby to sleep through the night?

  Anyone who every said "I slept like a baby" probably never had a baby. I don't know about your babies but mine never slept that well at night time for the first two years. Mine would take forever to fall asleep and then would only sleep for 4-5 hours a stretch. I may miss the days when my kids were babies but I sure don't miss the lack of sleep. I remember years ago when I would finally get into a deep sleep only to be awoken by the sound of a crying baby. Those were the days that I was so sleep deprived.

    When I discovered Baby Oasis™ Sound Machine, I knew that I just had to tell others about it. I decided to check this cool sound machine out to see if it could help my sleep problems. I may not have babies anymore but I still have problems falling asleep, especially in the winter when it is so quiet in the house. I love the summer as I can fall asleep to crickets. I especially wished I lived near the ocean to hear the sounds of the waves. I remember my trip that I took to the beach last year and how I slept so well by listening to the sound of the ocean waves. So if these sounds work wonders helping me fall asleep, I thought they would do wonders helping babies fall asleep.

 The Baby Oasis Sound Machine is a wonderful device that has eight hour long uninterrupted tracks of soothing sounds to help your baby fall asleep and hopefully stay asleep. This bedside device has many sleep sounds like White Noise, Heartbeat, Car Ride, Ocean, Crickets, and so many more! I love that you can even add your own sounds to it or connect it to your own music source. This small device recharges by a USB cord to run for eight hours or if you desire more time then just keep it plugged into a power source. Today's technology makes these sounds so authentic too. I love that this device not only helps babies to sleep but also grown ups like me. It even has a headphone jack so I can take my sound machine on long car or airplane trips!

 The first night that I used my new sound machine, my husband was not to sure that he would like the sounds but he let me use it. You see my husband likes the bedroom to be dark and quiet. So I told him that we would be listening to the sound of the ocean and to give it a chance. The sounds sounded almost so real, and it brought back memories of my trip last year to the beach. My husband did not complain one bit, I think he fell asleep within minutes. I laid in bed listening to the ocean sounds and it helped my body to relax.

    I wish I had the Baby Oasis when my kids were babies as this little gem may have helped them fall asleep and stay asleep for longer. I think my boys would have liked the sound track that has a heartbeat and soft music playing in the background. This device can even help older kids fall asleep too! They may not need the sound machine to run all night but you could turn it off after they fall asleep. Since it has 12 different sound selections on it, I am sure you will find a sound that they like. 

What sounds would help your baby fall asleep?  Go check out the different sounds that are included on the Baby Oasis Sound Machine!

"These opinions are my own and I received a Baby Oasis Sound Machine to facilitate this post."


  1. I sleep with a fan on 365 days a year, so I totally get the need for noise to sleep! This sounds great.

  2. I agree with Masshole Mommy. I sleep with a fan on all year long. It does not matter how cold or hot. I wonder if that would actually help my 18 yr old. She is the world's worse when it comes to going and staying asleep.

  3. I know a sound machine really helped my little sister sleep when she was a baby. I'll have to recommend this to my friends who have kids.

  4. What a cute little sound machine! I'll have to show this to a friend of mine who just had her 1st baby :)

  5. This sounds pretty awesome. Babies do relax with music or sounds, that's what I used to do with the twins when they were little. This is perfect for kids.

  6. This is a great product for babies! It is important for babies to sleep soundly and longer for their devepoment.

  7. What a cute little thing to have by baby. It would make such a wonderful gift and just perfect with those soothing sounds.

  8. Sounds like a great product. I'd try this out if we have a third!


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