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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

How To Make a Southwestern Style Sushi Burrito

                  A filling burrito-style sushi that is so easy to make.

  I love sushi and have tried so many times to make it, only to fail at it. So the only way I get my sushi craving is by buying at a store but that can get pricey. Well, that has all changed as I have discovered a new simple way to get my sushi craving fulfilled. My new delicious sushi comes in the form of a burrito and has a wonderful spicy southwestern taste. A couple months ago, I was visiting my daughter in Las Vegas and stumble upon this wonderful restaurant, Jaburrito, while walking the strip. They served these wonderful handheld sushi wraps that were filled with not only traditional sushi ingredients but also some spicy southwestern ingredients. One bite and I was hooked. Since we don't have a Jaburritos here in Albuquerque, I knew I had to make my own version of these sushi burritos. My version is so good that even my husband loves them in his lunch. My husband will eat seaweed when it is a burrito!  Not only are these wraps so delicious but they are healthy too!

Sushi burritos need premium roasted seaweed

  If you are watching your carbs or calories, then you can make this sushi burrito without the tortilla as the nori seaweed will hold the items nicely together. You can also use different grains like a quinoa brown rice blend that I will substitute for the brown rice. My favorite and I mean favorite seaweed to use in my southwestern sushi burritos is gimMe premium roasted seaweed! These big sheets of seaweed are so good that I eat them plain straight from the package. They are my healthy delicious salty substitute for chips. Did you know that seaweed is a vegetable and has vitamins & minerals? Seaweed is an excellent source of iodine and vitamin K and a very good source of folate, magnesium, iron, and calcium.

Sushi Burrito is
+ Delicious
+ Healthy
+ Full of flavor
+ Dairy-Free
+ Great for lunch
+ Spicy
+ Full of protein
+ Loaded with fiber

Seaweed is
+ Loaded with vitamins 
+ Loaded with minerals
+ Excellent source of iodine
+ Excellent source of vitamin K
+ Delicious

 The perfect snack

 With only 1 gram of carbs, seaweed is a perfect snack. These big sheets of seaweed are great for sandwich wraps too! GimMe seaweed is organic and NON-GMO! I love that I can buy gimMe seaweed at my local Sprouts store so I do not have to travel across town anymore to the international market when I want to make my Sushi Burritos. I admit that I buy gimMe just to snack on too!

A Sushi Burrito can be personalized

 The wonderful thing about this delicious burrito is it can be made to your taste. You can white rice or another grain of your choice. Don't like carrots? Then omit them or add another veggie like spinach. You can switch the crab out and use shrimp or tuna. If you desire a less spicy sandwich, then use mayo instead of the chipotle mayo and omit the jalapenos. You can even make this spicy burrito without seaweed if you like but I don't recommend that as the seaweed adds awesome flavor. You can even skip the tortilla and make this sandwich into a sushi bowl. This is an excellent choice for people who follow a gluten-free diet.

Southwestern Style Sushi Burrito

Makes 4

1 cup brown rice
2 cups water
2 tablespoons rice vinegar
1 teaspoon sugar
4 tortillas
4 sheets roasted seaweed
1 package imitation crab flakes
1 small package of shredded carrots
1 avocado, sliced
small jar or can of sliced jalapenos
chipotle mayo

1. Cook the rice according to package instructions.
2. Pour rice vinegar and sugar into the cooked rice and mix gently. Set aside to cool.
3. Place a tortilla on a plate and lay a sheet of nori seaweed on it.
4. Spread a thin layer of rice all over the seaweed, leaving 1/2 inch space around the edges.
5. Add about 2 tablespoons of carrots down the middle of the rice and then add three pieces of crab on top of the crab.
6. Place about a tablespoon of the chipotle mayo and 2 avocado slices on the crab. Then top with 2-3 jalapeno slices.
7. Tightly roll everything up like a burrito. Repeat until all sushi burritos are made.

You will have extra ingredients left over. Just place them in the fridge and use them to make more delicious sushi burritos. You can also just make one sushi burrito at a time. My husband loves to pack my sushi burritos in his lunch. You must check out my recipe for spaghetti squash spring rolls for another healthy lunch idea that is easy to pack. This recipe is great for using up the extra shredded carrots.




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Audrey said...

I'm not sure my kid would go for the nori, but it sounds delicious to me. Thanks for sharing on #TastyTuesdays

Anosa said...

Ohh I love burritos and it makes me so happy seeing this! Keeps me drooling as well.

Aduke Schulist said...

This is a brilliant idea. I bet my kids would at least taste it if it came wrapped in a tortilla lol

Jennifer said...

I love this recipe idea for a Southwestern Style Sushi Burrito! My daughters love sushi and I think they would love to try your sushi burrito recipe! It looks very healthy and delicious!

Elizabeth said...

My goodness that sounds so tasty! I need something like this in my life. :)

Annemarie LeBlanc said...

Oh I love that digital scale. I would love to have one in my kitchen! The sushi burrito is an interesting recipe to try. I'm getting the ingredients I need and make this ASAP.

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Oh, this makes me really hungry right now. I need to get off my computer and start fixing something to eat.

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This is something I never would have thought to make myself. But it looks really delicious (and healthy!)

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Sushi burritos is such a creative idea! It looks delicious too!

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I am not a huge sushi fan but I do love burritos! Maybe this recipe could ease me into the world of sushi haha.

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These look so good for lunch! Healthy and easy are my kind of thing.

Sondra Barker said...

Healthy and easy! I would love these for myself for meal prep

Kiwi said...

Sushi burritos are one of my favorite fusions. I need to recreate this!

Rachel said...

These look like so much fun! I'll have to try them next time my anti-seafood husband goes out of town.

Suja aka Sindhuja Kumar said...

I love sushi and this looks super delicious. Cant wait to try this.

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Now this is a neat blend of ingredients. I would actually love to try it!

The Super Mom Life said...

We are obsessed with those seaweed sheets. I've never seen big ones like that though! I bet my kids would love it if I made these.

David Elliott said...

This looks so amazing. I love sushi and burritos. It sounds like such a great combination of those two delicious flavors. Not sure I could make it myself because of my nervousness about making sushi. But if I do make it I will definitely have to try this out.

Once Upon a Dollhouse said...

This looks so good! We love how you added a southwestern twist to the sushrito!

melissa said...
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The Super Mom Life said...

You've basically taken my daughters two favorite meals and combined them into one!

Ben said...

Well, that looks amazing. It's my two favorite things combined into one super food. I can't wait to try this.

AiringMyLaundry said...

I bet my kids would be all over this. They are huge fans of sushi.

Kathy said...

This looks so good. Now I would really love to have one right now. I'm going to have to get the ingredients so that I can make this soon.

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This looks so nice! But I better leave out the tortilla as I'm watching my weight.

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I love this dish and will def making this as a gift for myself hahaha. Yum!

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One of the best things about modern food is the way foods from different cultures are joined to make new and interesting food items like this one.

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What a delicious fusion of foods! I would love to try this! The tortilla wrapped around sushi sounds so good.

Wanda Lopez said...

What a brilliant idea. This sounds amazing and like a great recipe to try with my family.

Louisa said...

This is a very brilliant idea to incorporate sea weed to everyday meals. Trying this out this weekend

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