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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Ten Tips For Women To Stay Fit Over 50

Getting older is not an excuse for being out of shape!

  I think most people use age as an excuse for not being in shape or for a reason to stop exercising. I am here to tell you that age should not be an excuse for being out of shape. In fact, now is the time to continue those healthy habits or start making some. It is never too late to get your body in shape. Sure once you are over fifty, things change in your body but don't use those things like menopause as an excuse. Instead, learn new ways to continue to keep your body in shape and healthy so you can continue to enjoy life. If you start now you may avoid many medical problems later in life like diabetes and heart problems. I am proof that you can still be in shape over 50 and I am passionate about wanting to help others get healthy. As you are reading these tips, make sure to click on the blue words to discover some other great health information.

1. A positive attitude is always best
 As you get older, instead of complaining about the way things are changing, start looking at the positive things and Celebrate What Your Body Can Do. Sure my body may not be able to perform like it did when I was in my 20's but I can still move and I am not using a walker. I am still able to exercise every day and if you need some motivation, check out these Eight Fitness And Health Tips For Women Over 40. I can still get out of bed every day and trust me I can still make changes to keep my body in shape.

2. Start with a trip to the doctor
 A trip to the doctor is always good to get the motivation that you need to start making healthy changes so you can be in the best shape. Ask your doctor to order some blood work so you can things like your cholesterol, sugars, and thyroid tested. That way you can find out the areas you need to work on. If all of these are fine, give yourself a pat on the back for having healthy habits but if the blood tests reveal problems don't fret as some changes in your diet and exercise may be able to turn things around. That visit to the doctor may be the motivation that you need to start on the road to a healthy body.

3. Change your diet
 Turning 50 is always a great time to make changes in your diet. It may not mean eating less but eating more of the healthy foods like fruits and veggies. This is what I typically eat in a day to keep my body fit. You may need to increase your protein as older people need more to keep their muscles strong. The decline in estrogen from menopause is linked to decreased muscle mass, so women going through menopause should eat more protein. The best way that I increased protein in my diet is through delicious too good to be true gluten-free chocolate brownies and healthy dairy-free vegan protein pancakes.

4. Exercise and cross train
 You may have to exercise in different ways but the key is to keep exercising. Try to mix up your physical activity to avoid straining the same muscle groups, like your back, knees and other joints aren’t what they use to be. You don't have to run to get some great cardio as other exercises like fast walking, dancing, biking, or swimming offer the same benefits. Other great ways to sneak in the exercise can be through swimming, biking, or machines at the gym. You can even combine exercise with errands and bike to the store. To have a healthy body one should exercise at least 30 minutes 3 days a week. You may have to slow down when it comes to working out as you may not have the same energy as you had when you are younger and taking breaks during your workout can be beneficial to help you get the cardio that you need. My asthma symptoms got worse when I turned 50 but I am still able to keep running with asthma. I just do things differently from when I was younger. I find that buying cute colorful workout clothes helps me to be motivated to get my exercise in. These mismatched performance socks from My Soxy Feet always bring a smile to my face and give me the cushion that my feet need.

Twelve Things Your Skinny Friend Wants You To Know 

5. Add weightlifting 
 As we age our muscles tend to get flabby so adding weightlifting 2-3 days a week has many benefits beyond toning the body. I joined a gym 2 years ago and started using the weight machines there. I discovered that lifting weights help me not only tone up my flabby arms but it also helped with my metabolism.

"Weight training exercises not only help you maintain the muscle you have now and build more muscle, but it also offers other significant benefits. That includes boosting your energy, raising your resting metabolic rate, relieving stress, and preventing disease and degenerative conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity."  Live Strong 

6. Stretch Those Muscles
Your flexibility decreases as you age. If you start exercising without stretching and warming up those muscles, you could make yourself more prone to incurring an injury. I found this out the hard way when I suffered through a foot injury many years ago. I now make a point to stretch before and after I workout.

7. Sleep
Losing sleep is never a good idea as sleep helps our body repair itself. When you don't get enough sleep, your body suffers. I discovered that on the days I am tired, I tend to not want to exercise and I also don't make good choices when it comes to food. Lack of sleep can also lead to stress which is not good for your heart. So keep your heart healthy and aim for 6-8 hours of sleep each night. These ten sleep tips might help you get better sleep. I also discovered a wonderful cooling mattress pad for my bed that helps with those night sweats that we get from menopause.

8. Drink more water   
 Water is the best beverage for your body. It helps our body in so many ways. Drinking water instead of other drinks may help you lose some weight as those calories that you get from sodas, teas and other drinks can add up fast. Water before a meal may help you eat less and water is also great for flushing out toxins from our body. Adding more water to your day might even help your skin look younger naturally. Aim for a least ten 8 ounce glasses of water a day, more if you are active. In the summer when you sweat more it is important to drink plenty of water. I discovered this delicious naturally sparkling mineral water that is infused Elderflower extract and it helps me to drink my daily water. This flavored water comes in 100% recycled glass bottles as this company is trying to keep plastics out of the oceans.

Sweating is good for you and should be done often

9. Add these supplements
   As I got older I discovered some supplements that are great for older folks. These supplements have helped me with things like joint pain, heart health, and even keeping those wrinkles away. These supplements are ones that I take every day and I love the benefits of them. To see a list of my favorite supplements click HERE.

10.Love your body
 The best thing that you can do to stay healthy as you age is to love your body. Getting older brings changes to our body. Things tend to shift and sag. Our belly is no longer flat as we may gain weight around the middle. Those wrinkles start to appear. We might start to have leaks when we sneeze or laugh. We may not be the same body size as we were in our 20's. We need to focus on health, not the way our body looks. As we get older we also gain knowledge to realize that our happiness does not come from the way we look in a swimsuit or from a number on a scale. We may be older but that should not stop us from doing the things we love. So aim to make changes to get fit but don't obsess over it so much that you don't enjoy life. You may be over 50 but you have a long time until you check into a nursing home and making healthy changes will make that time even longer. When you see a person who has lived to be over 90, the first thing you notice is they are active and in good shape. So take care of your body with healthy food and exercise so you can continue to do the things you enjoy.


Anne Marie said...

We change a lot over time and have to adjust accordingly. Your post is a great reminder of how to adapt and stay fit!

Stacie said...

These are excellent tips. Attitude really makes a difference! If don't embrace working out and instead approach it like homework, you'll never stick to it.

Jaredamy said...

Very nice tips for staying healthy! I could really use a few of these myself!!

Rachel said...

I need to get more active. I am doing the rest but I need to add in physical activity.

Brianne Manz said...

What a great post. It is true that as your body ages it changes, but that you can still live a healthy lifestyle.

Gervin Khan said...

Nice post and I agree with all these tips. Our body changes from time to time and if we want to have a healthy life we should love our body first and then others will follow.

Gust si Aroma said...

You look great! These are tips that work at any age! I should follow them!

Myrah Duque said...

Great tips! I'm a Baby Boomer so these are perfect for me!

Celebrate Woman said...

Love your post. Written with love and care and personal experience! Way to go, GRL!

Ruth I said...

These are all informative and great tips to follow. It seems to have everything you'd need to know to look younger and healthy. You don't look your age to be honest.

Mom Knows Best said...

I think me practicing these things has helped me stay young looking.

Mom Knows Best said...

Yep, everyone needs some exercise. Our bodies were made to move

Sharaq Abbas said...

Nice post and that i consider of these tips. Our body changes from time to time and if we wish to own a health lottery life we must always love our body initial then others can follow.

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